September 4, 2019
NEWSMAX — Defense Secretary Mark Esper has approved the use of $3.6 billion in funding from military construction projects to build 175 miles of President Donald Trump's wall along the Mexican border.... (more)

September 4, 2019
WORLDNETDAILY — The legal husband of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and the father of her three children, Ahmed Hirsi, has confirmed to friends that the congresswoman married her brother in a fraudulent immigration scheme, according to sources who spoke to Powerline blogger Scott Johnson.... (more)

September 3, 2019
CHRISTIAN POST — Justin Bieber has opened up about his struggles stemming from childhood stardom, including drug abuse and anxiety, and how his Christian faith and marriage to Hailey Baldwin led to his healing. In a candid Instagram note to his 118 million followers, the popstar reflected on how achieving fame at the tender age of 13, combined with growing up in an unstable home and having "access to whatever I wanted," led him to struggle both mentally and physically.... (more)

September 3, 2019
THE WEEK — Rck music isn't dead, but it's barely hanging on. This is true in at least two senses. Though popular music sales in general have plummeted since their peak around the turn of the millennium, certain genres continue to generate commercial excitement: pop, rap, hip-hop, country. But rock -- amplified and often distorted electric guitars, bass, drums, melodic if frequently abrasive lead vocals, with songs usually penned exclusively by the members of the band -- barely registers on the charts.... (more)

September 2, 2019
FOX 13 — Members of the congregation at a Latter-day Saint church in Minnesota may have noticed a familiar, but out-of-place face on the front of their church programs on Sunday. An image of Obi-Wan Kenobi, as portrayed by Ewan McGregor in the "Star Wars" prequels, was used in a collage depicting images of Jesus Christ. (Scroll down to see the program.)... (more)

September 2, 2019
DAILY WIRE — Speaking on Fox News Thursday night, when asked whether he would like to see former President Barack Obama take the witness stand to be questioned about what he knew about the counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stated bluntly, "Absolutely."... (more)

September 2, 2019
BYRON YORK — The new report from the Justice Department inspector general proves beyond any doubt that fired FBI Director James Comey leaked sensitive law enforcement material in the Trump-Russia investigation. Doing so set a "dangerous example" for the bureau's other employees, Inspector General Michael Horowitz wrote.... (more)

September 2, 2019
NEWSMAX — Thousands of protesters blocked roads and public transport links to Hong Kong airport on Sunday in a bid to draw global attention to their fight for greater democracy for the Chinese-ruled city which is facing its biggest political crisis in decades.... (more)

September 1, 2019
WORLDNETDAILY — The difficulty of accurately measuring average temperatures around the globe and across the United States has helped fuel the conflicting claims regarding climate change. Purveyors of the belief that mankind is catastrophically impacting the global climate insist it's getting warmer year by year.... (more)

September 1, 2019
NEWSMAX — Pope Francis challenged governments on Sunday to take "drastic measures" to combat global warming and reduce the use of fossil fuels, saying the world was experiencing a climate emergency. Francis issued his appeal, a written message for Sunday's World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, ahead of the United Nations Climate Action Summit this month in New York, a follow up to the 2016 Paris Agreement to curb global warming.... (more)

September 1, 2019
NEWSHUB — A new climate report co-authored by a former fossil fuel executive has painted a bleak outlook for the future of human civilisation – including nuclear war. Existential climate-related security risk: A scenario approach, published by Australian thinktank Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration, suggests climate warnings from the likes of the UN are downplaying the sheer chaos that could erupt by 2050 as the world warms.... (more)

August 31, 2019
WORLDNETDAILY — Democrats, who who famously booed the mention of God in their party platform, now have condemned "religious liberty" and praised the religiously "unaffiliated." The Washington Examiner reported the Democratic National Committee approved a resolution "taking aim at religious liberty."... (more)

August 31, 2019
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — The Justice Department inspector general released a scathing report on former FBI Director James Comey's notes memorializing his conversations with President Trump, finding that he disclosed them without authorization "to achieve a personally desired outcome."... (more)

August 30, 2019
FOX NEWS YOUTUBE — Brennan, Clapper defend Comey in wake of IG report; Rep. Devin Nunes weighs in.... (more)

August 30, 2019
FOX NEWS YOUTUBE — President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani reacts to DOJ inspector general report of the former FBI director... (more)

August 30, 2019
NEWSMAX — Rep. Pete King said Friday that an inspector general ruling that former FBI director James Comey violated FBI policies with how he handled memos documenting his private conversations with President Donald Trump showed one of the most "disgraceful examples of abuse of power" he has seen.... (more)

August 30, 2019
ANDREW MCCARTHY — Donald Trump was always the target. The point of the Russia investigation was to make a case against Donald Trump. Preferably, the case would drive him from office. At a minimum, it would render him unelectable by the 2020 stretch run. The kind of case was less important than the objective: criminal prosecution or impeachment. In accordance with the collusion narrative, the latter would mean trying to show that Trump was compromised by the Kremlin.... (more)

August 30, 2019
WORLDNETDAILY — The media's never-ending hunt to take down President Trump has them roaming the countryside. Farmers voted in overwhelming numbers for President Trump in 2016. But we are told they have turned against him, or will soon turn, or are thinking about making a U-turn on a farm road, or something like that depending on which story you read.... (more)

August 30, 2019
BRYAN FISCHER — He's an internationally known computer scientist at Yale University -- the New York Times dubbed him a "rock star" -- but he no longer believes in evolution. David Galernter -- whom the UnaBomber tried to blow up in 1993 -- was disabused of Darwin's theory by science and not religion. "The origin of species," says Galernter, "is exactly what Darwin cannot explain." (Emphasis in original. Quotations, unless otherwise marked, are from Galernter.)... (more)

August 30, 2019
CONRAD BLACK — It is not too early to speculate on what the national political media, and especially the high-brow conservative Never Trumpers, are going to do after this president is comfortably reelected. The Washington--New York--Los Angeles media threw everything they had against candidate Trump, nominee Trump, and the president, and they have lost everything they had. All surveys show that their audience/readership is sinking and their commercial economics are shriveling, and no reasonable person can fail to be disgusted with the endless malicious slanders and distortions by the Lemons, Maddows, Scarboroughs, Blitzers.... (more)

August 30, 2019
WORLDNETDAILY — The "Deep State," the career bureaucrats actively obstructing President Trump's agenda, now are defying the president's demands for more transparency. Paul Sperry noted at Real Clear Investigations that Trump granted Attorney General William Barr the "unprecedented power" to declassify intelligence files.... (more)

August 30, 2019
AP NEWS — MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on Wednesday retracted his story about supposed Russian ties to President Donald Trump's finances and apologized for reporting it -- just as Trump's lawyer demanded. O'Donnell said, however, he still doesn't know whether or not the story is true.... (more)

August 30, 2019
FOX NEWS — White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham blasted liberal MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell on Wednesday for running with a singled-sourced, unverified report that President Trump had loans co-signed by Russian oligarchs.... (more)

August 30, 2019
NATIONAL REVIEW — Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York dropped out of the 2020 presidential race on Wednesday after she failed to qualify for the third Democratic primary debate, scheduled for September 12. "I think being able to have a voice on a debate stage, when other candidates have that, is really important," said the 52-year-old Gillibrand. "And without it, I just didn't see our path."... (more)

August 30, 2019
NEWSMAX — Some experts say claims that the Amazon fires are burning "Earth's lungs" and threatening the planet's oxygen supply are false, reports Fox News. The assertion has caught traction as celebrities, environmentalists and political leaders have blamed Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for destroying the world's largest rainforest, which they say is the "lungs of the world."... (more)

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