About Callan

Callan Stone, 27, is the eighth child of Stephen and DeeAnn Stone, who launched RenewAmerica in January 2002 as a support for Reagan-era diplomat and national conservative leader Alan Keyes. Stephen is the president and editor of RenewAmerica, and DeeAnn is the director of communications.

Callan is an advanced Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He became an EMT in 2014 at considerable hardship due to cognitive and other handicaps he suffered in a work-related accident when he was working as a plumber in 2012. These handicaps were aggravated and multiplied when his Workers Compensation medical care and other benefits were prematurely terminated at the hands of an "insurance medical examiner," who was hired to justify terminating those benefits without regard for state guidelines. Despite significant memory and learning impairments, Callan worked hard and was the only student in his class to pass the final exam on the first try.

After obtaining his EMT license in January 2014, Callan twice lost his highly esteemed job as an EMT with the local fire department (first in November 2014 and then in January 2016) due to increasing aggravation of his unhealed injuries and the department's concern for his health and safety.

Following the second loss of that job for health reasons, Callan obtained his Advanced EMT license two years later after enrolling in a preparatory course and passing a difficult national exam. He is hoping to return to his previous job with the local fire department if the opportunity opens up and his health allows.


They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. —Isaiah 40:31