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Attorney Client Privilege Dead

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Attorney Client Privilege Dead

Postby newsie » April 10th, 2018, 3:01 pm

Precedent set to destroy attorney client privilege. Next on the agenda, Doctor patient privilege. resistocuks destroyed yet another right. FBI raid Cohen's office. No scintilla left of FBI integrity, and not just the upper echelon, each and every agent that took part in this raid has been corrupted. This is an utterly illegal action by FBI, everything they took will be attorney client privilege, not legal for them to look @ let alone steal. Shows just how desperate the swamp is.President Trump should send in the Marines to retrieve the stolen property & arrest those involved in the illegal raid. Possible treason. my opinion. Related right here on YouTube:"Gregg Jarrett & Lou Dobbs on FBI Raid @ Cohens Office" Qanon
Raid will be met w/ swift action
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