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ISSUES for Yawn to think about

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ISSUES for Yawn to think about

Postby Truthismymiddlename » April 21st, 2018, 2:46 pm

You're welcome. :grin:
And just in time for the sabbath. :grin:


Martha :wink:
Not to get political or anything....
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Re: ISSUES for Yawn to think about

Postby Yawn » April 22nd, 2018, 10:07 am

Sorry Martha, but I don't have time to watch your nonsense videos.

If YOU can't make your pount on your own, then you can't make your point.

The unconverted reject God's test commandment. Those who follow Christ, and not the Church of Simon Magus understand this.

Come out of her, my people.
I'm a virtuous troll, doing God's Work
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Re: ISSUES for Yawn to think about

Postby Deplorable MEh » April 22nd, 2018, 10:56 am

Truthismymiddlename wrote:You're welcome. :grin:
And just in time for the sabbath. :grin:


Martha :wink:


You read too much into what I said. When people communicate via PM or even on the public forum, they don't see a person's expressions and immediately assume the worst.

I said "personally, I think he (Yawn) is a waste of my time. He makes me yawn."

You expressed your dissatisfaction with this forum on numerous occasions. You made sense when you told me this forum is a lost cause, basically. Yet, you posted here recently to try to get Yawn's attention. It's over, Truth! Let it go! You no longer accept PMs because you read too much into what I said. You are angry but there's no one to fight with or debate anymore. Newsie isn't worth your time. Phillyfrank isn't worth your time. Yawn, bossfan and DaveC weren't worth your time. Even ID and UAY aren't worth your time.

You want Yawn's attention but that only makes you angry when he posts. I am posting this because I want you to see how unreasonable you are being and how contradictory you are right now.

When the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse the war wasn't immediately over because the Confederates either didn't come to terms or didn't hear the news. I think you are having trouble coming to terms with the fact that this forum is a ghost town.

I'm not suggesting you take your ball and go home. What I'm suggesting is if you stay on this forum, then don't complain or get insulted over negative feedback when you ask for it, especially if Yawn decides to come back to this forum.

I'm not living my life according to the Bible. I journal occasionally and pastor Rob said to write down how I'm doing physically, emotionally, and spiritually each day. Spiritually, I am going to meditate but I'm not going to pray. I'm giving up on church. I don't know if there is power in prayer but I witnessed something first-hand. I almost died when I wrecked a three wheeler into a fence out on a country road in Montana. The three wheeler flipped over and I flew off and did a somersault and came out unscathed. I was going too fast and didn't know how to work the brake. I prayed to God for help.

I don't want to believe in the God of the Bible. I'll just assume there is some kind of higher power at work. I'm not going to church anymore. I'm going to live a simple, drama-free life.

You can do what you want to do, Truth. I'm not going to stop you, obviously. No one knows who you really are on here. Everyone knows who I am, the mistakes I made, the anger I displayed, and they know how this forum is open to the public. Everything you post is stored here for the public and government to see. Do you really want to get carried away like on social media and possibly get investigated? This forum was hacked but that didn't stop DaveC from blaming the post-election glitch on me. I still say he had connections with whomever hacked this site.
You have to ask yourself: is this forum safe?

I came to the conclusion that all public political forums are dangerous just like social media.

Like davehines once said: opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one. Your opinions and even your facts can get you in trouble on here. I'm trying to drill this through your head, Truth. Just because you go by a username doesn't mean you can't be traced. This forum could have been designed to trap conservatives. Like you said...Yawn claimed this is a Christian forum but it doesn't reflect it especially when it allows atheists/agnostics to post their hatred for Christians. Like I said, I don't know about the veracity of Christianity but that doesn't mean I will bad-mouth Christians.

Truthismymiddlename, I'm not your enemy. You could be paranoid or I could have made you paranoid because I said this forum is dangerous.

List of reasons why it is dangerous:

1) people on this site stalk other members on social media. I tried to communicate with davehines and ID on social media but I wasn't stalking them.

2) people on this site have their own facts and opinions that can be disputed but not without hostility

3) your activity on here is monitored by the government, not just Nan.

4) there is no moderator so everyone has a free rein.

5) I suspect there are professional trolls on here

6) this site was hacked

We assume you, Truth, are from Michigan. If that's the truth then that might be all that someone needs in order to find you.

Just try to take what I'm saying to heart.

Oh, and speaking of Yawn, he posted before I finished this reply. Doesn't surprise me. :shock:

The only reason I took a risk posting today was to convince Truth that this forum is a wasteland but it's also a cesspool.
Playing it by ear...

"Anybody not willing to accept the results of an election is a threat to democracy." -Hillary Clinton

It's better to believe in God and be wrong about His existence than it is to not believe and be wrong.
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