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The Strzok Hearing

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The Strzok Hearing

Postby newsie » July 12th, 2018, 8:26 pm

Democrats think that the Strzok hearings are joke and an opportunity to make a free public speech on TV for their base. I assure you government corruption is no joke nor a photo op. Strzok appeared arrogant, and is lying his way out of it. My opinion. Gowdy & Jordan & Ghomert are really kicking butt here, Great job guys. Quote Peter Strzok you must leave your biases behind when doing your job. He clearly did not leave his biases behind when doing his job. Democrats @ one point went ballistic when Ghomert called Strozk a liar but.
Democrats have no problem with themselves when they call President Trump various & different vile names. Democrats interfered when Strzok was asked hard questions by yelling point of order and other things. Which by the way tells me that Not only Strzok has something to hide but apparently so do these same democrats. GOTCHA. :oops:
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