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The Kavanaugh Sham Hearing

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The Kavanaugh Sham Hearing

Postby newsie » September 27th, 2018, 10:47 pm

If after 36 years you hold your peace, you must forever hold your peace.
Christine Ford shows up to testify. Gets a bunch of soft balls asked by the special counsel. It's on.
Senator Lindsey Graham mounted a most vigorous heart felt defense of Judge Kavanaugh after Senator Dick Durbin D Il tried to brow beat the judge. Props to Senator Lindsey Graham. Gotcha. On YouTube. "Graham slams Democrats, vigorously defends Kavanaugh" Graham Called it an "unethical sham". Thank you Senator Graham a most excellent analysis.
The irrational viciousness of the lefts attacks on Judge Kavanaugh all but assures the demise of Roe V Wade, should he be ultimately confirmed. And any pet lib case that may get to the Supreme Court. Christian bakeries refusing gay wedding cakes. Christians protesting on sidewalks outside of Planned Parenthood Buildings. Christmas displays, & crosses, Bible verses on government property will all be dead on arrival. Democrats overplayed their hand and will pay a heavy price for it for years to come.
They have done this time and time again. Let's review: Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Judge Roy Moore, And now Judge Brett Kavanaugh, because that is their Modus Operandi, (method of operation). My opinion without a police report, the accusation is totally BOGUS.
As far as the memory issue. News Article "Implanting False Memories" Drugs & hypnosis is how they implant false memories. Google it. I am so sick of the resistors win at any cost. It is unAmerican. This is not governing, this is war on WE THE PEOPLE. And likely slander. No one has an automatic right to be believed, with out proof. My opinion.

If you have True Grit, you'll love these words of wit.
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