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Conservatarian Principles

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Conservatarian Principles

Postby Deplorable MEh » March 13th, 2020, 4:44 am

Since the age of 15 I've been advocating for conservatarian principles without knowing it.

I believe both science and morality should be used to combat abortion.

I believe certain taxes need to be eliminated starting with income tax.

I believe in the 2nd amendment and I am against any attempt to thrawt gun sales and stocking up on ammo.

I believe there is no just war unless we are attacked first. First Blood Policy, I call it. I believe in non-interventionism and non-alliance with other countries.

I believe in the death penalty for murderers.

I am against certain LBGTQ rights. They can marry each other but not a dog, cat, etc. And transgenders should not be allowed in men or women's sports or restrooms. They should still be considered a man or woman.

State Rep. Frank Burns, democrat, probably passed a bill that says parents will be fined for their kids' bullying actions. He also set up a tattletale database. This is wrong. If I were State Rep. here's what I would do:

Establish a 2 strike, boot camp rule.
Establish mandatory volunteerism
Create workshops similar to trade school for kids
Establish mandatory anti-bullying seminars in schools
Notify parents to let them know their kids are bullies
Identify who is the actual bully or bullied
Don't tie up the court system with fines and lawsuits
I'm the controller of my destiny. I'm the master of my fate. I will fight with words all tyranny. I will guard against the state.
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