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Andrew Yang and "Human-Centered Capitalism"

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Andrew Yang and "Human-Centered Capitalism"

Postby Deplorable MEh » March 31st, 2020, 5:47 pm

The United States has reached a point where its current form of capitalism is faltering in producing an increasing standard of living for the majority of its citizens. It’s time for an upgrade.
4/3/18 - The War on Normal People, Andrew Yang

Right now there is more socialism and government coercion in this country than any previous administration. Everyone talks about safety nets like they own part of social security. They may have paid taxes but so did millions of others.

Mr. Yang wants to do many things that I disagree with and I will copy and paste and comment on each issue from his website.

First, Yang is going to run possibly third party in 2024, but I have a feeling he could win the nomination in 2024. People will have forgotten about this WuFlu by then and call every attempt to put Yang down as racist. Chinese is a nationality, authoritarian, at that.

Ok so here are the issues from his website:

Healthcare should be a basic right for all Americans. Right now, if you get sick you have two things to worry about – how to get better and how to pay for it. Too many Americans are making terrible, impossible choices between paying for healthcare and other needs. We need to provide high-quality healthcare to all Americans and a Medicare for All system is the most efficient way to accomplish that.
Most everyone loves Medicare... A gradual phase-in would give the industry time to plan and adjust… There would inevitably remain a handful of private options for the super-affluent, but most everyone would use the generalized care.
4/3/18 - The War on Normal People

Yang claims that most people prefer medicare over private insurance but my mother has better coverage now than with medicare. That's just one source but you will find out how sh-tty government-run healthcare is. They want the government to own the healthcare system but they are telling us it's a basic human right to have medicare. No, it's not a right; however, it's a service provided at a cost. And so is abortion. No one is pointing a gun at a doctor and saying: "you must help me because it's my right!"

So, the three main policies Yang is for are the Freedom Dividend (UBI), Human-Centered Capitalism, and Medicare for All.

I got into an argument with a Yang supporter who was mad that I called Yang a socialist. Yang claims his policies are not socialistic, yet he agrees on key issues with Bernie Sanders. He likes the Green New Deal.

Then, I ran into a Yang supporter on twitter named ActionJackson who wanted someone to infect people with the virus, specifically our president.

Ok, so here are more issues:

The Value-Added Tax. I don't understand this. Maybe someone can clarify. The word "tax" by itself scares me. Most of the time it doesn't help everyone. School taxes and income taxes should be eliminated. Taxes on legalized marijuana would help build infrastructure. Yang is too focused on futuristic things like safer nuclear energy and AI. Not all of us have flying cars nor do we have robotic dentists. I hate my dentist, btw, so it wouldn't hurt to have a robot for a dentist. If no one is allowed to be a billionaire or millionaire, then I guess we'll all be equally poor. Right now I'm living on disability and that's a socialistic safety-net as far as I know.

Gun Control:

Close the gun show and Charleston loopholes, requiring all gun sales and most transfers to have a background check run and completed.

Why aren't we limiting the number of guns that cops can have and why is the government allowed to make/sell guns, but not the people?

Implement a purchase limit (rate, not total) on all firearms.

OK so a limit on the rate you're allowed to buy guns is basically telling you that the government gets to decide when you get to make your next purchase.

Implement a federal cooling-off period to decrease the incidence of suicide and impulsive crime.

OK, so the government gets stop sells of guns if a bunch of idiots decide to blow their brains out. Makes sense.

Promote a stringent licensing system, with a 5-year renewal requirement, for gun ownership.

This is just absurd. There should be no renewal requirement. Then you'd have to do the same for cars because 40,000 people die each year in car accidents, if not more.
Anyone desiring a license would need to:
Go through a federal background check.
Anyone with a history of violence, domestic abuse, or violent mental illness would not be allowed to hold a license.
Interview with a federal agent, who has limited discretion on granting the license.
Pass a basic hunting or firearm safety class.
Provide a receipt for an appropriately-sized gun locker, or trigger locks (tax deductible).
Individual states will determine their concealed carry/open carry laws, and reciprocity will not be federally enforced.
Create a clear definition of “assault weapon”, and prevent their manufacture and sale.
Prohibit the manufacture and sale of bump stocks, suppressors, incendiary/exploding ammunition, and grenade launcher attachments, and other accessories that alter functionality in a way that increases their firing rate or impact.
Automatically confiscate any weapon that has been modified in a way as to increase its ammunition capacity, firing rate, or impact.
Create an agency tasked with monitoring gun manufacturing developments and addressing “design-arounds” as they arise.
Renew a ban on Large Capacity Ammo Feeding Devices (LCAFDs) and after-market non-standard large capacity magazines.
Pass a federal gun transportation law that will require people to transport guns unloaded and locked in a storage safe.
Increase liability for individuals who sell guns illegally that are used to commit a crime.
Form a commission to study the development of 3D printing technology to see ways we can minimize the risk of this technology in perpetuating gun violence.
Maintain current restrictions on and definitions of automatic weaponry.
Stridently enforce importation restrictions on weapons and accessories.
Create federal safety guidelines for gun manufacture and distribution, similar to federal car safety requirements, with strict penalties for the violation of these guidelines.
Use tax incentives to encourage gun manufacturers to implement designs that prevent interchanging parts that alter the functionality of the firearm.
Repeal laws that shield gun manufacturers from liability.
Invest in personalized gun technology that makes it difficult or impossible for someone other than a gun's owner to fire it, and ensure that they're for sale on the marketplace.
Provide a tax credit for the full value of upgrading a gun to use these systems, or work through the buyback program to allow "trades" of non-personalized guns to personalized ones.
Implement a federal buyback program for anyone who wants to voluntarily give up their firearm.
As stated here, invest in a more robust mental health infrastructure. This will help to identify and treat people with mental health illnesses that make them prone to suicide.
Increase funding to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and drastically increase funding to the US Department of Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention efforts.
Direct the CDC to research gun violence, and reject any budget deal that includes the Dickey Amendment.
Require all locations where guns are sold to display information on how to receive mental health treatment or reach suicide crisis hotlines.
Initiate and fund mindfulness programs in schools and correctional facilities, which have been demonstrated to reduce violent behavior.
Invest heavily in law enforcement training to de-escalate situations involving firearms, and provide funding to programs that involve mental health professionals in de-escalation situations.

I'm not afraid to admit my mental health isn't always good. But I feel that people deserve an opportunity to redeem themselves. Yang thinks that getting government more involved in destroying our 2nd Amendment will make things better. About guns and schools, I think kids are safer being home-schooled than going to public schools. There should be more activities that promote gun safety not gun control. At a time like this with this virus going around and a bunch of sick f.uckers licking things, I would say it's time we keep our guns and get rid of the government!

Yang on Combating Climate Change

Move our people to higher ground. Natural disasters and other effects of climate change are already causing damage and death. We need to adapt our country to this new reality.

This is utter madness! Who the f.uck does he think we are? We are not a herd of cows to be moved from here to there. We should have freedom to move or stay wherever in this country.

Andrew Yang on Universal Basic Income:

The most direct and concrete way for the government to improve your life is to send you a check for $1,000 every month and let you spend it in whatever manner will benefit you the most. The government is not capable of a lot of things, but it is capable of sending large numbers of checks to large numbers of people promptly and reliably. We have plenty of resources, they’re just not being distributed to enough people right now. Let’s build a new kind of economy – one that puts people first. If there’s one policy that would transform American lives for the better, it is Universal Basic Income.

A billionaire gets taxed, we all get taxed, a billionaire get's $1000 per month, we barely have enough to live and my social security income is not much less than $1000/month so it really doesn't benefit me that much. A poor person on the streets has to pay $500 in rent, $100 in electricity, maybe if he's lucky garbage, water, and sewage is included. He won't have food stamps on UBI so he needs to have $150 or so in food each month, what about internet, cable or tv, etc? $12000 a year ain't sh-t!
I'm the controller of my destiny. I'm the master of my fate. I will fight with words all tyranny. I will guard against the state.
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