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The Impact of NAFTA on Drug Smuggling

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The Impact of NAFTA on Drug Smuggling

Postby halley » May 8th, 2012, 9:26 am

The Impact of NAFTA on Drug Smuggling

With the advent of NAFTA, the drug gangs expanded into many legitimate businesses which could be used for smuggling. U.S. officials have reported on their purchase of airlines, trucking companies, new and used car dealerships, petroleum transport corporations and others. However, the increasing use of intermediaries as owners have made it almost impossible to trace their activities in detail. Operations of this size could not be carried out without at least the passive cooperation of key government agencies. In fact,corruption of the Mexican authorities by the drug cartels is notorious. A former Baja California Mayor showed how hopeless enforcement is by stating that he could pay police $ 300 per month while the drug cartels were offering $1,000 per week (2).

The widespread corruption in the Mexican system has provided some spectacles which seem more like fantasy:
The Impact of NAFTA on Drug Smuggling
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Re: The Impact of NAFTA on Drug Smuggling

Postby davehines » May 8th, 2012, 10:30 am

It's as I've long said: Prohibition puts obscene profits into the trade. Drug dealers are the most adamant about keeping the DEA active. It makes them rich, and gives them political power through bribery.

A piece on corruption in Mexico.
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