Matt C. Abbott
Catholic mom-blogger threatened by 'Catholic' students
By Matt C. Abbott
October 2, 2010

Catholic blogger and mother Carol McKinley is being threatened by certain male students who attend Sacred Heart School in Kingston, Mass. And they're doing so online.

Why? Because Carol is not afraid to criticize the school for not forming its students in authentic Catholic teaching, particularly in regard to homosexuality.

I covered the situation in my Sept. 22 column.

I'm absolutely appalled by this turn of events, and it seems the offending students have no fear of being disciplined by the school, as evidenced by their vile comments on Carol's blog.

One comment, made by student Evan Grande, states (excerpted):

    '...If I could deracinate one thing from society, it would be religions zealotry [sic], namely that of Carol McKinley and her allies, and their steadfast hatred or [sic] homosexuality....I plan to get as many people as I can informed about you and your friends, and who knows, I might just rustle up the money to start up an abortion mill in the process (I hear they're quite profitable these days). If you're wondering who to report to the bishop, I'll save you the searching: my name is Evan Grande and I am also a senior at Sacred Heart. I hope that you're scared Carol, because I'm crazy, and I'm VERY VERY loud. I hope you've got your back exits marked, because I'm waiting for you. But worst of all, I'm having fun with you, Carol, and I don't plan to stop any time soon....'

Another comment, made by a student who identifies himself as Patrick, states:

    'My name is Patrick and I am a senior at Sacred Heart High School. You may remember me from that time you stalked my facebook...I thought you might. Anyway, in no way, shape, or form is this issue centered around the 'adults.' This is between the students and you ignorant humans called conservative catholics. I am seventeen years old and am perfectly capable of forming my own opinions, so please stop implying that kids my age are lower than you on the food chain. We both know that you are at the bottom with convicts and criminals.

    'In regards to Mr. Enos, just back off. He is a great administrator and knows exactly what he's doing. He is highly respected among the student body and parents of students. Also, have you been slipping out the back door because you are afraid of what might happen if you are seen by students? My guess is that, yes, you are terrified. I would be too. It must tear you up inside to know that you have been defeated by 400 high school students. Oh well, you can't win them all Carol. It's a shame Alcatraz is no longer functioning because im [sic] sure we could have found a nice cozy little cell for you.

    'p.s.- Is there a reason you still creep on Sacred Heart doings when your daughter graduated years ago? That's right, we know about your daughter. she graduated 6 years ago right? Regardless, you are an old woman picking fights with high schoolers. Congrats.'

But Carol isn't picking fights with high school students. Nor are the other concerned parents. They're objecting to the actions — and inaction — of school officials.

I should point out that Carol did not ask me to write this follow-up column. I'm simply disgusted that such thuggish behavior is apparently tolerated, if not encouraged, by certain officials at Sacred Heart School. As we know, some teenagers are more than capable of committing heinous crimes. Such threats must be taken seriously.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

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