Matt C. Abbott
Pro-life 'bits and pieces'
By Matt C. Abbott
February 26, 2011

A reader wrote (edited):

    'Gov. Cuomo and his girlfriend receiving Holy Communion while in the state of [objective] mortal sin and the bishop approving it makes me so angry. I'm in a second marriage and because my husband cannot get an annulment, we had to separate because I chose Christ over him. I never even considered taking Holy Communion while in the state of mortal sin. That's sacrilege. I guess Cuomo and his girlfriend don't really know the Catholic Faith. The fact that all the bishops aren't outraged is baffling to me. Why can't Pope Benedict put a stop to this? This is such disrespect to the Body of Christ.'

My thinking is that Cuomo (and many other so-called Catholic politicians, for that matter) does know the Church's moral teachings — he just doesn't care. After all, he publicly supports abortion "rights" and homosexual "marriage." Nor does his bishop seem to care that Cuomo doesn't care. And that's sad.

As I commented on Steve Kellmeyer's blog, "What we need is for the 'good' bishops to put the 'bad' bishops in their place, which may or may not happen. For the most part, it hasn't happened, although Cardinal Burke is an exception. The bottom line is that the bishops have the authority — even the 'bad' ones — and we, as laymen, do not. Thus, we continue to spin our wheels."

Milagres Pereira, president of Artists for Life in Goa, India, wrote:

    'Congratulations for that clarity of thought and love for the Faith as seen in the article on Catholic education. I am going to e-mail it to some school heads I know. I am Milagres Pereira of Human Life Goa. I home-school my four kids. For 15 years I ran a private art school and had to close it for want of funds as the number of students went down. But reading your article, I felt like starting my school once again.

    'Our school had a 15-minute reflection on the Bible and social issues, particularly pro-life issues, at the beginning of each day. The school was open to people of any faith, and over the years, a lot of students embraced the Catholic Faith in a deeper way. Matt, the situation in India is particularly pathetic as the Catholic schools are no way different from secular schools.

    'Do keep up your good work and reply if your time allows you. Please visit our website,'

Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carámbula, interim president of Human Life International, has a good column on "The Attack on Conscience Rights." Check it out by clicking here.

Help defend crisis pregnancy centers in New York City from the pro-aborts by visiting Also in New York City: Pro-abortion activist Theodore Shulman has been arrested by the FBI for making threats against pro-life leaders (click here for the story), and a pro-life billboard has been taken down after city officials complained about it (click here for the story).

Erin, who works for Chicago's Aid for Women crisis pregnancy center, wrote:

    'Aid for Women is establishing a new maternity home! As you know, so many of our clients, upon choosing life, are in desperate need of a place to stay with their babies. The new program will give our clients a loving environment where they can live for up to two years, in order that they may obtain the life-skills, training and education to become independent. The 4,212 sq. ft. home, located on Maryville's Des Plaines campus, is scheduled to open in May.'

For more information about Aid for Women, visit

Canadian (and dissident) priest Raymond Gravel is suing for defamation. Click here for the story.

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