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Mentioned with Mother Angelica; An open letter to the Salesian Missions
By Matt C. Abbott
May 15, 2016

I must admit: It's rather depressing to have to endure eight years of an Obama presidency, the distinct possibility of a Hillary presidency, and however many more months or years of the perplexing pontificate of Pope Francis.

However, I was delighted to see my name recently mentioned in the same sentence as the late saintly Mother Angelica.

A Catholic historian – who doesn't reveal his/her real name but does devote several sentences on his/her blog "What Sister Never Knew and Father Never Told You" to bragging about his/her education and work – wrote in an April 22 post:
    I will be the first to say that the American hierarchy should have long ago sidelined [Michael] Voris – along with the late Mother Angelica, Judie Brown, Michael Hichborn, Matt Abbott and others who set themselves up as an alternative magisterium...
Praise Jesus that I'm included in this historian-blogger's list of (faithful) Catholics whom "the American hierarchy should have long ago sidelined"! I'm in good company.

And speaking of the aforementioned Michael Hichborn...

The Lepanto Institute recently posted an open letter to Father Mark Hyde of the Salesian Missions, which reads (in part):
    Dear Father Hyde,

    As you may recall, last fall, the Lepanto Institute published a report regarding the Life Choices program implemented through the Salesian Missions' Office of International Programs, whose director is Jaime Correa-Montalvo.

    In that report, we illustrated training manuals found on the Salesian Life Choices website showing that the program promoted abortifacient contraception, masturbation and condom use. We also provided saved copies of Salesian Life Choices newsletters, proving that students were not only taught this information, but that they repeated what they learned about abortifacient contraception and condom use in their own articles, which were published by the Salesian Life Choices program and distributed to over 15,000 other youths....

    Since the publication of our report on this program, I have communicated by email with Father Francois Dufour, provincial superior of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Southern Africa. Father Dufour confirmed that the information I obtained regarding the Salesian Life Choices training manuals was correct and accurate.

    Father Dufour, in his own words, said that he was 'duly horrified when [he] got to examine the full training manual' and ordered that it be destroyed. He admitted that 'I did not, when I took over as provincial in 2007, monitor the program – there never was any complaint against it that called more attention to it.' He also assured me that the training manuals the Lepanto Institute reported as having been implemented by the Salesian Missions in South Africa 'have been banned from use by Life Choices henceforth.'

    Unfortunately, the statement issued by your office is in direct conflict with Father Durfour's admission as well as the facts contained in our initial report.

    Related to all of this, some new and greatly disturbing information has come to light regarding your director of the Office of International Programs, Jaime Correa-Montalvo. As mentioned earlier, Mr. Correa-Montalvo was the one responsible for the Life Choices program implemented in South Africa.

    What we have discovered is that Mr. Correa-Montalvo has engaged in highly inappropriate activity on LinkedIn, calling into immediate question his ability to discern and commit to Catholic moral teaching. The main page of Mr. Correa-Montalvo's LinkedIn profile indicates that he is a member of the LinkedIn group Human Rights Campaign (the most prominent same-sex 'marriage' lobbyists in the country).

    In addition to this, Mr. Correa-Montalvo's activity on LinkedIn includes 'liking' advertisements for male homosexual bondage accessories and images of mostly nude male models....
Click here to read the letter in its entirety.

To date, the Salesian Missions has not responded to Michael Hichborn's letter. Nor have they responded to an email inquiry from me on the matter.

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