Bonnie Alba
November 2, 2007
Humanists' education control -- no plumb line
By Bonnie Alba

Recent results of student testing shows more than a failure to educate. Something else is going on apart from the testing experiment. Broken families? One-parent families? Self-serving parents? Drugs? Gangs? Broken society? One missing element covers all the exact plumb line.

Religious (man is god) Humanists have infiltrated and heavily influenced our educational institutions over the last 100-plus years. They have succeeded in aborting the unshakable plumb line, a measurement which produced global respect and admiration for America's stable government, communities and ethics.

Humanists' fruit occurred in the ravaged '60s when the young rebelled against the authority of parents, communities and the government. "Right" and "wrong" evolved over the following decades to encompass a diverse and multicultural set of values which established today's pluralistic and divisive society. We're a mixed bag totally relying on individual choices on the basis of feelings, at each moment in time, what is right and wrong in words, deeds and actions.

Standards have relaxed and many do not recognize the overall reason for all the negative changes. We can point to all kinds of rebellious activities. Some say we have a gentler society, but not if we pay attention to the news and events around us.

The detrimental effects on America and her people from aborting God in education, other institutions and in the peoples' minds shows how the educational system and our nation has gone astray. The nation's measuring stick of morality disappeared from the public eye.

Our great founder, George Washington, said it best: "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible."

In his farewell speech of 1796: "Tis substantially true, that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government."

Up to the 20th century, biblical reading and study were encouraged in educational institutions and shaped generations of virtuous citizens. The wisdom proverbs of Solomon and much of biblical history provided education in self-discipline, responsibility, accountability to authority and restraint on bad behavior.

Aren't those character-building blocks good for growing young minds into well-rounded adult citizens? Evidently not. Humanists believe they have all the answers.

When Humanist philosophy failed to produce good citizens along came the grand idea: "Let's develop character programs." We've all heard of "situational ethics" which was the fore bearer of each individual deciding what morals they would practice. All the educational character-building programs since used have had limited success.

Religious Humanists are blind to the negative results of their philosophy. Walk into any bookstore (including Christian), thousands of self-help books have been produced to encourage development from the womb to adulthood. Think about it where one book was enough, now we need one for every area and stage of our lives.

How can children's education produce good citizens when there is no longer any standard measurement above and beyond the Humanists' own philosophy which are only human ideas?

In earlier history, the cubit was considered the measurement from a man's elbow-to-tip of middle finger (between 18-20 inches). Of course it varied from individual to individual.

For example: Three men worked to build a house and each used his own cubit arm to measure the wood. How do you think the house looked when completed? A little crooked? Walls leaning, odd-shaped windows and doors? Not one we would want to live in, is it? If modern-day construction companies allowed construction workers to use their own cubits, I doubt the finished houses would sell.

What's missing? An exact standard of measurement that produces a building pleasing to the eye and is livable. Also true of human societies and nations. When the people no longer agree to a virtuous plumb line, then chaos results. God provided His plumb line for nations and peoples.

Our divisive nation is a product of religious Humanists and the diversion of the national conscience from the foundational measurement of what produces good citizenship. Our nation has strayed from the moral measurement upholding a virtuous people.

What's the solution? God's Plumb Line is the answer and it must start in the home environment with parents and grandparents. Where's your conscience? Recognize and educate yourselves to choosing God's moral standards. Where's your Bible? Gathering dust on a unused shelf?

Benjamin Franklin once declared: "A Bible and a newspaper in every house, a good school in every district all studied and appreciated as they merit are the principal support of virtue, morality, and civil liberty."

Let's reclaim our national conscience "under God." So that we may rightly become what the founders called a virtuous people.

© Bonnie Alba


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