Bonnie Alba
American tolerance may be our downfall
By Bonnie Alba
September 2, 2010

For almost 1400 years, Islam's response to anyone outside of their religion has been killing or enslaving them if they do not convert to their illogical belief system. From Mohammed's perpetuation of war and murder, the Muslims conquered much of Asia Minor and other nations — all in the name of their war god.

The 9/11 War declaration is not the first time Western civilization has been threatened by Islam.

Remember Captain John Smith, one of the founders of Jamestown (1607)? What is less known is that in 1600, Smith had joined Austrian forces and fought in the "Long War" against the Muslim Ottoman Turks in Hungary.

In one campaign, "he was wounded and left for dead. ... Turkish battlefield plunderers ... sold him as a slave. He was sent to Constantinople where .... he was stripped naked, an iron ring riveted around his neck, clothed in rags and sent as a slave to thrash in his master's fields." He was finally able to escape. He then went to Northern Africa where he fought the Muslim Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean Sea.

Western nations have fought for centuries against Muslim aggression. Even our founding fathers fought when Muslim pirate ships were attacking and blocking trade routes on the high seas. The Marine anthem includes, "From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli..." The Barbary War (1801-1805) was the first that America as a nation had participated in against the Muslim pirates.

Thomas Jefferson owned an extensive (6,400 books) personal library which included the Qur'an. In January 2007, Rep. Keith Ellis (D-Min) had his ceremonial swearing in with his hand on Jefferson's Qur'an. His spokesman said that Jefferson owning this book "...dates religious tolerance to the founders of our country."

In reality Jefferson was attempting to understand the Muslim pirates who were attacking ours and other nations' ships. Every treaty signed and witnessed between American leaders, their allies, and Muslim leaders has always been broken by the Muslims. From the Qur'an, Jefferson learned that Muslims do not honor any treaty when signed by "infidels." They lie to anyone not Muslim.

There is only one religion according to Mohammed and it's Islam and their god is Allah, not the Judeo-Christian God, or any other. The Muslim response to Christians and Jews or anyone who is not Muslim is conversion to Islam, death or enslavement.

Do you ever wonder why "moderate Muslims" do not speak out against Muslim terrorists who commit Jihad and other atrocities?

In his book History of Islam & the United States, historian William J. Federer explains:

"Mohammed divided the world into two houses — the House of Islam and the House of War. A Muslim, therefore, sees the world in two halves, one half is Muslim and the other half is in the process of becoming Muslim.

"Where most Americans think of world peace in terms of peaceful coexistence with those of differing beliefs, a Muslim thinks there will only be world peace when the whole world has submitted to the will of Allah, or, in short, become Muslim."

He goes on to state that because moderate Muslims think Islam will conquer the world in the distant future ... therefore, it's acceptable to get along with non-Muslims in the present. A Jihadist Muslim thinks Islam will conquer the world — now — and wants to make it happen. If a moderate Muslim speaks out against Jihadist Terrorists, they may be threatened, intimidated and even have a fatwa (death threat) placed on them.

Muslim allegiance is to Allah and Mohammed, who claimed the Qu'ran was dictated to him by Allah. Allah is nothing like the God of Genesis through Revelation. Though you might hear such, there are too many contradictions to go into here but suffice to say that 'hate' and 'love' have been twisted in the religion of Islam.

Some of you are aware of the 1912-20 Armenian genocide and massacre of 2.5 million Armenians and other ethnic peoples — all done by the controlling Muslim Turks. Islamic history is rife with barbaric violence including decapitation, impaling, pederasty of young boys, rape, murder and mutilation of women — atrocities considered evil in western thought.

The question for America as well as other Western nations is: Will we accept the presence of even moderate Muslims among us knowing their goal is to conquer and force us all to submit to Allah and live under their Sharia system of law? America is already experiencing such laws played out here.

How far will our tolerance reach?

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Bonnie Alba

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