Kevin J. Banet
March 6, 2013
Bradlee Dean warns of an America falling asleep, as did Germany
By Kevin J. Banet

Although he has been criticized for being a "right winger," the preacher and musician Bradlee Dean takes a surprisingly even hand when leveling criticism at both political parties. Conservatives today are not the opposite of the left, he says, but like the left, are caving in to a totalitarianism that mirrors the days of Hitler's rise to power.

In a WND article subtitled, "Bradlee Dean whacks GOP and Dems for betraying Constitution," Dean explains that "The so-called 'right' has been capitulating to anti-American socialists/communists who attempt to force their agendas on the American people."

Falling asleep when you should be awake is a dangerous thing. To paraphrase the Benedictine monk Dom Hubert van Zeller, a modern nation is like a man who wakes up one day, realizes he has become a pagan, and then goes back to sleep.

Are We Asleep?

In another article, "Are We As Asleep as the Germans of the 1930s?" Dean draws a connection between the rise of Adolf Hitler and today's too-easy breaking of Constitutional principles, of which he says both Republicans and Democrats are guilty. This theme is developed in Dean's compelling video, "Time's Tyrants of the Year." (Seen above)

Yes, it's too easy to fall asleep, and while we may criticize the Germans of the 1920s and 30s, we fail to see things through the eyes of those people living at that time. I once knew some people who lived in a backwoods part of California who knew a couple who lived at the end of the lane, who lived in Germany in that day. The couple was sympathetic to him, and even to this day didn't think Hitler was too bad of a guy.

Desperate Situation

Now, this was a misguided notion, but people in Germany didn't have the light of hindsight that we have now. Left devastated by World War I, Germany tried its best to pick up the pieces of their economy. As part of the Versailles treaty, which ended World War I, Germany had to make reparation payments to the allied countries, many of whom blocked German goods through tariffs. As the economy became depressed, Germany could not afford to make their payments, other than by printing excessive amounts of their currency.

Due in part to these payments, inflation rose until the German Mark was worthless. The bad economy was blamed on the political party that accepted these terms of surrender. And so, the Germans saw as a hero a man who promised to bring the country out of its economic disaster. They were willing to listen to anybody.

War Hero's Recovery

Decorated with the Iron Cross award for bravery in World War I, Adolf Hitler proposed a plan to end the unemployment and hyperinflation plaguing Germany. While the country was at its weakest, this leader easily rose to power on the promise of prosperity and political change. He was appointed chancellor of Germany in 1933, and became head of state in 1934.

Unemployment, which was six million in 1932, was reduced to one million in just four years under Hitler. Despite anti-Jewish sentiment in his platform, and arrests of "enemies of the state," Hitler gained popularity, overseeing infrastructure campaigns which led to new railroads, autobahns, and other civil projects.

Conquest of Austria

In 1938, Hitler and his troops entered his native country of Austria, and was greeted by cheering and celebration. Three days later, Hitler made a triumphal speech in Vienna's Heldenplatz, or Square of Heroes to 200,000 German-Austrians. This marked the Anschluss, the critical annexation of Austria into Germany which was overwhelmingly favored by the Austrian people. Less than a week later, 70,000 communists, Jews, and dissenters were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

The promise of economic prosperity seemed necessary at all costs for the Germans and Austrians. As it has been wryly said in political circles today, "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste." But morality was forsaken.

If history is not to repeat itself, it would do well for us to learn from the mistakes of the past. The American people have abandoned their moral and Biblical principles. It is time for a wakeup call before our country makes an irreversible mistake, as did the Germans.

(Disclosure: Bradlee Dean's organization, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide is a client of our firm, TreeFrogClick.)

© Kevin J. Banet


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