Michael Bresciani
U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson and quantum physics -- why doesn't the president see this?
By Michael Bresciani
September 18, 2009

When it comes to Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst during Obama's address to the congress it may have finally happened that the immoveable object has met the unstoppable object. Let's see.

Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst at the President's joint address to Congress was followed by an apology. Millions of American are now more amazed that both the President and the Democrat's seem so thin skinned. What seems so inappropriate may be after all just what the doctor ordered. Why doesn't the President see this?

Even as Wilson was blurting out his remark, illegal aliens were receiving health care on a regular basis. If the Obama proposals went out as first written they would have been assured of further coverage, so what's the problem? Apparently we are more concerned with the President's dignity be it feigned or real than we are with the truth. When did protocol overtake veracity in America?

Is the floor of the congress the new stage for ersatz and tinsel or can we dredge up the old eighties adage 'get a life' and put it back to work in Washington? At the very least lets use this one, also from the eighty's, 'get over it.'

Life is full of risks and often compromise must be made but it is the immutability of the ancient law of reciprocation that is in play here. Millions of Americans feel that Obama has lied to them on many levels, now one single representative of the people has spoken it in a place where it could not be drowned out by pundits, experts and biased news people. We can all agree that it may not have been the best time and place but we can still appreciate the honesty in the charge of dishonesty.

The law of reciprocation will provide two things, one for Joe Wilson and the other for Barack Obama. Wilson will see a sweep of voters in his district that will drop anything they may be doing like a hot potato and run out to vote for him at election time. Some Americans would probably like to relocate to Wilson's district just for the opportunity to cast their votes for him.

The other result that the law of reciprocation guarantees is that if the health care bill actually disallows illegal aliens any further or future coverage there will be about 12 million votes missing from the Obama tally in 2012. We will see both what will be compromised and what the truth of the entire matter is much more clearly as 2012 approaches. Why doesn't the President see this?

Along with Wilson's remarks at the joint address some have complained that questioning Barack Obama's place of birth is also an undignified insult to the his Presidency. This also is answered by the ancient and venerable laws of reciprocation.

It is accepted that public figures must be open to public scrutiny, it is more than just tradition; it is the law. In the case of eligibility for the Presidency it is Constitutional law.

The President may feel he needs to apologize for America's behavior while abroad but the time has not come when American's are ready to apologize for the Constitution right here at home. Why doesn't the President see this?

He and the entire Democratic Party are mistaken when they conclude that Americans want to be disrespectful of their President. We want to be proud and entirely respectful of all of our Presidents.

It is the American people who feel insulted by the Presidents willingness to engage a law firm to keep his birth certificate, records of public service and school records secreted away from those he wants to govern. Let's go to the eighties yet once again, you remember 'where's the beef' that's not too hard to understand. All we are saying is 'where's the papers.' Why doesn't the President see this?

To millions of Americans Joe Wilson's emotional outburst was far more honest than the calculated and ongoing resistance to the exposure of the President's records. Here the law of reciprocation is taking its toll on the Obama Presidency. The effect of sowing secrecy is obviously; reaping doubt. Why doesn't the President see this?

We may need to set aside politics for a moment to understand why Wilson's remarks have upset so many people and why the laws of reciprocation don't seem to care that it does. Science never reverts to the vituperative to answer a matter so let's look there for the resolve.

Albert Einstein is often criticized for not paying more attention to the newly discovered findings of the science of quantum mechanics. On one level we might want to thank our lucky stars that he didn't. His theory of relativity was quickly engaged to produce atomic weapons that could end civilization as we know it. God alone knows what might have come of his delving into quantum theory. We might not have a split second of time to hear him say 'whoops' as the planet disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Although very little has been nailed down in the science of quantum physics the essence of it is that possibly two subatomic particles can exist in two places at the same time. Gee, do you think! You mean all those saying there is an invisible God who exists in both the spiritual and physical realm at the same time (omnipresence) and knows everything past, present and future (omniscience) that created all things and is the judge of mankind (omnipotence) may actually have a chance of being justified by quantum physics? But let's not get side tracked into theology; instead let's apply a little quantum mechanics to the Joe Wilson outburst.

Is it possible to have one irate Congressmen who thinks the President is a fibber and an undetermined number of Bush, Palin, McCain, O'Reilly, Rush and Beck mockers in the same country at the same time?

Is it possible that bush booing crowds, late night McCain bashing comedians and relentless Palin pounding main stream media journalists can exist at the same time in the same place as a name calling Congressmen?

Is it possible that one emotionally charged Republican Rep who hit the nail on the head can exist at the same time and in the same nation as those who think more abortion is fine, the gay agenda is really important and we should cram government run healthcare down the throats of an unwilling citizenry. This is easier to answer than the proverbial 'is the Pope Catholic' question.

Here is an adage from eternity, you know, the quantum physics verified eternity. Christ said "...For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again." (Luke 6:38) Why doesn't the President see this?

© Michael Bresciani


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