Michael Bresciani
Just be silent and we won't call you a racist
By Michael Bresciani
May 4, 2010

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me," is that childhood mantra that no longer seems to be true. Is it time to modify the old saying to "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will drive me crazy?"

It seems that the price for not being labeled a racist is merely our silence. Should we find anything at all wrong with the shooting of an Arizona deputy sheriff or the murder of rancher Bob Krentz we will have to wear the label. If we just look the other way as Mexican criminals including members of the Barrio Azteca gang and others flow across our borders we can avoid the dreaded racist label. Let's not forget to ignore the tons of life destroying drugs that are inundating the borders. Which is it: are we a nation of drug heads or racists, not much of a choice for anyone is it?

Complaining about the cost of welfare programs and education for a half million illegal aliens in Arizona can get you the label too but perhaps even worse just using the words illegal alien could get you a new name in the eyes of the left leaners. Truthfully; those who cry racist are not trying to drive anyone crazy but they are trying to silence those with whom they disagree. It is a sort of final word, a character assassination that cuts off any further debate and argument. Labeling whole groups of people racist is a socially collective cheap shot, it is cowardly.

It appears that the racist label can be used in a very selective way. Recent black on Asian violence in the sanctuary city of San Francisco raised no cries of racism. The racist card is still a politically motivated tool of the left as it has been since the efforts of King, Parks and others translated into law.

The law, there's another sticky point. President Obama is not unlike any other Commander in Chief we have ever had who tries to use levity and humor to spice up his public appearances and discourses. Oddly President Obama uses humor that is specifically directed toward certain people, groups or an entire state to razz or demean them.

Joking about what can happen to you if you are asked for ID in the State of Arizona is a mockery first to the laws in that state and secondly because SB 1070 only mirrors the Federal immigration laws that the fed is not enforcing it mocks the federal laws as well. Is it unfair to say we have a sitting President that is openly mocking the nation's laws? Wait just a little minute; in a country of laws isn't the President the singular embodiment of our system of laws? If that is no longer true perhaps it is more of what the promise of "change" has produced.

Perhaps the very cheapest of cheap shots are those leveled at a person or group in a setting where that person or group is not present. Long distance defamation is far more cruel and cowardly and it is anything but American. For example, The World Net Daily that spearheads the movement to take a look see at the real long form Obama birth certificate was not allowed to attend the President's recent White House Correspondents' Association dinner and that is where Mr. Obama chose to poke fun at the birthers. He said "Few things in life are harder to find and more important to keep than love. Well, love and a birth certificate." Isn't that what WND has been saying all along? Accurate parsing of Mr. Obama's words actually tends to backfire against him in this ignoble attempt at humor.

Some Americans, thank God, are willing to risk being mislabeled a racist because they know that, of the millions who have slipped across the borders the chances of Al-Qaeda operatives being among them rises exponentially month by month. They are aware as the National Geographic channel revealed that the new semi-submersible boats that Columbian drug cartels are making have drawn interest from the Al-Qaeda. Why wouldn't they use the hole in our southwestern border as well?

America's borders are not unlike a bucket with a hole in it or more accurately a bucket without a bottom; and the rest of the world knows this all too well. Will those now carrying racist placards be willing to rally again carrying placards that say only "we're sorry" after one our enemies are successful at something akin to 9/11 or worse?

It would be easy to label those who are crying racist as stupid but pragmatically it works better if we pinpoint the source of their ignorance. Identifying the roots of a thing doesn't always neutralize it but rather it gives us a starting point with which to deal with it.

Labor unions and left wing money have clearly been identified as catalytic in the recent marches against Arizona's new law. Add to that an entire generation of academic nonsense where classrooms were turned into opinion forums and you have a deadly mix. Throwing out some controversial subject or current event and then asking students how they "feel" about it is not education, it is little more than blogging without computers.

Since actions always speak louder than words why hasn't anyone noticed our hypocrisy in our extremes or disparity in our attempts to secure our borders? On any given day at our airports and train terminals we must endure long lines, sniffing dogs, baggage and body searches, dangerous full body x-rays and profiling that can lead to detainment and intense interrogation. Contrast this to the broad open expanse of the southwest's sprawling but largely unrestricted border where millions have traversed to a new life in a country that is not theirs. Don't forget to capitalize the word hypocrisy when describing this contradictory scenario.

Racist: I think not. We needn't accept this label because we expect safety and security and the enforcement of laws already established to provide both. Be it a President who pokes fun at a State he is sworn to protect or an entire generation of nascent socialists who can carry a placard but can't understand our laws and the reasons for them, America is still sovereign to this day and her borders are worth protecting.

As an old preacher and a writer let me tell you what I think of when I hear that left wing organizations have funded, inspired and provoked the socially inept of this generation to label everyday Americans as racists. The reference is clear, the inference you will have to determine for yourself. I won't mince words; to me the political Pharisees are the left wing liberals and socialists of the hour.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. (Mt 23:15)

© Michael Bresciani


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