Michael Bresciani
Obama: the half of my kingdom for a birth certificate?
By Michael Bresciani
May 1, 2011

After indirectly calling Donald Trump a carnival barker followed by a publicity junket to Oprah's stage to chuckle about the clowns who thought he wasn't born in America there remains only one looming question. What are Mr. Obama's real motives?

His claim that he and his party are now free to deal with the real issues that are plaguing the nation is the standard rhetorical answer. What else could he say? But reality paints an entirely different picture. Slowness, aloofness and perhaps even indifference have been the hallmark of Mr. Obama's dealing with the issues. The BP spill, Libya, Syria, gas prices and a long list of emerging issues were all addressed by the President with trips to the golf course or vacations to the shore.

It is clear that Obama has not cared a great deal about what is really important to rank and file Americans but that is only true as long as what they think does not affect his power base. Enter the USA TODAY/ Gallup poll that warns that two thirds of Americans either don't believe or seriously doubt he was born in America and for Mr. Obama, it's time to spring to action.

The President has come to be known as the perpetual campaigner, not a person who takes on the issues as quick as they emerge. Did the leopard change his spots? With nineteen months left until Election Day can the President afford to have two thirds of the nation doubting he's a real American? Looking for real motives in the release of the birth certificate? You needn't look any further.

Calling the Donald a carnival barker and snickering and gloating with Oprah were perks woven in to the whole circus like scenario that was without doubt, timed to a tee. But it's not over yet. Those who say that because Obama's father was a British citizen, a fact no longer in question, say he is still in violation of the Constitution, and they are far from appeased. Others are planning complete forensic examinations of the document released and the cursory looks at it already have some crying foul.

Then there is the question of the yet unseen school records and lest we forget the unique albeit mysterious Connecticut issued social security number that Obama is using, that apparently belongs to someone else. It's far from over.

Issues are part of a job if you are a politician but power and staying in power are the most basic motives of any politician. It is the quest for power, the use of power and the retention of power that is foremost with most politicians. The prestige and privilege that accompany power may be a close second and then for all but the most exceptional politicians, service to their constituents may hold a weak third place showing in the scheme of things. To those who are indeed exceptional I apologize in advance and thank you for your dedication. Is Barack Obama one of you? I need only refer to his record to answer that, and deleterious is the word I hear rather than diligent.

What price this power? Mr. Obama plans to raise and spend one billion dollars to get re-elected to a job that pays $400,000 annually. Anyone with the political savvy of a fifth grader can see from this math that it is about power not money. Sound silly; consider this, if the President was allowed to keep the job if he provided himself with his own annual salary from the billion he raised for re-election, his term would last for the next 2500 years. Do the math.

Getting power may be expensive but holding on to it is always much more costly. Holding to power may mean making dissing or destroying others to keep it, including the governed. An example found in the New Testament of the high price of power is where we see that Donald Trump and all those who are trying to uncover the many hidden facts about Mr. Obama are have parallels to the life of John the Baptist.

Holding a birthday feast for the officials in his court, Herod asked his brothers daughter to dance for the partiers after promising the young dancer up to the half of his kingdom if she would comply. She danced and then being urged by her mother to ask for the head of John the Baptist the King complied. That's a lot of compliance to produce what may be one of the most heinous crimes in history besides the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. (Mark 6: 23)

The price for looking powerful in the eyes of his supporters, appointees and minions was the life of one of the holiest men to ever touch the ground. In our civilized nation have we not left this kind of barbarism fully behind us? Don't count on it. Today's world may be less barbaric but it is no less brutal.

The Donald will keep his head and the two thirds of Americans, who doubted the President, can take a little ribbing from the TV team of O and O, but the motive we all know is purely political and has only to do with retaining power.

Discovery Channel's Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs appears in a commercial for the Ford Motor Company in which he says "a lot of people ask me, Mike, why Ford and why now." The question is much like the one millions of Americans are asking themselves right now, "Mr. Obama, why the birth certificate, and why now."

The answer to all but the least discerning minds is blatantly obvious. It is because the 2012 re-election bid is just a short stretch down the road. How could that be won if nearly half of the nation thinks they're being hoodwinked by the incumbent? The cost for half of this kingdom was well known to Mr. Obama and that was the showing of his long form birth certificate, shall we say, "In a nick of time."

No, Mr. Obama, we don't think you are being noble, transparent or getting focused on nothing but the issues. We do believe that you are the typical politician looking for a way to hold the power you already have and revealing your birth certificate is something you should have done three years ago in compliance with the Constitution and our general laws. We are not impressed, fooled or belittled; we are just a little wiser about your true character.

The flaw or weakness in the President's character has nothing to do with the long wait to see his birth certificate. It is the fact that he chose to turn it into a game of "whose sorry now" that says the most about him. It is a game that in the end he has lost.

Donald trump has shown the nation more spine than a dozen cowering judges and legislators and rather than looking like a carnival barker he has in many ways become a national hero. If he is a barker, who can forget that he was only barking for the transparency that you promised but failed to produce. Should he be sorry for that?

Those Americans who were in doubt about the actual place of the President's birth have been degraded and called many unsavory and hateful names. Even as they endured such ridicule they still had to produce their birth certificates and documentation for jobs, credit, licenses, contracts and almost everything else. Should they be sorry?

Calling Mr. Trump a carnival barker and chuckling at one third of all Americans on a national TV show says more about our President's character than all three years of the long wait to see the darned birth certificate.

Losing the game of whose sorry now is a far greater loss than Mr. Obama may ever fully know. Now he has not only lost more votes in 2012 but he has also lost the hearts of many Americans in the end. What price this power?

© Michael Bresciani


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Michael Bresciani

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