Michael Bresciani
Indie's and undecided voters are now cleared for landing
By Michael Bresciani
January 13, 2012

Estimates run around 40 percent for independent voters in this election cycle. Many answers are offered for why this phenomenon is so prevalent right now in the nation, but few are viewing it as a possibility of a growing sense of confusion and uncertainty.

Barack Obama has been castigated in the media for proclaiming that Americans may have gotten "lazy" in the last few years, so, where would someone come in who calls us wishy washy and confused? Unlike Barack Obama, I am sure that I love America, I will salute the flag and I don't think we were ever a Muslim nation, nor do we want to be. I'll take my chances with the people of this nation.

The Iowa caucuses may be the quintessential example of what happens when voters are uncertain. That may be completely understandable, unless for some reason, there is cause to believe, that it is more than uncertainty, but confusion itself, which may have caused the voters to flip from one front runner to the next in a matter of days in some cases.

The most common offering used to explain the rise in independent voters is that the republicans have moved too far to the right. Upon examining the newly invigorated platform of the right toward dealing with both abortion and the nearly half billion dollars of tax payers money used to pay for abortions in 2011 and paid to Planned Parenthood and others — perhaps it is the right time to move more to the right.

Defense of DOMA shouldn't be considered a move to the right because it is already the law of the land. Enforcing the law is, what is right, not merely a move to the right. If standing against the proliferation of the gay agenda in our system of education is a move to the right we may want to consider how many times California has had to challenge the states new laws that mandate requiring that gay history be taught in the public schools and gay marriage laws.

If people in the Golden State won't let it stand without a fight, it being the most liberal state in the nation, where does that put the rest of us? This is hardly a move to the right, but once again, it is more of a movement for what is right.

Most analysts are saying that it's coming down to a choice between electability and morality. In the language of the analysts and pundits that translates as, economy and jobs — vs. — doing what is moral and right.

The days when that would not even be a question, may have long passed, but that speaks more to the people than the candidates. It is what gives rise to the idea that independent voters will not, rather than, cannot, be nailed down on a moral issue.

American Thinker recently published an article by prolific writer, Bruce Walker entitled, The Left's Heart of Darkness, in which he said, "Conservatives sometimes get too distracted by dollars and deficits and debt. These matter, of course — they matter a great deal in political life. But the deconstruction of the American economy is a consequence, not a cause, of our fundamental problem, which is moral."

If I could bellow out Walker's conclusion to every voter who was about to enter the voting booths around this nation without being charged with electioneering I would most certainly do it.

But proclaiming the cure, has of late, been futile. The generational long drive to eradicate God from our consciousness is bearing its deadly fruit. Academia leads, and only yesterday one educator reinstated her case against her own alma mater that refused to hire her because she was a conservative activist. The school made no effort to hide the fact that their decision was based on her politics, and her stand against abortion, which seems to indicate that the leftist are already seeing the right, and the moralists as loaded into boxcars and headed off to the camps.

In Hollywood, work is scarce for anyone not belching out the liberal rant of the day and the morality of the media and TV networks can be determined by just a quick perusal of the fall season lineup of new shows. The titles tell it all, how about these — Don't Trust the B — in Apartment 23 — House of Lies — The Playboy Club — Shameless — Pretty Little Liars — and Californication. These are the new and returning shows for a nation waiting with bated breath.

Even God can respect an atheist if they are sure where they stand, but those who straddle the fence seem to be no good for just about anyone. Christ addressed a wishy washy first century church with this scathing rebuke, "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." (Rev 3: 15-16)

I submit that it is our refusal to deal with our immorality and Godlessness that is leaving us in a state of confusion. We are as the ancient prophet Elijah declared; halting between two opinions.

"And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, how long halt ye between two opinions? if the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word." (1Kings 18: 21)

They were left with not a word to say, but that is only the first stage of refusing to take a stand. The last and far more debilitating effect of capitulating to the paralysis of indecision is that if it is left unresolved it always turns into a state of confusion. In a strange, but poignant use of the language, the Bible describes such a condition only a few times in the entirety of writ. Here is one of them that aptly describes the result of provoking God with endless immoralities and expecting him to turn the other way. "Do they provoke me to anger saith the Lord: do they not provoke themselves to the confusion of their own faces?" (Jer 7: 19)

Not only is the confusion about who to vote for, prevailing, but it is also apparent that many voters don't know what they are voting for. News people have been calling Rick Santorum an evangelical, not so, he is a Catholic, and a good one at that. They have been critical of those who say Mormonism is seen as a cult or a heresy by most of mainstream Christianity, wake up, it is and always was, a fact that will not be altered because a few news people and journalists missed a good church history course or two. Yes, Rick Perry may be the only true evangelical in the bunch, but he has little to be ashamed of for that. He is also the only candidate that fully understands that there is a full scale war against the Bible and religious principles in this nation. It is a war of futility that will not end well according to prophecy.

The Ron Paul notion of bringing home the boys and putting up a fence around America and living happily ever after is not really constitutionalism, it is isolationism by any other name, and it flies in the face of our tradition and our history. That he is not Barack Obama may be little consolation for a vision of America that makes, all drugs legal, marriage a mockery, and allows the lines between, a life and a lifestyle, to be obscured. These views only help to promote a maze of social upheaval that strikes at the heart of a nation once defined by — once again — doing what is right.

Gingrich, a repentant man, should for a nation that practically worships intelligence, stay on the top of the heap in every primary, but the indie vote hasn't made that choice either, as yet. It is surprising that more Americans haven't seen that for a failing and deeply unappreciated congress Gingrich may be the best one dose cure they have had since he was Speaker. Replacing Obama and repairing the congress could be the two birds with one stone the nation needs, go figure.

Mitt Romney may be the best man to put his thumb on the economic pulse of the nation, but it may be we still need a man to discern the heart of the nation without which there will be no pulse. If Rush Limbaugh is correct and Washington will only engage candidates who preach the gospel of wealth along with the common wisdom that says Americans will only vote their wallets then there is no hope. Rush and common wisdom may have failed to see that capitalism is a tool but it is not the definition of community in these United States.

This is where we may discover that just making Barack Obama a one term president is not the best motive — anymore than waiting for the candidates to positively persuade us, as long as they are only punctuating our own view of America's future. If the economy and jobs are all there is to our nation we may not see the error in consciously voting for that single purpose until it is far too late to save the nation, which has always been more than just the sum of its good times, or, it's bad times.

Should we be ashamed because some of us still want freedom for all not to be confused with a free for all? We don't want candidates who think America may need a czar or an appointee who will become the ring master of the new sexual circus that is our moral decay. We don't want to make our cities and towns to look like theme parks for drug world USA just because it's hard to keep up with the cartels and the abusers. We also know that tax funded abortion mills make a lousy substitute for a conscience among the promiscuous in our society. Americans are not lazy and neither is lady justice, she can still do the job.

The bottom line is that whether we are driven by the need to make Obama a one term president, the GOP platform, the indie view, constitutionalism, moderate views or just jobs and economic recovery, there is one idea, one purpose that is more than all of these. Rather than, what we are driven by, it is what we are guided by. The subtle difference between these two is what's known as 'voting for what is right.' Such motives are not luxuries, but are the very fiber and grain of our heritage; they are what have always made the nation great. God forbid we lose that now.

The course of history is controlled by the hand of the Almighty and will be until the last minute of time. Even the evil days that are approaching the entire world now at breakneck speed have a purpose in the plan of God. The idea that American morality, politics and daily life is all just something of our own making is naïve and dangerous. If it was ever guided by God it must always be guided by him and no amount of tinkering with the economy or buying a mountain of gold will save a single shred of the nation.

God will not forever wink at our indiscretions and blatant perversities. There is an end to all things, let's not rush it by standing in the middle of the road with a bewildered and confused look on our faces.

© Michael Bresciani


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