Michael Bresciani
Buckets for babies -- sex-ed for kindergarten -- but no bag lunches, please!
By Michael Bresciani
February 18, 2012

This may be the only article ever written that needs only its title and no further elucidation of any kind. It also is the only article that this writer has ever added a scriptural quote to, in the opening paragraphs, rather than as an appendage.

"And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient" (Romans 1: 28)

In the very chapter of the Bible that condemns the practice of homosexuality which President Obama claimed was "obscure," is found a description of modern man that appears to have been ripped from the pages of today's headlines. This tiny, but power packed descriptive of the depths to which humanity will sink in the last days uses verbiage that cannot be mistaken as pertaining to any other time in history.

Dragging Ten Commandment plaques out of public buildings, pulling down crosses in veterans gravesites, erasing Latin references to God from the U.S. Air force insignia, and demanding that military chaplains shut up about sin are, but a tiny cross section of what, "did not like to retain God in their knowledge," actually means.

The darkest words in the passage are undoubtedly, "reprobate mind." A reprobate mind is one that no longer can differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong, healthy and deadly. It is a mind that has no means of discerning the future consequences for bad behavior and poor choices. Is this where America is today? If the latest viral news item of the day is to be believed, this is exactly where we are.

Abortions are now exceeding 54 million so we don't have to ask if babies are still being discarded in America like so much filthy medical refuse. With California's SB48 up and running and the gay agenda being put forth in every state in the union as good policy there remains but one single question.

Can we now move on to the serious business of curtailing those unhealthy, barbaric and perhaps deadly brown bag lunches that moms are sending their little ones off to school with on a daily basis?

It would be great if this article was about the brown bag lunches some compassionate teens in Brooklyn's Saint Savior High School are bringing to feed the homeless in NYC's, Union Square Park, East Village and Tompkins Square Park. The Brown Baggers Outreach Program begun by a church group has been goin strong for three years, but that is not what we are talking about here.

Big Brother's most noble and conscientious school inspector flew down on West Hoke Elementary School in North Carolina to save the day before a young student gobbled up the gruesome turkey sandwich, chips, apple juice and a banana her mom carefully prepared for her. Not meeting the USDA guidelines for a healthy lunch is what government is about today. Children being taught about sodomy and some children who will be denied a chance to take their first breath are secondary issues in a nation that without doubt has now given more succinct definition to the word 'reprobate' than all the dictionaries in the world.

It warms the cockles of the liberal heart to know that while Mr. Obama is fighting the good fight against the Catholic Church's nonsense resistance to paying for abortifacients, that the good work of Michelle Obama has not been wasted. McDonalds, kids with bag lunches and the nation's millions of fatties are now on the run.

If by now you think this entire article is for the birds, you have discovered the obvious. The vultures of social engineering and the cuckoo birds from the USDA have this time single handedly saved a child from the deadly meat of the bird we call, the turkey and brought in the healing and redemptive powers of the bird we call the chicken. Together these tweets have managed to make Dodo birds of us all.

The average American who has not as yet sold out all common sense to pop culture's glitter from the gutter is inclined to use words like dumb or stupid to explain their feelings about these absurdities. But stupid is not the right word.

When a nation becomes more concerned with what a child has for lunch than whether they have an innocent childhood or even if they are allowed to live at all — the appropriate word is most assuredly and prophetically — reprobation.

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Michael Bresciani

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