Michael Bresciani
New Obama strategy -- 'hot button issues' in your face
By Michael Bresciani
May 19, 2012

Just when you thought there was no way possible to cover or subdue the record of five trillion in debt and the most joblessness since the depression, the master politician starts making announcements that catch the attention, not just of the country, but of the entire world.

Biblically based ministers of the gospel have resented the fact that in the daily news cycle the issue of America's moral decline has consistently been placed on the back burner and the economy was all that was ever discussed. Along comes Barack Obama who manages to put the so called 'hot button' issues back on the front burner and brings them up to a boil in record time. With a dismal record of his own, the distraction is at least getting him plenty of attention, which in politics, will do fine if you haven't much else to go on.

Oddly, Mr. Obama may have overstepped the bounds of his own devices. He pulled out the very worst subject, at the very worst time, with his recent announcement that he is up for gay marriage. Don't look now, but Obama's best advisors have forgotten to tell him that the issue of marriage is not just a political issue; it has its roots in our biblical foundations, traditions, the laws of nature and the very moral underpinnings of the nation.

This is the pot we don't want anyone to boil, much less to pull it to the front of the stove, to boil over, just for a political distraction to be used to bolster a sagging campaign.

Creating a circus like element to his campaign was augmented by the now famous cover of Newsweek magazine that depicts Obama with a rainbow colored halo over his head. Although the halo or the 'nimbus' is not something ever mentioned in the bible; it is part of the art world and has been used for many centuries. Christian art began the use of the halo around the fourth century AD.

What brings this particular circus attraction to the very border of blasphemy is the fact that while it is not biblical, it is commonly accepted that the halo represents the presence of the Holy Spirit in a person's life.

God does not change his moral laws and he doesn't care what LGBT social engineers are trying to mold into shape for the last day's twists and turns in the social fabric of this, or any other nation. If marriage was declared to take place only between one man and one woman, it is a declaration that supersedes any from the past, present or future — it is a law from the realm of eternity. It is a law, accepted or not, that God declares we will all answer to at some time in our lives, be it now or later.

Even worse is the fact, that while all sins are forgivable — one is not. The sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is so abominable, that it cannot be forgiven. (Mt 12: 31) It is the easiest sin to identify because it is one of the most perverse. It is attributing evil to the Holy Spirit. Thus whether vying for civil rights, or any other cause, when we enact or even consider enacting laws that defy God's laws and then say we were inspired by God to do so, that is clearly unforgivable blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

When Barack Obama used the teaching of the 'Golden Rule' (Mt 7: 12-14) he did not need to claim he was personally inspired by the Holy Spirit because he extracted a proof text from scripture that is clearly inspired, and used it as his own. While no one is supposed to notice this, for those well-grounded in scriptural teachings, it is quite impossible to miss.

Be it blasphemy or just the influence of his teen aged daughters, as Obama has declared, the effect is still the same and the question is singular — do we change the very moral fiber of a nation based on either premise?

This makes for great campaign commotion, but it also creates a lot of contention and confusion. One example of that confusion was seen on the O'Reilly Factor May 15, 2012 when black ministers Delman Coates and Emmett Burns sat and argued that while they believe the bible called for marriage to be between only one man and one woman, they still were planning to vote for Barack Obama.

Setting aside the demand of the bible to never become a 'respecter of persons,' (Pr 28: 21) the bible has many examples of men and women who risked their lives to continue in God's laws rather than to submit to a law of man that was clearly antithetical to God's laws. The Apostle Peter openly declared that he would not ever suspend God's laws for men, even if it meant his life. "Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, we ought to obey God rather than men." (Acts 5: 29)

In the simplest terms possible, if we can be swayed by a man who is considering policy changes to the nation based on the pop culture influences of his teen daughters we most assuredly must pause for some serious thought. Or if we allow the foundations of our nation to be undermined by a man who is caught between vague allusions to the bible and childhood training in Muslim Madrassa schools; we probably will end up with — just what we deserve.

I may be able to influence doubters and perhaps convince a few not to take the path to their own demise. But to the believers I am forced to use a much stronger admonition. One of the very last things Christ said to the Apostle John as he sat imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos for his faith was an admonition he fully warned was for every man, woman and child on the planet earth. I will use these words as if they were my own.

"But that which ye have already, hold fast till I come." (Revelation 2: 25)

The great test of 2012 will not be decided by the re-hashing and divisive use of something as meaningless as a 'hot button issue.' When Barack Obama declared that in crisis Americans "clung to their guns and their bibles," he essentially failed to see that constitutional rights and the foundational principles the constitution was derived from are much more than something we 'cling to,' — but rather, they are what we 'stand on.'

© Michael Bresciani


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