Michael Bresciani
Sandy Hook shooting: let's dump the psychological doubletalk
By Michael Bresciani
December 19, 2012

Out of respect for the little souls who were brutally murdered and their families this piece will make no mention of any of them or their families. Suffice it to say that they have suffered enough. These children and those who tried to protect them, some at the cost of their own lives, have done nothing wrong, but we, as a society have plenty to answer for.

Now, a new kind of suffering is being laid upon them, as media crews from all over the nation and the world will be prying into their lives and forcing them to re-live scenes of horror, sights and sounds, all to extract every gory detail for their exclusives, stories and news items. The competition to tell, that comes from hell, has begun.

It is impossible not to be somewhere between incensed and irate after hearing the rap between Fox's O'Reilly and some of the so called psychology experts on the night the shooting took place. O'Reilly was entangled with one expert on the semantic difference between a psychopath and a sociopath. Interspersed throughout the dialogue was an exasperated, throw in the towel declaration, voiced repeatedly by O'Reilly who said "It's just pure evil, and I guess you just can't stop it."

The next day another 'expert' forcefully emphasized that we should not tell those children or any other children that it was evil that caused the killings. He advised that mental illness alone should be used as an explanation.

It is here that we see the so called 'experts' as not only part of the problem, but as a gaggle of buffoons, who should by any means, be ushered off the news set, and told to go home.

The repeated warnings I have made in the last few years along with many others have fallen on deaf ears, but the power of reciprocation is barreling ahead at the speed of judgment. Following a passage that details the sinfulness of the homosexual lifestyle, the Apostle Paul warned that in the last days men would cast off the knowledge of God and they will become increasingly reprobate.

Reprobation is not just what leads to judgment; it is the judgment, anything beyond it, is called destruction.

It is a progressive state of decadence that starts with the inability to discern between right and wrong. When it reaches that level where good and evil are not recognizable, it is in the advanced and most dangerous stage. In its most advanced stages, destruction is all that remains.

Atheists, secularists, educators and the well-educated may think they have everything well under control, but life in America is quickly dispelling that absurdity.

The modernist may think that Christ, his apostles, and todays preachers and messengers are pedaling an old, long since outdated, philosophy of religion that was borne in ignorance, and practiced today only because of their tolerance and something called the First Amendment.

In his time of popularity, in the cities and towns surrounding Jerusalem, Christ healed every kind of malady and disease. He knew full well that some were diseases and others were obviously demonic or satanic intrusions.

"And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatic, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them." (Mt 4: 23, 24)

The difference between those who had 'devils' and those who were 'lunatic' was well known to Christ and to those who follow him today, the difference is still very visible. What does this mean? Put simply it means that what happened in Sandy Hook School in Connecticut this past week was pure evil done by a young man who had submitted to it over a long period of time or perhaps all at once in a final demonically inspired act or pure terror.

Like so many bewildered dumbbells' we send out the perennial question of 'why' across the media. What we are asking is why an individual suspended every semblance of decency, right and wrong and ordinary sanity.

We always refuse to accept that, we are collectively the cause of the problem. It is what we have introduced, exposed, built upon and allowed in our society that has spawned a generation of reckless, mindless and evil children who wouldn't know a moral guide post if they ran into it with a truck.

We have successfully kept God out of the public, the schools and the hearts and minds of our young. We have demanded grades and high levels of competitive behavior with no moral undergirding. More than a generation later we are reaping what we have sown. God forbid that we should collectively own up to spiritually dumbing down our own kids.

God forbid that Hollywood, TV, game producers, the internet or lazy parents would admit that after pumping ever more vivid and graphic violence into our children the great horror movie is now showing in our homes and neighborhoods rather than just being confined to the screen.

Hollywood, TV, game creators and media pimp the satanically inspired message of violence and we reward them with the notoriety and privilege of celebrity, Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globe awards. Collective hypocrisy is created by a society that then hires psychology's brightest and best to explain away the disasters that ensue all too frequently when the weakest of minds carry out, imitate or re-stage the acts of violence they are bombarded with from day to day.

We love to teach our children to eat right and be healthy. We are what we eat, and we need to grow up strong, these are the mantras of the day. What hypocrisy. Could it be that what we allow, or rather, endlessly pump into the heads and hearts of the same children might make spiritual dwarfs out of them, starving for guidance, for knowledge of what is right and decent.

We make it socially un-acceptable to spank a child, but hand out condoms and contraceptives to the same children. They always get bitten by the same diseases, disappointments and disillusionments, but when it comes time for them to find a different way they are lost. They have not seen it, heard it, or seen it lived. They breakout, act out, and take themselves out for good, but often not without taking others with them.

What follows are the arguments from the experts about who is a sociopath versus who is a psychopath. What ever happened to sin, evil and just lousy behavior? Don't worry, even smothered under a false heap of politically correct gobbledygook and psychological tripe — it is doing quite well and thriving in America. Don't take my word for it; just ask the families and friends of the 16,000 people who were murdered in this nation last year alone. Not to exclude the people who successfully commit suicide in the U.S. at the rate of one every 13 minutes.

We will not accept the truth that according to our own words, the equation we have created works diametrically against us. Any society that promotes gratuitous violence and disregard for life to its own offspring has become a total society of sociopaths. The few who act out the behaviors we have fed to them are the psychopaths. It is an equation and a product of our own making. It is 'reap and sow' in action under modernity's own terms.

We don't doubt that if we allow dirt in the gas tank the car will eventually stop or be gradually made useless. We don't dump toxic waste in our gardens and expect a crop of tulips. But with our children, we allow them to be filled with extreme violence in horror shows, CSI type shows, sudden death electronic games, movies, literature and everyday bullying in most of today's public schools. When one of them acts out violently against others we call in the experts, ask why, and the cycle starts all over again.

Next, along comes the armies of liberals, dilettante democrats and one world of peace and harmony advocates with their heads in the clouds who decry guns; any kind of guns owned by any kind of people.

It never occurs to them that entire generations of Americans grew up with guns around the house and no one brought them to school to create a massacre. Instead of making guns illegal they might want to make not having trigger locks, impenetrable gun cabinets and other safeguards in place illegal for those with children at home.

While we are locking up our guns we might want to lock up the Hollywood quacks that show our children mass slaughter with guns and glorify and glamorize it from one movie to the next in a continual stream of violent full color, action filled gratuitous gunplay. What problem can't be solved with a simple pull of the trigger?

Society, a Godless society, has become far more dangerous than the guns they own.

As stated, I will not use the deaths of the innocents in Connecticut to make my case because they are symptomatic of a greater problem. The horror, the deep grief, the heartache and loss the parents in Connecticut are feeling is almost impossible to imagine, and for them, it is equally impossible to bear.

Whether you believe in God or not makes no difference at this juncture. But if you have any inkling that he exists or if you have ever doubted that the creator sees all that we say and do. If you have ever heard, or read, that Jesus Christ has said that God the Father knows the number of the hairs on your head; (Mt 10: 30) then consider this — God goes through the equivalent of the Connecticut shooting 200 times over, every single day as 4,000 unborn human beings are destroyed and dumped in waste boxes each day in these United States.

The one who created the hearts of men — that physiological, mental and spiritual center of each and every human being, also has a heart. His heart is breaking at the loss of every single unwanted and brutally discarded human being we waste in the name of personal selfishness, Roe v. Wade or any other flimsy construct we devise to hide behind.

The frosting on this cake is watching a President who sanctions the death of 4,000 unborn babies every day, shedding a tear for twenty precious innocents in Sandy Hook. This sort of hypocrisy is insulting to their memory and the wasted potential of their lives. Every tiny human being deserves our love and protection, regardless of just how 'tiny' they may be.

Be it Sandy Hook or Roe v. Wade — is deciding that some human beings will not be allowed to take their first breath — any less horrid than deciding which ones should take their last?

Dare we admit that from our President to the millions of pro-abortion advocates in America, we have created 65 million Sandy Hook massacres all in the name of someone else having a better life? By simply inverting the meaning of "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends," (Jn 15: 13) the rendering would be "Lesser love hath no man than this, that he give up the life of another for himself?"

Is the 40 years of unbridled abortion actually somehow cosmically or universally linked to the Sandy Hook massacre? Don't dare to think they are not.

We are screaming out our disregard for human life, but refuse to admit that our children are listening to the sound of our behaviors. Their penchant for death and disregard for life has grown exponentially during the last two decades and we call upon the 'experts' to explain it all away. Their politically correct admonishments become the harking of fools, clouds with no rain and certainly, they are no balm in Gilead. (Jer 8: 22)

We never admit that Godlessness is failure; our criterion for success, is itself — a sad failure. Our 'winners' are racing headlong to a generational dead end that can only be averted by a sudden full stop and a return to the God of our founders, fathers and faithful messengers of the gospel. Yes, the 'religious' word that describes this action is still called — repentance.

The call has gone out in a hundred ways across our nation and the globe. The next move is ours to make. God has fairly warned that his chosen voices will one day have to make the call. We will all be called upon to show our hand and give up the goods. You will either be on one side or the other, whether you choose to be or not.

The reprobation that surges across the globe in the last days does not keep those who cannot recognize evil, from being its victims. The Apostle John in the last book and the last chapter of the Bible describes the last day's people of our world. It is a take it or leave it message, and is perhaps the saddest proclamation in the entirety of scripture, to wit:

"He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still." (Rev 22: 11)

We assign the God of creation to the realm of mythology and in the process dismiss the god of this world, Satan or the, arch deceiver, as part of the myth. What a victory for evil. We promote the violence, greed, disregard for life and every form of perversion and then we engage psychological terms to explain away the ever encroaching product of that evil. The grandest deception of all has been laid on this generation. The evil we cannot, or will not identify — has become our cruel, heartless and un-loving master.

Jesus spoke a parable (Mt 13: 24f) of a wheat farmer who planted in his field, when he slept an enemy came and planted tares (worthless weeds) in his field. He wanted to rip out the tares, but was told to leave them, lest he destroy his wheat in the process. We are a nation of wheat farmers who arise to see the weeds, but show no concern except to offer a debate on whether the enemy that sewed the tares was evil or mentally impaired a sociopath or a psychopath.

Those of us, who have extensively studied the prophetic teachings of scripture, are fully convinced that Solomon, the wisest of men, was referring to this generation when he said:

"There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness." (Prov 30: 12)

© Michael Bresciani


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