Michael Bresciani
Hollywood's denial and blatant hypocrisy on guns
By Michael Bresciani
January 9, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest Hollywood star to chime in on guns and gun control. Like many Hollywood actors he is standing in the line marked "we had nothing to do with it" as far as personal responsibility or even tacit culpability is concerned.

Schwarzenegger has starred in films such as, "Predator," and "The Terminator" which are loaded with gun violence. His next offering of gratuitous and graphic violence is called, "The Last Stand." NRA's chief Wayne La Pierre has noted that the new film is loaded with unnecessary violent depictions of a sheriff who is trying to stop drug cartels from slipping over the border.

Let's see — the head of the Rifle Association saying there is too much violence in films — while the actor paid millions of dollars to show the world the worst men can do with guns says — it just ain't so!

Schwarzenegger claims the blame, and any chance of solving the violence problems of the nation, lies with mental health improvements, gun laws and parents. No changes are needed in Hollywood. The sainted celebrities are simply — entertaining us.

No statistics are available to show what percentage of people there are which cannot discern between fantasy and reality and those whose mental integrity, needed to categorize the real from the feigned, is below the safety line, but it is clear that Hollywood has no plans to acknowledge or accommodate such reports even if they did exist.

Does it take scientific affirmation or a statistical analysis to prove that somewhere, there is someone, who can't tell the difference between entertainment and real life? How many people like Hinckley, Manson, Sirhan, James Holmes and Adam Lanza must we endure before Hollywood answers up and takes some responsibility for its unbridled preoccupation with violence?

The "Terminator" said "Everything has to be analyzed and no stone must be left unturned" in regards to the Connecticut child shootings. He has not included the stone that covers Hollywood, which, if uncovered, would certainly produce a mass of squirming creeping lowlife specimens darting around to avoid the light of a full blown scrutiny.

Yes, better mental health techniques would help, but as long as modern psychology can't make the distinction between demonic activity and mental illness due to the dismissing of scripture (Mt 4: 24) and overworked separation laws, don't hold your breath waiting for psychology to solve the problem of violence in America.

Yes, better parenting would help with the violence problems we are seeing, but most parenting today is merely providing shelter and help to get through public school. Family life where authority is established and order and discipline are normal is almost non-existent in the culture of the day.

Yes, gun control would help, but if registrations, background tests and safety instructions aren't working then what could possibly be done to improve the laws already in place. The geniuses of today's nervously scrambling army of liberal leaning loudmouths are thinking that if they suspend one law (2nd Amendment) they will have solved the problem. Here we see ordinary deductive reasoning pulverized by gross stupidity. Is it the increase in moral decadence and violent depictions, or the increase in legally registered firearms that is causing the problem? Here is where you may insert the proverbial — duh!

Yes, it would help if we forced Hollywood and other media (TV, gaming, cable, printed media and Films) to tone down the indulgence with all that is grossly violent, but they are denying that they are complicit in any way. Hollywood's answer is — denial.

Yes, modern thinking is in error, but much more than that, it is often downright — goofy. The wise King Solomon said "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Pr 22: 6)

Then along comes modern man who pump visions of senseless, gratuitous and inhuman violence on their young for years during their formative years, and then they expect them all to come out of those years with good character, spotless records and high intelligence. What comes next is a smooth transition out of all the dark indulgence, to becoming contributors to all that is good in our civilization.

It is Solomon's warning in reverse, train up a child in the way he shouldn't go, and when he is old you will have hell on your hands!

Hollywood's denial is so far beyond simple naiveté that I cannot find a word to suffice. For the moment "goofy" will have to do.

© Michael Bresciani


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Michael Bresciani

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