Michael Bresciani
Obama says it's fake scandals -- America says it's a failing presidency
By Michael Bresciani
July 26, 2013

Why anyone would borrow the phraseology of the master of 'telling it all but saying nothing' is hard to explain, but Mr. Obama pirated a line from Press Secretary Jay Carney's recent get together with the press. Carney used both the expression 'phony scandals' and 'fake scandals' at a press conference earlier this week.

In a speech given at Knox College Wednesday July 24, 2013, the President used the term – 'phony scandal' while trying to divert attention away from the many scandals that are plaguing his administration.

Journalist, news outlets and bloggers have responded to the use of Carney's language with some choice words. The most notable response to the three top scandals in question, Benghazi, IRS and the NSA, are coming from those who are fuming and fully insulted by calling the Benghazi scandal a fake.

When one ambassador and three brave highly trained and willing military personnel have lost their lives in defense of their nation, you might not want to label that – a fake event.

Obama's speech may sail well for the mostly low-information followers he was addressing on Wednesday, but untold millions of others are in a word – irate.

We are well beyond both using Bush as a whipping boy and being a disgruntled body of conservatives who were out voted and can't handle the truth.

The record is clear and among the words Mr. Obama may want to borrow will not be found Frank Sinatra's famous line, 'The record shows, I took the blows, I ate it up and spit it out.' It is America that is taking the blows, while both president and first lady are enjoying the golf green and much vacation time on the tax payer's dime.

The economy has shown less than one percent growth for the entire time of this presidency and Obamacare is now a dark portent for the economy that if added to the decline at this point, may topple the nation with no chance for recovery in this decade.

Four and one half years of the Obama presidency is telling. The 'thrill' may not be completely gone as yet, but reality is grating on the nation's economy, and its moral stance. As of today, the only group of Americans who might be able to say they are better off than they were four years ago are the gays who are but 1.7 (if that high) of the country's population.

Staunch Obama supporter Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana (D) is a bit unhinged at the president's inability to see how his regulations have choked the life out of oil and gas production and exploration. Regulations are clogging the arteries of hundreds of commercial enterprises, but nothing says the government is meddling more than the story of Missourian, Marty Hahne.

Marty is a magician who makes what little money he can by giving magic shows to children. He went through the process of acquiring a license for his performances but then was served by the Department of Agriculture with the most bizarre list of regulations to hit the art of prestidigitation in history.

Mr. Hahne will now be required by the Obama administration to produce a 32 page report as a "disaster plan" for his rabbit. The rabbit must be covered by the plan for calamity, wildfire, landslides, earthquake and intentional attack.

In review; what we have here is a president who labels the Benghazi attack a fake scandal, but is willing to say that a magician's bunny may be attacked by persons unknown and that requires a full report for the Department of Agriculture! By the way, it took seven years for the USDA to create this regulation.

OK Mr. president the scandals are all just big fakes – so now we can go back to seeing you as God's gift to America because magic bunnies are now so much safer than before you took office!

It is here we can see an interchange of words that would not be a dis-service to the biblical rendering of Matthew 23: 24 which says – "Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel."

If the deaths of our best in Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservatives and the invasion of America's privacy by the NSA are all 'phony' scandals what are we to say? How about this?

Ye blind guides, which strain at a bunny rabbit, and swallow a nation.

In our divided nation, even the 'great divider' whose efforts have now morphed from electioneering to factioneering can't fool all of the people – we still know when a scandal is real or fake. Give us some credit Mr. President!

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Michael Bresciani

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