Michael Bresciani
Bill Maher's blasphemy, idiotic view of biblical theology and bad math
By Michael Bresciani
March 20, 2014

If Barack Obama is, as some now say, the imperial President he may want to be on the lookout for a liberal leaning court jester – who better than late night master of malediction – Bill Maher.

Not satisfied just to blaspheme God, Maher decided to insult 60 million Americans for believing in the Bible and specifically for their belief in the story of Noah's Ark. In a video provided by The Blaze, Maher is seen surrounded by his usual sycophants all adoringly transfixed on their guru of garbage and ready to laugh, seemingly – right on cue, faces beaming, for the privilege of being in the presence of the master of mindless malevolent mayhem and muck.

Maher thought it was sporting to call God a "psychotic mass murderer" because he decided to destroy all of the ancients in a flood. Maher said he destroyed the good and the bad, but that isn't what the record says. He destroyed them all because none of them had a stitch of decent moral behavior according to the bible. God told Abraham he would not destroy the city of Sodom if he could find only ten righteous people there. The rest of that story is history.

Poking fun at the idea of all the animals of the earth being indigenous to a five mile area around the ark brought snickers. In fact, the knowledge of the flood was put inside the animals which could have been traversing to the ark for weeks, months or perhaps years.

Comparing Maher's legacy with that of Noah's Ark is where stark contrast truly begins. Missions have been sent to Mt Ararat to search for the ark and some have even returned with hewn gopher wood recovered on the 14K level of the mountain. Countless models have been made of the ark and the latest will be a $73 million dollar replica in a theme park. Several movies have been made about Noah's Ark, including the controversial version recently produced, which stars actor Russell Crowe.

We have but to ask, how many missions will be sent to Maher's remains to determine the place and meaning of his life. Who will make a model or a monument to him and what kind of a movie could be made about his life except a comedy about a ranting, scoffing, scowling and blaspheming comedian.

Gorging himself with an inflated view of his own intelligence and surrounding himself with a gaggle of giggling goofballs only gives new definition to the meaning of Christ's proclamation, found in Luke's gospel, which may be Maher's only true contribution to the world.

"Woe unto you that laugh now! For ye shall mourn and weep." (Luke 6: 25b)

Maher may stay up late thinking of ways to mock Christians and the bible, but it is clear that he has never honed in on the Quran and those that adhere to its anti-life, angry and confusing message. That fact was best reflected in a mention made by one blogger, also found on the Blaze. In a quote from someone called Rhuh-Rhoh (handle) was this coruscated challenge to Maher...

"Billy, Please take this thought process to the Middle East and tell the Muslim world there is no Mohammad...we will await the open minded response you are sure to receive"

Maher's math leaves so much to be desired when considering, that if God is nonexistent, the ark is a child's story and the flood is a myth then exactly how many people did God kill. Yes, you can do this math with only a fourth grade education – the answer is zero as in (0). If no one was killed at all, why is Maher maligning a mythical killer? Could it be that Maher may have a doubt?

In fact, if Bill has a doubt, who would he confess it to; would he look up the nearest scientist and let it be known that he is slipping toward – belief?

Maher balked that since science is now 400 years underway, no one but idiots could believe the biblical account of anything. He made reference to Copernicus, who formulated the heliocentric model of the solar system, which places the sun, not the earth, at the center of our system. He failed to mention that after the invention of the telescope, just about anyone, a member of the clergy, a school kid, or a complete idiot could have made the same discovery.

But accidents will happen even in science. We have to wonder if Isaac Newton really discovered gravity or was it that no one noticed it until something (the apple) happened to hit them on the head. Is that enlightenment – or a moment of cognizance, rare in the renaissance, to everyone churched or not? Perhaps the universities and schools of the past were not close enough to apple orchards to start the age of enlightenment any sooner.

Maher would have us all refusing the God who gave us his Son to die for our sins in favor of scientists who have shown us nothing but a flawless record of pure truth and marvelous discoveries through empiricism and shear brilliance.

Besides all the tablets and wonderfully distracting hand held gadgets, we must include discoveries such as nerve gas, biological, and atomic weapons that could completely destroy every man, women and child on the planet. Should we thank science now or wait until some fool pushes the little red launch button?

It would be hard to find the center for our worship for the new god of science since there are just so many scientists. Perhaps we could consider the hundreds of liberal, Godless universities and colleges as science's churches and the collective mind of man as the god of science. Even with that, we would for several obvious reasons; still be worshipping an invisible god.

Let's check the record for science before we make it just another golden calf to bow down to.

The best point to begin with is science's refusal to concur on exactly when the life of our species begins. We were not surprised by Barack Obama's answer to that question during the 2008 presidential debate at Saddleback Church when he stated that it was a question that was – "above his pay grade."

But, Barack is no scientist, so what's the scientist's excuse? In fact, before we charge God with being a killer, let's look closer to home. Since 1973 over 56 million babies have met with death at the hands of people full of pride about scientific discoveries, but way too dumb to answer the question of when life begins in the womb.

The entire population of the earth in Noah's time was less than 7 million – it seems we are ahead of God in killings by 49 million just in America alone and 143 million worldwide. What's our excuse except that we don't want them (the precious babies) around to clutter up our own dreams and personal goals for life? Unlike the reprobates of old – our victims are perfectly innocent.

Then along comes the 'one giant leap for mankind' crowd still gloating over a jaunt to the moon even as our societal upheavals are approaching Armageddon or World War Three and a child dies of starvation and neglect every five seconds in our world. Is science myopic? It takes no telescope to see a starving child and no rocket ship to reach them with a morsel of bread.

How many years were spent watching the blood of the sick and diseased pour into buckets under the guise of scientific knowledge, then referred to as 'bloodletting?'

Maher chided the Jews for their wool garb and others for their silly liturgical observances and hygienic practices like the washing of pots and hands, all while forgetting to mention the thousands who died of infections in our hospitals and clinics all because some medical interns didn't know enough to wash their hands.

Yeah, let's do yet more mindless obeisance to science. No black stuffy wool for those involved in all that is nascent and kosher in the realms of empirical thought.

How many years did science insist that a man's moral philosophy was determined by the shape of his skull. Phrenology was a well-accepted pseudoscience of the day, but today there are many more, the least of which is the idea of conquering space with ease to bring in the man-made promise of 'heaven' through inter-stellar space travel.

Without space warps or quantum theory breakthroughs we can say with certainty that if man could approach the speed of light and travel halfway across the universe the sun would be burned out at the return of anyone sent on that 'historic' journey. What would they come home to; even the scientists won't be here.

Should we fail to mention that birds and insects have taken to flight for thousands of years, man has been airborne since 1903, a period of 111 years. Let's not be so pompous, are we now on the cusp of 'conquering' space? Maher and friends would have a hard time blaming the Christians for this long gap of non-scientific discovery, after all the enlightenment was a full 300 years underway before we got off the ground for the first time.

Last but not least along comes the 'everything from nothing' crowd mindlessly led by the cogitations of one Charles Darwin. Still missing are the expected tens of thousands of links, especially those between the imagined stages of development for mankind. The few allegedly found are still highly suspect and some have been proven to be outright frauds. Faltering carbon dating and a few layers of inexplicable layering of the strata are hardly 'scientific' proof of anything except that man has a full and rich imagination and has finally found a universal excuse to remove all accountability to the Creator God.

We can safely assume that if science can climb over and totally disregard their own second law of thermodynamics (entropy) blithely sailing ahead to the belief that everything came from nothing; then all that is left, is to find a Bill Maher and engage him to excoriate the Christians on the subject of Noah's Ark and over 250 references to God as the sole creator of the earth and everything in it.

Among the different kinds of pre-exilic, post-exilic, Messianic and pre-millennial prophecies of the bible is yet another kind of prophecy that peered into the future even to see Bill Maher. In the Psalms, the Prophet-King David looked far ahead and through the mists of time, Bill Maher was seen sitting at his late night post rambling and postulating about everything he knows little to nothing about, and David said...

"The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God." (Psalm 14: 1a)

Maher drew the biggest laugh of the evening when he said unlike the religious people, science was not satisfied to just ask, "Where does the sun go at night." The bible was not given to answer such a silly question since God knew he gave men enough savvy to find that out for themselves.

The question the bible answers is – where the soul of man goes after death.

There remains only one pertinent question to ask – would you trust Bill Maher to answer that question for you?

For the 60 million Americans, Maher so callously insulted, we have to concur, we will not hear his voice or the voices of a thousand scientists that may cause us to stray from the one who has overcame death for us.

We hear the voice of a conqueror – not a comedian, we serve a King – not a jester and we know that soon all voices will be silenced and over-shadowed by the sounding of the last trumpet of God followed by this angelic proclamation.

"And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever." (Rev 11: 15)

© Michael Bresciani


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