Michael Bresciani
Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to skip classroom indoctrination -- one generation of fairy tales is enough
By Michael Bresciani
December 5, 2014

This year the American Atheists National Convention has decided to wage war in the Bible Belt of our nation with billboards with the following caption being placed all over the south.

"Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I'm too old for fairy tales"

Defending what has become Christmas is a futility if we consider that now merchants have circumvented the argument about whether to call it Christmas or the holidays – now it's the 'shopping season.'

If that's all there is to it then we may have nothing to argue about. But if it is still about the birth of the Savior of the world it will take more than a few maladjusted atheists to dislodge the faith of millions.

It isn't the idea of skipping church that is particularly offensive, but it's the allusion to an entire generation long series of unquestioned fairy tales that is pompous, prideful and smacks of a rather overblown sense of their own righteousness. To think all these years we thought only religious people could be so self-righteous. Hegel, Camus and Russell would blush at the arrogance coming from this crop of blowhards.

Some of the most amazing fairy tales to show up in this century to promote atheism are taught daily in secular education's halls of indoctrination. Anyone who dares to question today's acceptable views of everything will after the second coming of Christ, be seen as visionaries, prophets and worthy of great honor. For today we may have to endure the snickers of the pompous and yet, the views of atheists are what should be laughed to scorn for anyone who has not given up human reasoning, historical evidence and succumbed to a lot of so called scientific scrutiny that is largely propped up by peer pressure.

Want fairy tales? – Check out these fabulous fables

Inter-stellar space travel fairy tale: Has anyone actually studied time-light or are we all too busy worshipping Einstein to actually consider what he discovered?

Travel to the closest star, even if we could reach the speed of light, will see the earth aged 400,000 years at the return of that little journey. Now imagine a trek across the universe, at the return, the earth and the sun will no longer exist – There will be no chorus of 'there's no place like home for the holidays' – should be just right for atheists.

There are of course two other fantasy possibilities. One is to slip through one of those imaginary worm holes we know nothing about because we don't know if they actually exist. The second is to wish upon a star and hope Tinker Bell can sprinkle us with enough magic fairy dust to make the return trip in a few thousand years or less.

Once upon a time is the lead in to many a fairy tale, but it isn't the tinsel on the tree we need to worry about, but the intermittently flickering lights in the brains of today's indoctrinates.

Christ promised that generations would not go on forever, but in the fulness of time the history of man will be interrupted. In a time when war, political upheaval, increased knowledge and general unbelief go viral – Christ will stop time in its tracks. He warned that it will be as it was in the days of Noah.

"Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh." (Mt 24: 44)

The "Everything from Nothing" Fable: Some have likened this fairy tale to the idea of flying overhead in a jet and dropping a pile of nuts bolts and sheet metal out of the plane. When the hardware hits the ground, it is magically transformed into a fully powered candy apple red Chevy Camaro.

Hope for this tale is conjured by one Chuck Darwin who noticed that birds of the order Passeriformes on the isle of Galapagos had different kinds of beaks which they used in differing ways to aid in their daily survival. Not satisfied to accept that intra species evolution is part of species development, Chuck went on to imagine that fish became birds and birds became horses and everything became everything else it never was before.

No one was expected to take Chuck's tale seriously, but those chomping at the bit of unbelief saw a chance. Now, the fairy tale guides the minds of people who may otherwise never pay any attention to far-fetched over hyped brainless and unsubstantiated glitter and tripe.

Not to be mean spirited, even this writer would bite, if only for the fact that to this day transitionary links to put flesh and bone on the evolutionary fairy tale are still conspicuously missing – to the tune of millions.

Inter species evolution is the song of the pied piper, it is a mesmerizing tune for the little rodents who love music, but have musical tastes confined to the ears, but absent in the brain. This fairy tale piper need not ply his piccolo pianissimo; a rap about gender confusion might do, while the Christian audiophiles are deeply immersed in the majesty of Handel's Messiah. Rodents led to the cliffs on the outskirts of town will, no doubt, not be shouting hallelujahs as they plunge to their deaths.

While the missing links total in the millions, believers in this modern fairy tale also number in the multi-millions. We could use the common argument of the atheists and say that no matter how many people believe something it still does not make it true. But in the case of Chuck's dream it is a tale told under the guise of science. Science as you recall requires proof, empirical proof. Fairy tales require nothing of the sort. With links still missing – exactly who is pushing a fairy tale on an unsuspecting public?

In the dark vision of the atheist is the omnipotent loving Father, the dying Savior of the world and the gentle Holy Spirit that guides the believer through their daily trials been amply replaced? Do atheists arbitrarily pick their substitutes? Perhaps they see the big bad bogeyman as the father, Charles Manson as messiah and Casper the friendly ghost as the spirit. Or perhaps they don't see anything at all – isn't that the very premise and working theory of atheism? Isn't it about seeing nothing and believing nothing; and don't we wish they would include – saying nothing?

The life, times and death on the cross and subsequent resurrection of Christ never happened story: This fairy tale is told in college classrooms around the world on a daily basis. Yet, on any day of the week in courtrooms around the world the fate of some people is decided by the testimonies of one, two or three witnesses. Often, their testimonies have to do with something they observed for a fraction of time and they are required to remember them in detail.

Twelve men and crowds of people followed Christ around for three intensive years of observation and interaction. They meticulously recorded these events which included incredible healings, resurrections and miracles on an almost a daily basis.

Suddenly, at the point when civilization decides that babies are lumps of flesh with no particular humanity to be redeemed and now can be discarded at will. At the same time as something glibly referred to as the sexual revolution transpired, the idea that human bodies are up for whatever contortions and perversions the human brain can subject them to, there is this uniquely accommodating belief spilling over into the classrooms and academic halls that all of this witnessing, following, recording and historicity of the record of Christ – never existed after all. Convenience has never been so convenient. This is why atheism cannot even qualify as a fairy tale it is a secular nightmare that can't even conjure an allusion to a moral point.

In fact, the only witnesses that were willing to say that it never happened in Christ's day were paid to give false testimony. Even more amazing is the fact that they were asked to be witnesses of an event that took place while they were sleeping. I know, it does sound like a real fairy tale, but it is not! See it for yourself.

"And when they were assembled with the elders, and had taken counsel, they gave large money unto the soldiers, Saying, Say ye, His disciples came by night, and stole him away while we slept." (Mt 28: 12- 13)

Doesn't it seem that the fox that ate the gingerbread man may have been a wolf after all and those who are trying to wreck the historicity of the gospel have long been lunch for the sly canine.

A lie bolstered by spreading around some cash was the first approach the atheists took, now as we approach the culmination of all of God's dispensations, is calling the greatest event in history a 'fairy tale' all they have left? Who is really stuck with a fairy tale, a very bad one at that?

The Christmas story is one of God's interventions, not just in the history of man, but in the greatest need of mankind. Men are born with a sin nature that centuries of murders, warfare, robberies, rapes and innumerable sins has attested to, and God sent his son to deal with the entire dark and hopeless ball of dark matter once and for all. It is why attending angels proclaimed "on earth peace, good will toward men." (Lk 2: 14)

Don't let a handful of disgruntled and misguided atheists who cannot discern between a fairy story and the greatest single event in human history ruin that for you this Christmas season.

"Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas." – President Calvin Coolidge

Merry Christmas!

© Michael Bresciani


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