Michael Bresciani
Slippery Tuesday -- Donald Trump pushes Hillary closer to victory
By Michael Bresciani
March 2, 2016

In what might be called a victory speech Donald Trump addressed the media at 9pm on Tuesday March 1, 2016 breathing out rebuke for China, his one note campaign song for the last six months. Repeating himself with redundant phrases and catch words, it was an adolescent who simply does not know what to say. Clearly, intelligence and articulation were among the great losers of the day.

Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska sent Trump packing while the South gave him the greenlight. Anti-Trump super PAC is ready to haul out the big guns so the battle is far from won, but the real story is what the Republican voters are willing to forgo, deny and refuse to see, to put Trump in the White House.

More vociferous than ever are the forecasters who claim that a Trump win in the primaries is a Hillary victory in the general election. Donald Trump is the Ross Perrot of 2016 who may win the race to the election while America loses the trophy by sheer force of being un-deterred.

Exactly, what are the Trump devotees un-deterred about? Christian sensibilities, principles and common sense have been suspended by Trump's supporters and it seems that if Barack Obama has led the nation to the edge of its own demise, Trump has showed up in a nick of time, to kick what's left of the nation right over the cliff.

They are not deterred by Trumps involvement in California get rich scams, lusting for his own daughter, porn in his failed casino, affections from racist former state rep David Duke, pulling property from citizens using imminent domain. After that is the claim to be a Christian that makes history being the first born again experience that God ever accepted without repentance of sin! The frosting on the cake; is the betrayal of our staunchest Middle Eastern ally – the Nation of Israel.

Perhaps the most sickening revelation about Trump comes from Life Site News which points to a $30,000 donation to a group that promotes homosexuality to five year olds. No, this is not an exaggeration or a headline from an anti-Trump New York City rag. Is this how Trump will "make America great again?" Where is the outrage, where is the MSM coverage, where is the American conscience?

Apparently they are all busy down at the polls venting their anger – at the wrong candidates.

Perhaps the angry voters should be off in quiet place where they can read, memorize and stand in shock over the obvious meaning of the following, to wit:

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." (Mt 18: 6)

Hillary may not be the only one facing a campaign smashing indictment; Trump may also be facing felony charges if the San Diego case for fraud is fully developed. But the Trumpster's are fully in their "What me worry!" mode and will hear none of it. Perhaps Donald will seek to sue the court for having the very nerve to question a TV celebrity and multi-billionaire. If they can't stop George Soros, why worry about a little court case against the Donald?

American politics has once again slipped past the dignity its founders labored so hard to give to us. We have slidden down the slippery slope again so soon after trying out our first African American President, who turned out to be a mis-guided amateur who called our enemies friends and our heritage the stupidity of clinging to our Bible's and our guns.

Now, we are chasing after a man who is making our friends our enemies and promising the nation a return to greatness, all this while voters fail to notice that the promiser – has never acquired any greatness for himself. A TV reality show and gold covered sinks in his private jet may accommodate his ego, but they are the very worst substitute for statesmanship and dignity that can only be derived from a principled life.

Our definition of greatness may be the popular notion of 'success.' If America does not seek a more refined and accurate definition for both success and greatness it is apparent that we are about to undergo another four to eight years of watching our heritage being battered by incompetence and un-principled blather.

The Donald doesn't hold back so why should we? If Trump can suggest that Carly Fiorina is ugly, then truth demands that we declare that the ugliest thing in the GOP race so far is Donald Trump's tongue. Running second behind the tongue is his attitude – what candidate in U.S. history has openly revealed compunction to punch a dissenter in the face?

When economic disaster comes as so many predict, Trumps measly ten billion will seem as a pittance, and only then will we realize that fascism is not dead. Trump not having the sophistication to be compared with Adolph Hitler, will be our second rate Benito Mussolini, who will be hated by those who once groveled behind him to foster his untimely ascendency.

By any means or anyone's assessment it is still a slide down the slippery slope.

Is there time to change our path? Yes, but this sale closes very soon so hurry!

Don't mistake the following passage as just another platitude or poetic admonition – it is the promised fruit of a pathology that seeks greatness without principle.

"Surely thou didst set them in slippery places: thou castedst them down into destruction." (Ps 73: 18)

© Michael Bresciani


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Michael Bresciani

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