Michael Bresciani
The other Donald Trump: What's love got to do with it?
By Michael Bresciani
June 5, 2016

In 1984, Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do with It" rocketed to the top of the Billboard charts and reached top ratings in similar charts around the world. Who would think that after penning some 40 articles in opposition to the campaign of Donald Trump that this writer would be assuaged toward the Trumpster by a simple question like the title of Tina's hit song?

It is still hard for me to watch and listen to Trump's campaign speeches and his responses to the press. He is oafish, ego-centric and a bit crude, but if you look at his relationships with every day Americans, veterans and the down trodden and mis-used – another picture of the man begins to emerge.

I'll jump ahead to my conclusion for those who weary easy when reading and those who are too busy to get to the point.

Mr. Trump loves America and Americans.

Keeping a file folder labeled "Trump" on my desktop of every article and report about the man is what started me off calling for the nomination of Sen. Ted Cruz. But since Sen. Cruz suspended his campaign I have had to let reality soak in. Choosing the lesser of two evils seemed like a lousy alternative.

In fact, I don't think that is all we have left. Hillary is no choice at all and Billy Kristol's call for a third party or independent candidate is a call to self-destruction for our nation.

I remained in limbo for weeks, still reading reports about Trump – daily.

It was then I began to see Donald Trump, as one writer said recently, as the lesser of two goods.

What moved me about Mr. Trump was hidden in the backwaters of the internet and media. It was not found where the MSM and the heated political rhetoric of the campaigns were burning down the house. They are the stories that rarely merited much attention and never made front page.

The stories of Mr. Trump's dedication to our veterans are coming in regularly such as the day Trump walked right off the campaign stage and came down to talk to a wounded vet who had to wait for help at the VA for an inordinately long time. This wasn't showmanship – it was genuine concern followed by a vow to help that vet both now and when he becomes president.

The article published by US Herald says, "No doubt about it, always expect the unexpected with Trump!"

Breitbart writer Michelle Moons tells a story on April 4, 2016 of legal German immigrant Sabine Durden who lost her only son to an unlicensed alien who hit and killed him after several DUI charges had already leveled against the alien.

The Herald reported that Mrs. Durden was in deep depression and on the verge of suicide over the loss of her son. She could get no one's attention to her plight. Herald writer, Signey Traylor said she went to a Trump rally where Mr. Trump kissed the picture of her son on the way out of the Anaheim rally and then added. "It came from his heart," she went on. "We were not in front of a big audience. He was on his way out of the building and we were off to the side... It was such a touching and very genuine, tender moment and it shows what a kind, gentle, and very caring man he is.

Trump is an amazing man. No matter his brusque attitude, and sheer juvenile stupidity on occasion, he deeply loves his country and all Americans."

Most Americans deeply revere our veterans and no one wants innocent people hurt or killed by people who have no business being in this country in the first place. That includes this writer.

As politicians go Trump may be no polished statesmen, but if he loves Americans he's good in my book.

Here is a serious bit of advice for America and Mr. Trump.

For America; it is time to stop looking for an alternative to Mr. Trump. Considering what we already have (Obama) and what we might get (Hillary) it is surely time to accept that Mr. Trump – is the alternative.

For Mr. Trump, the advice has too many points to list here so here are the top seven.
    1. Pray and read that Bible you say is so important. Why – because it is.

    2. Rush to get a copy of Carnegie's "How to win Friends..." Read it, and hang on every word.

    3. Soften up on people, not everyone is your enemy. Win us, don't wallop us!

    4. Get yourself a truly born again Christian advisor to help and counsel you in personal matters and in matters of state. Our best president's all had such advisors.

    5. Politically, make a friend of Paul Ryan; you're going to need him in the future.

    6. Strongly consider Newt Gingrich for your veep or staff, he knows what makes the US House and Senate tick. Figuratively speaking let him be your Prof. Henry Higgins, as in Pygmalion – it will help you more than you may imagine.

    7. Keep loving Americans and they will love you back!
You don't get a pass for your bad behaviors; you might just say that even as a money baron and emerging politician you may come just under the wire according to the principle contained in this gem from the scriptures.

"Above all, let your love for one another be intense, because love covers a multitude of sins." (1Pe 4: 8 NAB)

© Michael Bresciani


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