Michael Bresciani
Fourth of July 2020 – At least we still have a president who loves America
By Michael Bresciani
July 3, 2020

America’s haters have determined to make as much noise as possible before the country celebrates its birthday – that alone should give us a clue.

The problem of the day is that people just want to make noise, getting someone to listen, is not half as important as having something to say. Getting it off our chest, has become an end in itself.

A short time ago a person very close to me asked if I could explain why he should vote for President Trump or any republican.

I could think of plenty of reasons, but at the top of my list were three.

  1. Donald Trump loves America

  2. Abortion is killing the unborn

  3. LGBT is hurting kids fortunate enough to escape the abortionists

As a scripturally grounded believer, I cannot think of two more evil things going on in this country. The continuation of abortion to add to the 60,000,000 already lost is a call for God’s scrutiny against us as a nation.

Homosexuality, gay marriage and transgenderism are declared abominations by scripture and it is for sure that while society gets rocked daily by cultural changes – God does not change.

“God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?” (Nu 23:19)

In my earliest college days, I noticed that there seemed to be at least two kinds of ignorance prevailing among classmates. The first, was general ignorance of the world, which was tacitly receiving the cure, by the student’s attention to their studies.

A second, far more nefarious and harder to detect, was an ignorance intentionally laid upon the intellectually advanced. (even if it was a pseudo intellectualism)

It was knowledge imparted to students to lead them in a certain direction, it was agenda, propaganda, full of attitude, contempt and bloated self-righteousness – it is rightly called, indoctrination.

It may seem like an insignificant observation, but now the crop of indoctrinated students is those gathering in the streets to riot, they are the voices of media and users of social media in concert against everything they were told to be against.

Idioms need not be the verbiage of idiots, but their approach to success means we are closer to destruction than ever before. It’s a beating that leaves the victim and the attacker both dead.

Their imagined intelligence may be very costly for us now, but there is a huge class of demon devotees that beat them all hollow.

Democrats – the Disgraced Party

Today’s democrats have become the party of hatred and deception without shame or self-control. They use the media to bait the unassuming by casting out lies, half-truths and blithering nonsense and watch the bait being sucked in, before their fish (the public) realize they have swallowed the hook.

The ruling class, aided by the media, does not need to feign intelligence nor fear the accusation that they are ignorant, they are ruling, and for them it is the end of the argument.

When all other avenues of escape are abandoned, the best way for a democrat to leave culpability behind is denial. The news cycle now moves so fast that by the time fact checkers are engaged, the public has moved on to the next hot topic.

Example, now the dem’s are denying that they had anything to do with the KKK and the Civil War.

Check it.

FAKE HISTORY: USA Today Pretends Democrats Didn’t Found the KKK, Start Civil War (They Did)

Trump Hatred is Growing Tiresome and Very Costly

Why bother to accuse the President of collusion when the MSM is willing to lambast the man, for smiling in the morning, eating a bowl of cornflakes, or letting the wind blow through his hair?

But when he speaks, anyone can hear his enduring love for those who gave all for our freedoms. His love transcends the race barrier and looks toward all that is right with America. His inclusive choice of words can be seen in the following quote on America values.

“It's time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget, that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.” – Donald J. Trump 2017

As soon as the democrats get out of the fourth grade maybe they will finally take note of a man with lots of accomplishments for the good of this country, but even more, he has a love for America that is strong and unquestionable.

He is by no means perfect, but that’s part of why we like him – he is like us.

Flattery No – But Credit Where Credit is Due

Finally, it does well to note that while Jesus Christ never flattered anyone, he did allow himself to be influenced by what others said about the good in other people.

One amazing example of this is seen when a Roman centurion sought out Jesus to heal his servant who had fallen ill.

Christ’s disciples urged him to help the centurion because he was a man who loved their nation and also their religion.

“And when they came to Jesus, they besought him instantly, saying, That he was worthy for whom he should do this: For he loveth our nation, and he hath built us a synagogue.” (Lk 7:4-5)

Not only did Jesus heal the servant, but he commended the soldier for his great faith.

There are millions of the faithful in America who would also commend Donald Trump for his love of our nation and his protection and service to the churches in America.

We’ve got a good one, even if the haters and the leftist malcontents will not give him an iota of credit.

Happy Birthday America – July 4, 2020.


Michael Bresciani is the editor of American Prophet.org since 2005. The website features the articles and reports of Bresciani along with some of America’s best writers and journalists. Millions have read his timely reports and articles in online journals and print publications across the nation and the globe. Visit us at, GAB, Spreely, USA.Life, Twitter and Facebook

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