Judie Brown
Congress commits to end tax funding of smut
By Judie Brown
February 22, 2011

Planned Parenthood is not happy. Its very lucrative source of funding is being threatened. And you can help. You can make a difference in the lives of preborn babies, children, adolescents and young people. A generation of human beings depends on our actions. Read today's commentary to find out what you can do.

As the celebration subsides, and we pro-lifers focus on the United States Senate, the former Speaker of the House is displeased.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) characterized the GOP's recent legislative effort to restrict access to abortion and contraception as "the most comprehensive and radical assault on women's health in our lifetime," promising to wage a campaign against the effort. To drive home her rhetorical volley of verbiage, she went on to utter words that, to my mind, smack of the sort of hypocrisy that is rife among pro-death Democrats. Steve Benen reports,

    "We have to make this issue too hot to handle," said Pelosi, adding, "I would like to make the fight in the House and see where some of these Republicans are — maybe we could win it on Title X. I can't believe that everybody who is anti a woman's right to choose is anti-birth control and contraception and family planning. But we don't know that, and we don't have any idea — or I don't, anyway — where the Tea Party people come down in all of this."

Don't ever let it be said that Pelosi allowed her convenient Catholic identity to get in the way of her absolute dedication to her icons at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Just imagine how shattered she was when the final vote tally was in.

In her latest YouTube video, Planned Parenthood's president, Cecile Richards, says it all. Planned Parenthood is scared; its true tactics have been repeatedly exposed by bold, courageous pro-life leaders like Mark Crutcher and Lila Rose. While Richards decries our combined efforts as "scare tactics," she fails to point out that it is Planned Parenthood employees who were caught on tape acknowledging their willingness to assist a child sex ring and to help an underage girl keep the age of her boyfriend secret because his actions would render him guilty of criminal rape. There's more, but you get the picture.

Planned Parenthood is scared to death. Richards says Planned Parenthood cares about women and families, but the truth is it cares about tax dollars to fund its activities far more than it cares about anything or anyone else.

For the past 42 years, the federal government has slowly and consistently increased its financial support for Planned Parenthood — more than $4.8 billion to date .

This means that our tax dollars have been increasingly spent to subsidize America's largest promoter of abortion, teen sex, parental rights obfuscation and sleaze. That is why last Friday's 240-185 vote is so historic!

Finally the United States House of Representatives has shown evidence of moral sanity, and Catholic in Name Only (CINO) Pelosi and her cronies at Planned Parenthood want none of it.

When New York Times' Erik Eckholm, another Planned Parenthood shill, told readers that "advocates for women's health" are alarmed, his angst was showing. America's brave Congressmen have caught on and know that tax dollars for Planned Parenthood means more illness, more death, and more broken families. Thank God!

These are elected men and women who know that a pregnant woman is not suffering from a disease; pregnancy is a perfectly healthy state, whereas abortion is deadly for one and wounds the other.

Two hundred forty members of Congress know that taxpayers should not be paying for actions that result in killing the preborn and maiming their mothers.

Frankly, if Planned Parenthood is so popular and effective, let the organization raise its funds the way we do. No tax dollars for its evil deeds, please!

The latest culture of death hoopla, the screeching, the editorial shenanigans and all the rest expose Planned Parenthood for what it really is. And America is fed up!

The American public has had enough and the House of Representatives knows it. Thanks be to God.

Now we have to pull out the stops and pressure the Senate — one Senator at a time. Please help us.

Let your Senator know you will be watching and expect him or her to vote to protect your children and grandchildren from smut by cutting off all funding to Planned Parenthood. This link will provide you with the proper contact information for your Senator.

Give your Senator the links to the Live Action videos, which show clearly how Planned Parenthood works to protect sexual predators and those who want to enslave children in the sex trafficking trade.

Don't delay! Act today!

© Judie Brown


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