Judie Brown
Human rights for all -- not so much
By Judie Brown
October 13, 2011

We are living in a society where too many are training their children to do whatever feels good for them at any given point in time. We are not training our children in morality and love of their fellow human beings — which includes preborn babies. These babies deserve the same human rights that all others deserve. But many people don't think this way, and our society seems to be passing more laws and making it easier for people to do whatever "feels right" — with no concern for anyone else. Today's commentary addresses this and gives concrete examples of why we should all be very worried.

Douglas Sylva reported last month for Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), "While world attention may be focused on the UN General Assembly as it grapples with Palestinian statehood, the methodical drive by United Nations officials to promote legal abortion internationally goes on largely unnoticed. During the summer months, when press coverage of UN activities is minimal, the UN Secretariat released a report from the UN Human Rights Council calling on all nations to accept that women and girls must be granted access to legal abortion in order for them to fully enjoy their human rights."

This is not the sort of report that mainstream media would be discussing during prime-time news, even among so-called conservative news agencies. Yet the propagandist principle that abortion is a human right is a doctrine that has long been among the foundational dogma of not only our own government but organizations like Planned Parenthood and other international purveyors of "sexual freedom."

The total rejection of the humanity of the preborn child, let alone that individual's human rights, is magnified to a new level of moral insanity by Anand Grover, the author of the UN Report. Grover calls attention to laws on the books in some nations that penalize pregnant women who abuse drugs. Sylva discusses this when he states,

    "A pregnant woman's positive toxicology report or clinical signs of drug exposure in newborns, may be regarded as proof of child abuse or neglect under these legislative schemes." Therefore, Grover calls upon States to "Suspend/abolish the application of existing criminal laws to various forms of conduct during pregnancy, such as conduct related to treatment of the foetus, most notably miscarriage, alcohol and drug consumption and HIV transmission."

Incredible as this may sound, the United Nations report is a harbinger of where many surmise future United States policy on abortion is heading. This can be seen in a couple of very concrete examples of recent behavior among the abortion cartel.

Let's start with President Obama's "darn tooting" comment at a recent Democratic Party fundraiser. According to the official White House transcript, Obama commented in an exchange with an audience member,

    We repealed "don't ask, don't tell" so that every single American can serve their country, regardless of who they love. (Applause.) And, yes, we passed health care reform because no one in America should go bankrupt because somebody in their family gets sick. (Applause.)

    Insurance companies can't drop your coverage for no good reason. They won't be able to deny your coverage because of preexisting conditions. Think about what that means for families all across America. Think about what it means for women.

    AUDIENCE MEMBER: Birth control —

    THE PRESIDENT: Absolutely. You're stealing my line. (Applause.) Breast cancer, cervical cancer are no longer preexisting conditions. No longer can insurance companies discriminate against women just because you guys are the ones who have to give birth. (Laughter.)

    AUDIENCE MEMBER: Darn right!

    THE PRESIDENT: Darn tooting. (Laughter.)

Lest we become amazed at the laid-back attitude of the president, who continues to bring embarrassment to the office of President of the United States, we should recall the wise words of reporter Jimmy Akin of the National Catholic Register who wrote, "Obama wants no out-of-pocket costs for contraception as 'preventative care.' What exactly is being prevented?" We know the answer to that — the creation of preborn babies! Akin continues,

    Now the thing about babies is, they cost money up front, but then they also generate jobs as a result.

    What does President Obama say he wants to create?


    Okay, and then once the babies grow up they go out on their own and work, becoming people who contribute to the economy, which means . . . more jobs.

    They also pay taxes.

    What else does President Obama want?

    More tax revenue.

    And some of the taxes that the now-grown-up-babies would pay would be Social Security taxes used to care for the elderly. Social Security is currently broken and to be fixed must have an increase of revenue or a reduction of benefits or both. The taxes paid by the now-grown-up-babies would represent an increase of revenue for Social Security.

    What else does President Obama want?

    A way to increase revenue for Social Security.

    So by his policy of making contraception easier to obtain (no out-of-pocket costs) as "preventative care," President Obama seems to want to prevent the very things he says he desires.

    This is one of those classic "sin makes you stupid" situations, isn't it.

    What do you think?

And then there is the Secretary of Health and Human Services, pro-abort Catholic Kathleen Sebelius, who spoke recently at a NARAL Pro-Choice America fundraiser, promoting the new government regulation without noting that most popular forms of birth control cause abortion!

Human rights has taken on a whole new meaning under the Obama regime. Death for the defenseless is now the right of the powerful. Shame on the USA!

© Judie Brown


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