Judie Brown
November 6, 2012
Elections and Catholics
By Judie Brown

Election Day is upon us. If we have been faithful to our civic and moral responsibilities, then we have evaluated the candidates, read Church documents, and come to an informed decision as to which candidate we will vote for today. As encouragement for us all, Judie Brown offers her insights into what our country really needs as we get closer to determining who will lead this country for the next four years.

Today is the day America votes to elect or re-elect the president of the United States. We also vote on many other important political offices and decide on questions that in some ways challenge our ability to understand gobbledygook. But one of those who has long supported the work of American Life League challenged us in a particular way and, today, as America moves forward, I felt his criticism. My response is worth sharing. He wrote:

Dear Judie Brown,

We have been supporters of ALL's No Exceptions position on abortion, and have long admired all your work and efforts, especially when it comes to the Catholic clergy and the Church. Therefore, we are amazed and appalled at your views expressed in the "Pro-Life Basics" article published in the Sept. — Oct. 2012 issue of Celebrate Life. All those, including Cardinal Dolan, who may have on their conscience the handing over of this election to Obama should be ashamed. Do you all not realize that our vote should be a reasoned, objective vote for the anti-Obama candidate? We are not under any illusion that this other candidate is near ideal. He is not perfect. But defeating Obama and thus allowing two Supreme Court appointments, plus less Planned Parenthood funding, should be the goal at this critical time in our nation's history.

May God have mercy on us all if Obama obtains the Catholic vote and retains the White House. In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, I remain a faithful Catholic.

In reply I wrote:

I believe that you have misunderstood my comments in the "Pro-Life Basics" section of Celebrate Life. As you know, there are non-negotiable principles taught by the Catholic Church that not one of us, in good conscience, may contradict and still remain steadfast in our faith. It is that fact that inspired me to write what I did in the magazine.

As far as electing a so-called pro-life president is concerned, I think pro-life Americans, particularly Catholics, lost that battle a long time ago. Not a single elected president, starting with Ronald Reagan, has made a dent in abortion, in the funding of Planned Parenthood, or in any of the other scandals that you and I are forced to support through the use of our tax dollars. Pro-life Catholics are putting our eggs in the wrong basket if we think that one man sitting in the White House is going to bring conversion of mind and heart to this nation.

We need revival, repentance, and a renewal of dedication to God's truth rather than man's version of what that might mean politically. Abortion is a heinous crime that kills a person. Today America does not see it that way, but sees it rather as a political issue. Even our bishops perceive it in those terms. And that, my friends, is where the problem lies.

God help this nation and heal her from within her very soul. Nothing less will remedy this evil that is spreading in our land.

I am sorry that you disagree with my position, but I hope this further explanation helps you see where I am coming from as a faithful Catholic, not a political partisan.

Judie Brown

No matter the outcome today, our quest will not change and we will not be deterred. May God grant us the strength to never forget Who is really in charge.

© Judie Brown


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Judie Brown

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