Paul Cameron
Why is homosexuality growing among U.S. youth?
By Paul Cameron
May 30, 2019

CDC surveys over the past three decades indicate that the prevalence of LGBT high school students has at least doubled, maybe trebled. Why is this happening? Before answering, note that in any modern society, each child who is born enters a contest. Will he or she be charmed into getting married and raising more children, thus continuing society, or will they choose the easy, efficient pleasures of homosexuality and add another link to the chain dragging society to its death?

Fifty years ago, society suppressed and contained those with homosexual desires, lest they organize and pose an existential threat. More recently, homosexuals have convinced many throughout the Western world that they are harmless (or have been unjustly discriminated against), and been allowed to organize. As a consequence, instead of society uniformly favoring heterosexuality, children increasingly confront the choice to pick 'whichever they want.'

In 1978, I made a prediction that homosexuality would 'win' if allowed to present itself as 'just another choice.' (Cameron, 1978) By that I meant that homosexuality would inevitably grow if society even hinted to children that it was 'OK' to be gay or straight. And, I argued, if society equated the two to Kindergarten through high school students, homosexuality would explode. Alas, with the growth of the LGBT movement, my prediction is coming true. At the very time we need more babies given the precipitous decline in birth rates, the homosexual part of our society is growing while heterosexuality is declining. LGBTs have and raise few children; our study in the early 1980s found LGBs have about a third the number of children as straights. So the greater the proportion of LGBTs, the fewer children our society will produce.

Both homosexuality and heterosexuality are focused on children: Homosexuality consumes children, while, if things are done properly, heterosexuality produces and socializes them. Parents are rightly concerned because they do not want their children used for someone else's homosexual pleasures. Further, their concern is not only for the wellbeing of the child, but also because they do not want him or her 'turned' gay. Children are vital to social stability, so society as a whole is naturally interested in children, and thus finds itself concerned with both heterosexuality and homosexuality.

Throughout history, societies have set themselves up to encourage stable heterosexuality, particularly for the production and education of children. Heterosexuality appears designed to create and sustain children and thereby maintain society. By contrast, homosexuality consumes children, frequently deeply disturbing them, and often turning them into homosexuals. Because sexual tastes are learned – that is, not 'hard wired' at birth, and fairly flexible through early adulthood – given the right circumstances at the right time, some will acquire homosexual desires in just about any society and potentially any family.

While about a quarter of acquisitions can be traced to molestation, the bulk seem to be the result of happenstance – seeing or hearing something that plants an idea that somehow grows into homosexual desire. Clearly, the more the notion is fertilized, the more likely an LGBT outcome becomes. Being exposed to homosexuality by a cartoon (as PBS's popular Arthur cartoon recently made a gay wedding the center of children's attentions) or a classroom lecture is probably 'enough' to turn a few children (out of millions) toward homosexual desire. With repetition and fertilization, 'a few here and a few there' starts a process that partially explains the rise in homosexuality among high school youth over the past three decades.

Because homosexuality involves same-body-to-same-body contact – rather than male person to female person as with heterosexuality – it is easier to know how to excite and please your partner (more like masturbation), and leads to sexual satisfaction without much communication. As such it can readily appeal to children and the socially awkward. This is the chief advantage of homosexuality over man/woman sex, and why it is important to protect kids from both homosexual experience and becoming much informed about it.

Raised in California, I first heard the word 'queer' when I got to junior high, and I ran into a few as a hitchhiker. But while I 'sorta knew' what they wanted, I actually had no idea of the disgusting things they did. Getting 'married' to a guy never even crossed my mind – ever. The new California curriculum treating homosexuality as 'just another approved way to have sex' will help spur many thousands of LGBTs in the California school system. And while most kids who 'turn LGBT' will probably come from troubled or liberal homes, some will come from conservative or deeply religious families due to the random events and experiences that influence human sexual desire.

Though it may sound contradictory, homosexual predilections are associated with a general disinterest in having kids, but a relentless interest in foisting homosexual experiences and possibilities on others – especially children. Raising kids, after all, is hard work, involving great personal sacrifice. Pursuing one's own sexual interests is quite the opposite. Experience has shown that society either suppresses and contains those with homosexual desires, or it will wind up facing an existential threat as homosexuals organize to make trysts easier and more varied.

If society is not careful, homosexuals will seize power to gain more recruits to their taste. Homosexuals strongly favor their own, even as those with children tend to favor other parents. Both groups contest for influence over youth: homosexuals to get them to join their brotherhood; parents to get them to follow in their footsteps to assure society's future. Societies that failed to suppress and contain homosexuals make an appearance in history (e.g., Rome) and the Old Testament (e.g., Sodom, the tribe of Benjamin). Those societies are no more

While homosexuality was a problem 60 years ago, it did not threaten our existence. Now, given our falling birthrate and the power of the LGBT movement, today it stands as an existential threat to the U.S. It is also starting to threaten the whole world as Western governments, under increasing pressure from organized homosexuals, seek to legalize homosexual activity everywhere.

Reference: Cameron P A case against homosexuality Human Life Review, 1978, 4(3), 17-49.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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