Paul Cameron
The Marriage Equality Act in light of gay sex rings and molestations in group homes
By Paul Cameron
December 1, 2022

In an otherwise excellent critique of Christian leaders (e.g., Timothy Dalrymple, Walter Kim) abandoning Christian values to endorse the Marriage Equality Act, Megan Basham[1] failed to include the strong association between homosexuality and child molestation. Empirically speaking, homosexual couples not only deprive their children of the valuable presence of a father and mother, but giving social acceptance to homosexuality and the homosexually coupled allows the openly homosexual much greater access to, and thus raises the threat of corruption of children. As I noted in my last RenewAmerica column,[2] over the past decade in the US and other English-speaking countries, the sexual molestations of foster and adopted children that made the news – as reported by journalists and sampled by Google News, both left-tilting entities – were disproportionately homosexual. Indeed, in all the English-speaking countries indexed by Google News, 47% of the perpetrators engaged in homosexuality with 66% of the foster child victims and 47% of the perpetrators engaged in homosexuality with 59% of the adopted victims (the corresponding figures in the US were 49% of the perpetrators homosexually violating 72% of the foster- and 48% of the perpetrators homosexually violating 61% of the adoptive. As the social standing of homosexuals has grown, molestation of boys may be surpassing that of girls.

Why might this be? In part because gays interested in sex with boys differ from straights seeking sex with girls. Usually, straight guys ‘fall for’ a particular girl (even if underage), while gays usually try to have sex with many boys. Indeed, gays inclined to boys often form well-organized ‘rings’ to get to boys. Child sex rings of professionals are almost absent from heterosexuality, but common enough within homosexuality over the past century to make a mark on history as well as ‘make news’ in many countries. The publicity given to the purported events on the Jeffrey Epstein/Bill Clinton/Alan Dershowitz, etc. ‘love island’ may also suggest groups of heterosexuals combining for sex with children is rare.

Lexis-Nexis news stories were sampled with search terms ‘foster parent’ and ‘sex’ or ‘child’ or ‘child molestation’ from 1980-2004.[3] Homosexual rings were found in England (Independent 6/20/1990 – thus on June 20, 1990, this ring was written up in this UK national newspaper). Additional rings in Northern Ireland (Observer 11/27/1994); Ireland (Irish Times 8/3/2000); and Scotland (Scotsman 1/11/2001) extended into the educational, social worker, and legal systems.

In Australia, a ring involving “hundreds of young boys whose bodies were bought and sold in an international meat market organized by a number of Australian homosexuals” reached into the school system (Sunday Telegraph 5/26/1996). Judges, police, teachers, and child protection caseworkers were involved – the boys, once ensnared, had nowhere to turn! Justice David Yeldham of the Australian Supreme Court “hours after denying to inquiry investigators that he had molested boys, …committed suicide” (AAP Information Services Pty. Ltd, 8/22/97). In England, “15 raids involving eight police forces” “led detectives further in the direction of a paedophile network involving public school teachers across Britain” (Guardian 11/22/97). Many rings were so extensive and involved so many boys that they made the international press.

It's not clear why, but no US rings hit the press during the Lexis-Nexis search. However, a gay DPS officer in Oregon arranged with another gay for both to have sex with the boys the officer arranged for the gay to foster (in LexisNexis for May 5, 2004). Public exposure and debate regarding these rings antedated the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and National Association of Social Workers swearing to the US Supreme Court in 1995 “gay men have been stigmatized with the allegation that they are disproportionately responsible for child sexual abuse, there is no evidence of any positive correlation between homosexual orientation and child molestation.” Likewise, the National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers and American Association of University Professors swore to the Court that the belief gays “are more likely than heterosexual men to molest children” “is without foundation in fact” (Romer). As almost any opinion can muster some evidence in support, it is clear that “no evidence” and “without foundation” are political, rather than factual statements.

Homosexuality in Group Homes: Foster children often live in group quarters. How much does homosexuality turn up there? Table 1 summarizes the molestations of those in group homes as sampled by the term ‘child sexual abuse’ using Google News 2012-21 and those reported by Lexis-Nexis 1980-2004 with sampling terms ‘foster parent’ and ‘sex’ or ‘child’ or ‘child molestation.

The first row of Table 1 indicates that at one US child-care facility 2 men molested 2 girls. Of the Google News set, 7 heterosexual men at 6 facilities molested 9 girls & 3 women at 3 facilities molested 3 boys. A married couple molested 5 boys and girls, while 5 men at 5 facilities molested 14 boys. Thus 7 (41%) of 17 perpetrators engaged in homosexuality and victimized 19 (61%) of the 31 foster children reported (there are usually more victims, but prosecutors allow perpetrators to ‘plead down’). Homosexuality overwhelmed the Canadian and UK Lexis-Nexis samples; in the US, 8 (62%) of the 13 perpetrators engaged in homosexuality with 29 (81%) of the 36 victims.

Whether using a number of terms to search the news as for Lexis-Nexis or just ‘child sexual abuse’ for Google News, homosexuals generated a disproportionate footprint. Indeed, a footprint about as large in the caretaker molestation of foster children in group settings as they were as individual foster- or adoptive parents.2

The claims by mental health professions that homosexuals make ‘just as good foster parents’ or supervisors of children is at least seriously weakened by these findings in the English-speaking press. No matter whether homosexual parents or supervisors read to, adequately fed, or sufficiently entertained their foster kids, the harm done by molestation more than cancels these adequacies. To hold that those who form conspiratorial rings to have sex with children – rings reaching into our court, child welfare, and educational systems – are quite adequate to supervise at-risk children (as in group homes) is shockingly wicked.

Dissembling to support homosexuality (including ignoring its child molesting rings and overlarge presence in raping kids in group homes) by mental health associations continues. On Aug. 5, 2009, the American Psychological Association declared “same-sex sexual and romantic attractions, feelings, and behaviors are normal and positive variations of human sexuality.” “Positive?” While in 2014 the American Psychiatric Association told Ugandan politicians that “criminalizing homosexuality will only lead to …violence against those who pose no harm to society.” “no harm?” Are not our at-risk children in group homes part of society and many of them the orphans that St. Paul specifically told Christians to succor?

These associations are also among the major medical/psychiatric professional organizations who support the Marriage Equality Act. While they decry female mutilations for religious or cultural reasons, in 2022, these supposedly wise and moral associations claimed girls can ‘need’ their breasts removed and both sexes may require genital mutilation for ‘mental health.’ Just what kind of evil ‘wisdom’ authorizes, indeed, orders as a medical necessity, the mutilation of children?

Does no one remember the ‘hurt feelings’ of gays and mental health professions’ similar dissembling about homosexuality and the Boy Scouts? Where is that organization today – were its major problems not caused by homosexuals’ molestations? Are societies that accept homosexuality exempt from a similar fate?

By lobbying for ‘marriage equality’ the Mormon hierarchy, and seeking ‘Christian acceptance of homosexuality’ the Catholic Bishops of Belgium, have grasped the blood-stained hands of mental health child-mutilators. In doing so they are helping to set up the children of their followers for homosexual molestation and necessary ‘sex changes.’ Likewise, the ‘gays are normal and want to protect kids’ and ‘homosexuals have the same view of sexual exploitation of kids as straights’ cants of Tucker Carlson, as well as Fox News’ use of homosexual commentators who use their status to advertise their sexual tastes, are at sharp odds with trying to protect either our children or our civilization.

[1] Megan Basham When Christian Leaders Capitulate On Marriage, Innocent Children Suffer. The Federalist, Nov 28, 2022.

[2] Paul Cameron Homosexuals as Foster or Adoptive Parents RenewAmerica November 2022

[3] Paul Cameron Are over a third of foster parent molestations homosexual? Psychological Reports, 2005,96,275-298

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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