Paul Cameron
A partial solution to childhood trans! Really.
By Paul Cameron
June 20, 2023

No child should be given any med or any surgery to change their body for trans when "a public statement" of their "sex change" would suffice!

A woman has made the news about suing the Hospital and Surgeon who took off her breasts at age 13.

Apparently at that time she wanted to be a boy. The surgeon and hospital obliged her and her parents by removing her breasts.

Now she has changed her mind.

But according to trans doctrine, she could have been a "trans boy" by just saying so publicly! So it was with Bruce Jenner. When he said he was a woman, with penis and all, the press said he "was" a woman. Now that he has had his penis made into something else, he’s still a woman. So saying so publicly makes you so. The presence or absence of his penis is irrelevant!!

Scrolling through the web it is clear that you don't have to have a body even looking a little bit like the opposite sex to "be" the opposite sex Witness the Penn State swimmer who has an erection every once in a while according to the women who have to change in the dressing room with him.

So why were the breasts of the 13-year-old cut off, when "her word in public" would have sufficed to "make her a boy?" This public statement would have allowed her to be a woman with just another public statement when she got older, instead of being disfigured for life.

I can see the case in court now.

Attorney: Doctor, are you an expert on trans?

Well, yes, of course. I have attended many special seminars about trans, homophobia and transphobia. I have learned how important following trans doctrine about children is.

Attorney: When is a patient trans?

Why, when they say in public that they are the opposite sex, then they are the opposite sex. They are usually considered trans after such a public statement.

Attorney: Is it not true that according to trans doctrine, at age 13 this woman could have been a "trans boy" by just saying so in public!

Yes, of course. That's what I just said. Whatever sex a child says they are in public is the sex they are.

Attorney: Oh, you mean that that's all you had to do to get her to be a trans boy – have her state in public that she was a boy?

Well yes, but I didn't think of that. Indeed, why would she come to a surgeon unless she wanted her breasts removed? I just want children to be affirmed in what they want done to themselves. Kids are special, they know if they are in the wrong body. They know if their breasts should be removed. According to trans doctrine, their agency must be affirmed.

Attorney: Let me be clear: a simple statement from this teenager would have made her into a boy?

Yes of course children are the sex they say they are in public. Of course, some children have to hide their real sex from their parents, so they might still call themselves whatever their birth-sex was at home, but then come to us to get help and protection from their parents' ugly homophobic or transphobic ideas.

Attorney And if they change their mind and say they are their birth sex in public?

Then they have changed their sex again, of course. I have no problem going along with children's agency.

Attorney: How do you determine the sex of one of your patients?

I only know when they say they are a boy or girl, or a man or a woman. Haven't you been listening to me?

Attorney: You don't look at them or examine their genitalia?

Irrelevant, the physical properties of the genitalia are irrelevant, a child is the sex he or she claims in public. Children must be believed.

Attorney: Do you engage in unnecessary surgeries in order to pad your income?

No, absolutely not! I only give surgeries, which as you know have possibilities of infection or error, etc., when they are absolutely necessary.

Attorney: And if a child is involved?

Why I am even more conservative. I put kids first. Indeed, we who work with trans kids are the most child-centered of all. Unlike legislatures that will not allow kids to have sex with adults of their choosing, or to smoke or drive cars when they want to, I and my colleagues in the trans movement give kids total control of their lives. We do only what kids say they want because kids have special insights, as knowing when they are in the wrong body.

Attorney: But this girl could have been a boy if you had just told her to “say you're a boy here, before me and others, and you are a boy?” And the breast removal, which disfigured her for life, could have been avoided by simply having her say in your and others’ presence, “I am a boy?”

I suppose so, but why would she come to a surgeon unless she wanted her breasts removed?

Attorney: So her breasts would not have been cut off if she said ”I am a boy?”

Well, I guess not. But I have been to many seminars and gotten many certifications to be a trans surgeon. Why would she come to me unless she wanted her breasts removed?

Attorney: You are saying that you disfigured this girl for life because you wanted payment for your additional education and surgeries? Do you think that is in accord with acting in your patient’s best interests? Were you acting ethically to deny her the choice to become a boy by saying so and instead encouraged her to believe she had to opt for surgery as the only possibility to "become" a boy?

How dare you suggest I’m a money grubbing MD! How DARE you. We trans doctors LOVE CHILDREN. We only do what they want, and what they want is the only standard that really acknowledges their agency.

Attorney: What if the client's parents don't want the surgery?

While we all appreciate what parents have done for children, we who are part of the trans movement are the only ones to really put children first! While I have no opinion about the particular parents in this case, I certainly can see why some states are willing to take children away from parents who are homophobic or transphobic and put them with adoptive or foster parents who have the correct attitudes about LGBTs.

Attorney: I’m done with this witness, your Honor. I think the jury has heard enough to make the right decision.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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