Dennis Campbell
November 7, 2003
The wicked genius that is liberalism
By Dennis Campbell

There is a wicked genius to 21st Century liberalism. In some ways, liberals are much better than conservatives, or perhaps craftier would be appropriate, in their ability to portray themselves as morally superior when in fact what passes for liberalism today is nothing more than a moral cesspool.

One can merely speculate as to the reaction of liberal icons such as John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman or Franklin D. Roosevelt if they were resurrected and given full view of the craven cowardice, ardent anti-Americanism, overt racism, far-left politics, lionization of liars, philanderers and homosexual behavior, and gleeful slaughter of innocent babies displayed by liberals in modern America.

Certainly, a tax-cutter and anti-communist such as Kennedy and hardline proponent of military power as Truman would never be permitted to run for office as a Democrat today. Can you imagine the hooting and hissing if Kennedy were to suggest tax cuts as a way to stimulate a lagging economy, or if Give 'Em Hell Harry were to declare America a Christian nation?

The favorite canards liberals use to tarnish conservatives are "Nazi" and "racist," yet if one closely examines the philosophies of both camps, it is evident that liberals fashion their policies much closer to those of the National Socialist Party of 1930s Germany, and at their core have displayed a heartless and cruel intent to keep African-Americans (especially their children) uneducated, poor and in thrall to government subsidies.

In fact, today's Democrat has the same zeal for government control of everything controllable as the most ardent Nazi, liberalism has become a hatchery of anti-Semitic sentiment, and white liberals are unrelenting in their belief that black people are just not quite able to make it on their own, and in their burning thirst for power have willingly sacrificed generations of black children on the altar of a public school system that guarantees them a poor education and minimal employment opportunities.

Just as the Nazis aborted any living thing of which they did not approve, liberals have pursued the right the kill babies at any stage of life, up to the moment of birth and even beyond, with a zeal matched only by the fervor of barbarians sacking Rome. Weekend basketball players like to shout, "No blood, no foul!" after attempting to separate an opponent's head from his body. Liberals shriek, "No death, no good!" when it comes to the "right" of mothers to butcher a baby as the abortionist cradles its all-but-born body.

The moral and political shortcomings of liberals are so apparent even to them that they approach the stifling of free speech with the fervor of Adolf Hitler silencing his critics. Campus speech codes have one purpose: To keep conservative thought from intruding into academic discourse.

Why? Because when forced to engage in formal debate with informed conservatives, liberals are reduced to sputtering and spitting, finally screaming such intellectual appellations as "racist!" or "Nazi!" or "hater!"

Ah, hate. Crafty-as-hyenas liberals have turned free speech on its head with that. "We certainly are in favor of free speech," they unctuously declare. "We just do not believe academia is the place for hate speech." And what is hate speech? Why, any speech with which they disagree, or offends their delicate sensibilities regarding such issues as deviant sexual behavior or, as Ann Coulter says, sticking forks into the heads of babies.

To protect their villainous behavior, liberals, in their craftiness, have found a genuinely brilliant way to subvert our laws and Constitution. They simply have installed and now seek out a cadre of equally corrupt judges who will declare any law, any legitimate legislative act, as unconstitutional simply because they do not approve of it.

"Since when," someone asked, "did it become a constitutional right to kill babies seconds before their birth is complete?" Since liberals, those dwellers of the dark side, discovered the Constitution is no more than what an activist judiciary says it is. Presto! We have a new constitutional right! Or a legitimate law reflecting the will of the citizens of a particular state is declared unconstitutional.

The other evening, while watching The Lord of the Rings, one had difficulty not equating Orcs and Wildmen with Democrats, and the consummately evil and soulless Gollum seemed nothing so much as the perfect candidate for the Democrats to propose as President.

We can but wonder how deep into this moral sinkhole liberals can slide, but a cursory reading of history provides the answer to that question, and the answer is decidedly appalling.

© Dennis Campbell


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