Dennis Campbell
March 5, 2004
A matter of law, not religious freedom (spoof)
By Dennis Campbell

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL Dr. D. James Kennedy, nationally known evangelist and senior pastor of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, was arrested and jailed today on charges of violating the federal Gay Rights Amendment and Hate Speech Abatement Act, the first enforcement ever of the laws.

Prosecutors levied fines totaling $5,000 per day against the church, one of America's largest with more than 10,000 members. Fines will accumulate until the church complies with federal law.

The church is accused of discriminating against gays by refusing to hire a gay man as youth pastor and another as music director. In addition, Dr. Kennedy is accused of hate speech by preaching that homosexuality is sinful and condemning gay marriages.

Dr. Kennedy asserted that freedom of religion protected him and the church, but authorities disagreed.

"This has nothing to do with religious freedom," said U.S. Attorney Robert Markly. "It has everything to do with the law. Just as a church cannot have human sacrifices, it cannot discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

"Dr. Kennedy refused to obey the law, and he is in custody. The church must conform to the law or pay the fines."

Church officials said the levies would bankrupt it.

"There is no way we can pay that kind of money," said a staff member.

The action met with approval from Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., author of both statutes.

"We've joined civilized society in protecting gays and lesbians from this kind of odious discrimination under the guise of religious freedom," he said.

"Our message is simple: Obey the law or pay the price."

Dr. Kennedy could be incarcerated for up to 10 years, although experts say he is unlikely to spend more than a few years in prison.

* * * * *

Clearly, the above is fiction. But if you think it cannot happen, you are wrong.

When French philosopher Alexis de Touqueville toured America in the Nineteenth Century, he wrote that "The Americans combine the notions of Christianity and of liberty so intimately in their minds that it is impossible to make them conceive the one without the other...."

He recognized that the greatness of America lay in her churches. If the aim is to bring America low, then what better place to wage the battle than there?

An objective of the homosexual movement always has been to pervert America's churches, which has been accomplished to some degree, witness the recent elevation of an openly homosexual man to bishop in the Episcopalian Church.

The left, the joined-at-the-hip ally of homosexuals and the unrelenting foe of freedom, decency and all things Christian, has been very successful in its harassment of the Boy Scouts in spite of a Supreme Court ruling upholding the right of the Scouts to exclude homosexuals from their leadership. The American Civil Liberties Union works diligently to get municipalities to deny funding or the use of publicly owned property to them.

Why the Scouts? As well as being opposed to the exposure of vulnerable young men to homosexual predators, basic underpinnings are belief in God and Christian principles.

In New York, the ACLU is seeking to legally prohibit the Salvation Army, which in fact is a church engaging in charitable work, from requiring employees to formally accept church doctrines.

And in California, Catholic Charities is being forced to add birth control to its health benefits in spite of Catholic teaching that unambiguously opposes it.

De Toqueville wrote that "On my arrival in the United States the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention; and the longer I stayed there, the more I perceived the great political consequences resulting from this new state of things."

But that was then and this is now. The left knows that to bring down America it must corrupt the three great pillars of our nation: Our constitutional form of government, the traditional family and churches.

Activist judges and a ruinous Supreme Court have succeeded in nearly destroying the first; radical feminism and homosexual activists have devastated the traditional family; and you and I likely will live to see our churches persecuted by Ted Kennedy and others like him, using homosexuality as one of their primary means.

The end of the dream of Jefferson and his inspired companions is in sight. If we do not stand up to this outrageous onslaught against our traditional values, virtues and founding principles, the only question remaining will be how long it takes for their dream to become our nightmare.

© Dennis Campbell


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