Dennis Campbell
March 17, 2004
Creating the ideal candidate for Democrats
By Dennis Campbell

Is John Kerry the ideal candidate for Democrats? Probably not, since he voted for the war in Iraq. Oops of course, he did not mean it. He also voted in favor of free trade um, but he did not mean that, either. As this could go on indefinitely, let's forget about Kerry and create a fictional ideal liberal candidate.

He (we will assume our candidate is a man) would not be captive to traditional morality in fact, let's say that he once lived outside of wedlock with his "significant other."

He would be friendly toward homosexuals and believe that personal and private behavior is no gauge of fitness for office.

It certainly would help if he were vegetarian. That would offend no one and would endear him to radical environmentalists and animal rights groups.

He would assert that the Second Amendment does not mean what it seems to say and provides no right to individuals to bear arms, and so would favor strict gun control.

He would support euthanasia for the terminally ill. He would be against smoking, in favor of an economically activist government and proclaim his admiration of Jesus Christ's admonition to love one another, while rejecting the rigidity of formalized Christianity in fact, he might even be more admiring of Islam than of the Christian beliefs of America's Founders.

He would embrace moral relativism and reject the absolutist notions of those bound to such anachronisms as the Bible. He would oppose our support of Israel and favor the demands of Palestinians, and would nationalize much of our open space for use by "the people."

Perhaps he would say something like, "we oppose today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance."

He would be in favor of private business and private property, but would insist that government have the right to regulate and even control both, for the good of the people and the country.

He would be a powerful orator, able to touch fellow Democrats on a deeply emotional level and marshal them against their perceived enemies Republicans, the "religious right," corporations.

Our perfect candidate would propose that government provide increased social services subsidized holidays, perhaps, or time off with pay for persons in a family crisis, public works projects to provide the unemployed with productive work, and a social "safety net."

He would strongly support affirmative action elevating the needs of one racial group over those of another.

OK, we have determined that John Kerry may not be perfect for the Democrats. But where do we find this fellow described above?

We simply go back into history, and there he is.

His name was Adolf Hitler. His party was the National Socialist German Worker's Party, whose beliefs were similar to those of modern Democrats. The quotation above is taken from his own writings.

This is why it is so puzzling that liberals, in their overheated, emotionally disheveled, finger-pointing way have been able to characterize conservatives as Nazis and Fascists.

Anyone who is informed about the beliefs, attitudes and tactics of today's American left knows they are quite similar to those of Hitler and his followers.

A chilling report from Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, himself on the left side of the political spectrum, about his confrontation with a group of leftwing, anti-Israel protestors in Boston gives one a clear picture of the mindset of these people.

Writing in, Dershowitz recounted how "I was accosted by a group of screaming, angry young men and women carrying virulently anti-Israel signs." They were incensed at Dershowitz's support of Israel.

He writes that "One sign carrier shouted that Jews who support Israel are worse than Nazis. Another demanded that I be tortured and killed. It wasn't only their words; it was the hatred in their eyes. If a dozen Boston police were not protecting me, I have little doubt I would have been physically attacked. Their eyes were ablaze with fanatical zeal."

In their faces he saw "passionate hatred, ecstatic hatred, orgasmic hatred...I could imagine young Nazis in the 1930s in Hitler's Germany."

Perhaps I have missed something, but I am unaware of a group of college Republicans treating a proponent of an opposing viewpoint in such a way. Surely, even a Democrat must pause and consider if we want people like this in charge of our country in these most perilous times.

© Dennis Campbell


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