Dennis Campbell
June 15, 2004
The snivelers of the Left are not fit to judge Ronald Reagan
By Dennis Campbell

It nearly ruined President Reagan's memorial service for me.

Right in the middle of those loving tributes to a wonderful man, the memory surfaced like a rat in a punch bowl.

"Ronald Reagan was as dumb as a stump," wrote leftist intellectual Christopher Hitchens, gleefully flinging abuse at the former president along with others who hated him.

If you disagreed with President Reagan's policies, say so, but to characterize the man as Hitchens did is just plain low.

Hitchens culled a few verbal blunders and uninformed statements by Mr. Reagan and concluded that he lacked the intelligence of your brother-in-law's collie this from someone who spent most of his life in thrall to a political system whose record of enslavement, slaughter, and despair is beyond calculation by any other than Almighty God.

Of course, Hitchens and friends do not believe in God, which makes them damned fools who have descended into the intellectual and moral abyss of Darwinism and the astonishing belief in a self-creating, self-modifying, self-sustaining, mechanistic universe.

Atheism, of course, stands at the center of communism, in which the state is the highest authority, answerable to no one. Ronald Reagan recognized it for what it is: A malignancy poisoning humanity, repression beyond anything in history, a bloody, vicious, and violent form of government that keeps its boot on the neck of all unfortunate enough to live under its oppression.

That makes Mr. Reagan smarter than Mr. Hitchens.

Ronald Reagan never made any pretense toward intellectualism. But he was a man of accomplishment, whose vision, moral certitude and unwavering commitment to his ideals and his country elevated America above the morass of defeatism and melancholy bequeathed by President Jimmy Carter.

If I am faced with the choice of my country being led by a man who by his very character commands allegiance, whose unfailing optimism encourages the accomplishment of great things by others, who has a clear vision of right and wrong and is tireless in his pursuit of the best, or a damned fool like Christopher Hitchens and his gloomy dedication to the dismal, why, I shall gladly choose the former.

Truth be known, America was not built by the Christopher Hitchenses of the world, but by men and women of vision, faith and steadfastness, by fellows in work boots and denim who pounded railroad spikes and laid track, who paved our highways and built our bridges, who keep the lights on and the trains running.

The Hitchenses of the world disdain the ordinary men and women off whose blood, sweat and tears they subsist until the Hun threatens our gates and the car fails to start and the toilet backs up.

America and the world would get along delightfully well without Christopher Hitchens, but would be a worse place indeed if it had not been for Ronald Reagan. He was a man raised up by God to lead a nation loved by those who appreciate liberty, truth and prosperity out of the shadows of the Vietnam War, a lifeless economy and the ruinous effects of runaway inflation.

Mr. Reagan was not an "intellectual" as it is commonly understood, for which we should be grateful, but was a man of purpose and intelligence who understood that freedom, optimism and enthusiasm would triumph over bondage, negativity and malaise.

As the left, with the exception of Christopher Hitchens and his vile ilk, tries not to choke on its own bile while trivializing Ronald Reagan and his "natural optimism" and "good fortune" to be president when the Soviet ship of state was sinking under its own weight, let us never forget the true legacy of that most abominable of political systems called communism: The wreck and ruin of entire nations and millions of people.

The shadow of Ronald Reagan looms over the form of Christopher Hitchens and those benighted buffoons like him, diminishing them to their true insignificance. Those sorry sorts are the true losers in life, with their whining, sniveling and insufferable arrogance.

Mr. Reagan simply towers above them. He was a man whose greatness transcended IQ and learning and the smug self-satisfaction of the intellectual good-for-nothings who infest our colleges, universities and media like vermin in a 19th Century slave ship.

They are not fit to judge Ronald Reagan. They would do well to shut up, return to their books, their cocktail parties and discredited political philosophies and let the doers of the world, the true visionaries and leaders such as Mr. Reagan, get on with the business of life.

© Dennis Campbell


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