Dennis Campbell
June 28, 2004
Al Gore and his fellow Democrats are just plain weird
By Dennis Campbell

"Quit bangin' on the door! I'm comin'!"

"Uh, is this Frankie's Fun House?"

"Who wants t'know?"

"I'm, I'm here to...."

"Hey, you into S&M? Pain and pleasure available all night, if you get my drift."

"What? I don't want that! I just want...."

"Yeah, well, we gotta tattooed lady who'll ..."

"No! Listen to me! I...."

"Hey, pal! Whaddya want? You a cop? If you're here t'make trouble, ya come t'da wrong place."

"No, I just want to talk to Mike..."

"Mike who?"

"Mike, um, he...."

"Hold on. Hey, someone here named Mike?"

"Yeah, that's me. Whaddya want? Ouch! I said not there, stupid! And brush your teeth! I've seen less moss in the forest!"

"Some bozo's here to see you."

"Awright. Hey, Zeke! What's shakin', man?"

"Mike, Al Gore is on TV and he's going nuts! He's on C-SPAN. Dude, turn it on ya gotta see this!"

"What? Watch AL GORE? Whaddya think I am, some kinda WEIRDO?"

Surely the current invention of Al Gore is too weird even for the tattooed lady, Frankie's Fun House, and those who go there for...various activities.

Whether you worship Almighty God or Mother Gaia, you should be on your knees in thanksgiving that Gore is not President of the United States. Either he has gone into some sort of emotional freefall or has decided to appeal to the lunatic fringe of the Democrat Party.

The problem is, the lunatics are not so fringe these days. From Howard "Primal Scream" Dean to the homosexual lobby, from grim-countenanced radical feminists intent on killing unborn babies (especially males) to open-border bozos and environmental freaks, from appeasers to Bolsheviks, today's Democrats would appear strange indeed to the likes of John F. Kennedy and Henry "Scoop" Jackson.

One must wonder why the seemingly normal neighbor next door is willing to vote for an Al Gore who looks as though he is about to blow an artery when he gives a speech, bodily excretions flying across the stage, veins throbbing, bathed in sweat, eyes bulging like Kermit the Frog's, arms flailing as he rants and raves, all to wildly enthusiastic applause. This is not passion, this is bizarre.

Pause for a moment. Do we really want people running the show who think a minnow in New Mexico more important than humans? Who think it worse to take an eagle's egg than to abort a baby moments from birth?

Are we supposed to trust those who admire Fidel Castro and detest Ronald Reagan? Who actually believe Reagan hated children and Castro loves liberty?

Does it make sense to trust those who believe Michael Moore is a great filmmaker, and President Bush a liar for saying the same things every major international intelligence agency, most Democrat politicians and former President Bill Clinton said for years about Sadaam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction (which he had already used)?

Does it make sense (as Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo pointed out recently) that the only two classes in America who qualify for total, taxpayer-provided medical care are those in prison and those in our country illegally? This is not the result of conservative policies!

And why are we entrusting our children to college administrators and professors who think "education" is bringing the Anal Sex Queen to campus to lecture on, well, her specialty?

America is being overrun by illegal immigrants (thanks in no small part to an administration seemingly oblivious to the danger), left-wing federal judges have appropriated powers to make law and policy not rightfully certainly not constitutionally theirs, our public schools are turning out hordes of half-educated young people, sexual deviation has become normative, and human life has been devalued to a place beneath birds and fish.

This mishmash of bizarre policies, laws and beliefs, from the foolish to the destructive, comes from the left. The imagination balks at visualizing the cultural, political and moral destruction likely with eight years of power by a party that has lost its collective mind and moral compass.

It is said that America is being "dumbed down." The process appears to be working quite well, and if we do not reverse the course our country is on, and soon, the greatest nation in history will be reduced to nothing more than a large Mexico celebrating a never-ending bacchanalia, ruled by arrogant judges who
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answer only to themselves, with a foreign policy dedicated to kissing the derrieres of terrorists and tyrants and subsuming what is good for America to what is good for others.

The prospect is not appealing.

© Dennis Campbell


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