Dennis Campbell
October 27, 2004
Liberal animus toward the Constitution and morality
By Dennis Campbell

Two things that John Kerry said during his final debate with President Bush have been troubling me, and I believe they say much about the man, his philosophy and the enormous differences between those on the left and those on the right.

The first may have been a simple slip of the tongue, but I am doubtful. Kerry said that should he become president, he would appoint Supreme Court justices who "interpret the Constitution according to the law."

Now, I am no legal scholar, but I always have understood that we are to interpret laws according to the Constitution. It is our guide to governing and legislating.

I am a bit confused, then, as to how one interprets it according to the law, and perhaps Kerry meant to say just the opposite. But I am unconvinced.

I do not believe that it is an exaggeration to say the left considers the Constitution more of a hindrance to their political and social agendas that a document by which we test our policies and laws.

The Constitution limits what government can do, and leftists only want to expand government. Granted, we have ignored the Constitution for the most part during the past 40 years or so, but theoretically it stands as a limitation on the role of government.

If we were to take seriously its restriction on the power of the federal government, we would have to bring to an end myriad programs that have become firmly entrenched in our lives. Remember, the Constitution says that what has not been specifically granted to the federal government remains the province of the states.

So, perhaps Kerry did not really misspeak. He would appoint judges who, for the most part, would reduce the Constitution to so much parchment, a curiosity to which we pay insincere homage and little else.

The other comment has been dealt with elsewhere, but beautifully illustrates the utter illogic of so many on the left.

When questioned about forcing a person to pay for abortions when his or her religious beliefs counsel against it, Kerry gave a convoluted answer that never really did tell us if he thinks abortion is right or wrong.

And then he uttered that classic liberal nonsensical statement: I cannot, he intoned, force my moral beliefs on others who may not believe as I do.

This is drivel, to be sure, but unfortunately the majority of the left seems to actually believe it. To be a liberal these days requires that one sacrifice analytical thinking for feeling, but I am convinced that many, including John Kerry, know it to be drivel and do not care, because they simply are pandering to the ignorami who make up so much of the political left.

What is implicit in Kerry's reply is that we can make no moral judgments when it comes to the law. This flies in the face of reason, however, since virtually every law we have governing behavior has as its foundation a moral judgment.

Is Kerry willing to say to a Pakistani Muslim living in America that since in his culture a brother is allowed, even obligated, to kill his sister should she be raped, thus bringing disgrace to her family, he is free to do so under our laws?

If Kerry, and other liberals, consider this murder and unlawful, have they not forced their moral standard on someone who believes otherwise? We could consider many other illustrations of this inane thinking.

This is part of the grand hypocrisy of leftists, who accuse conservatives of being racists even as they push for racial quotas, who accuse conservatives of being Nazis even as they assault Republican campaign volunteers and shoot up their headquarters, who accuse conservatives of being haters even as they hurl the vilest of invective at their opponents.

So, tell me again: Why would someone vote for these people? I assume one would do so only out of spite for our Constitution and the embracement of a moral relativism that has as its logical end social chaos.

© Dennis Campbell


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