Dennis Campbell
January 28, 2008
Obama's relationship with racists, Islamists ignored
By Dennis Campbell

Consider for a moment how the New York Times would react to a white, Republican candidate for president of the United States who belonged to an organization like this one:

Members are admonished to avoid associating with anyone who is not white, and should avoid patronizing businesses owned by minorities, especially African Americans.

On its website, this organization proudly states that "We are a European people, and we will remain true to our native land, the mother continent."

The head of the organization traveled with Ku Klux Klan head man and racial separatist David Duke to Germany, where they met in secret with members of a neo-Nazi group.

At a Chicago gala, the head of this organization honored Duke for lifetime achievement and referred to African Americans as "dark-eyed devils."

What's more, our candidate's older brother still lives in Germany, where he is a member of a radical Ayrian church and says that whites, especially those in America, must liberate themselves from the poisonous influences of African culture such as rap and hip-hop. He urges his younger brother to embrace his Germanic heritage.

This older brother has established relationships with neo-Nazi groups throughout Europe in a well-coordinated effort to bring Fascist governments to power.

"I believe in the power of the German political traditions to spur social change," our mythical candidate says.

It is not difficult to picture the universal outcry among the national press if this person were a viable Republican candidate for president. He would be pilloried daily in editorials, news stories (or what passes for news stories in today's "journalism") and opinion pieces.

Television news reports would be relentless in their castigation of him. The organization to which he was pledged would be subjected to the minutest scrutiny. Every utterance or written word by its leader would be dug up, parsed and analyzed.

But that would happen only to a Republican candidate. A Democrat candidate who belonged to an organization that held equally radical but opposite views would get a virtual pass from the liberal media, because unlike the refrain of the old song that says "you always hurt the ones you love," what passes for journalism today operates on the principal that "you never hurt the ones you love."

And the liberal media clearly have a love affair with Sen. Barack Obama, who very well may be the Democrats' candidate in the 2008 election.

If the liberal media were to apply the same standards of scrutiny to him they do to conservatives, we would be hearing much more about the Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama's home church in Chicago and his brother in Kenya.

This is a church that preaches black separatism and nationalism and has an unwavering commitment to Africa. Not to America, but to Africa.

It's pastor lionized Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, one of the most strident racists sullying the soil of America, and traveled with this bigot to meet with terrorist leader Muammar Qaddafi.

Obama's older brother is a militant Muslim who wants to impose Shariah law in Kenya. He says blacks must liberate themselves from "the poisoning influences of European culture" and urges Obama to embrace his African heritage.

In light of this, why do the liberal media not ask Sen. Obama some hard questions? Such as, do you embrace black separatism and nationalism?

Where do your loyalties lie, toward America, or Africa?

What is more important to you, the American heritage of liberty, rule of law and constitutional republicanism, or your African heritage, which is rife with bloody warfare, vicious tyranny and abject poverty?

Do you believe your fellow African Americans should rid themselves of the "oppression" of European values, which have made them the most prosperous and free blacks on earth?

And finally, if you do not embrace these beliefs, why in the world are you still in that church? Why is its pastor a close adviser to you?

Oh, one last question: Since you were brought up in a family where Islam was the religion of the men who raised you and you attended classes on Islam, just how sympathetic are you to the religion that has as one of its unchanging goals the utter destruction of America and western culture?

These are questions that should be asked, and suitable answers should be demanded. But it is unlikely they will be asked by a reporter from the Times. Because, remember, to the liberal media, you never hurt the ones you love.

Even if that is to the detriment of America's future.

© Dennis Campbell


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