Dennis Campbell
February 20, 2008
The remarkable ability of liberals to make wrong choices
By Dennis Campbell

Liberals have a remarkable ability to be wrong. They attack the wrong things. They support the wrong things. And they do it with great consistency.

Two recent issues illustrate this well. One is the liberal opposition to the Boy Scouts, recently demonstrated by the city of Philadelphia reneging on its decades-old agreement allowing the Scouts to use city facilities for their headquarters, and telling them they can pony up annual rent or pack up their stuff and skedaddle.

The rent? A mere $200,000 per year.

Philadelphia isn't doing this because the Scouts have abrogated their agreement in any way. It isn't as though they have let the facility deteriorate they've made many improvements since taking occupancy in 1928.

No, what has the Philadelphia City Council in a froth is that the Boy Scouts of America is an organization that takes a principled, moral stand. Because the Scouts are Christian-based, they require members and leaders to pledge their allegiance to God and live a life of moral rectitude, which does not include homosexuality.

Yes, the Scouts discriminate against the Left's most cherished victims homosexuals, those benighted souls who love to prance half-naked in their perverse parades while simulating all sorts of sexually deviant acts and generally and enthusiastically celebrating debauchery.

The small minds in Philadelphia find this just so, well, so mean-spirited! And so, in a tactic now commonly used against the Scouts, they are doing what they can to squash an organization that has done more for boys than every liberal program in history combined.

In Philadelphia, the Scouts have had remarkable success in keeping boys away from drugs and crime and jail, but this good they do does not justify in the eyes of the Left practicing a life of moral integrity. That simply is intolerable.

But the Left is eager to embrace virtually anything sleazy or perverse or generally destructive to life, traditional morality and American culture. A case in point: The drive to cater to people labeled as transgendered.

According to the Transgender Law Center, transgender is "a term that is being refer to people whose gender identity or expression is different than the gender they were assigned at birth or different than the stereotypes that go with that gender."

In other words, if you are born a boy and think you ought to have been born a girl, you deserve special consideration, going so far as to providing you with your own bathroom and locker room, and even permitting boys to dress and shower with girls.

Perhaps you are just old-fashioned enough to be disturbed at the idea of Johnny and Joey sashaying into the girls' locker room and joining your little Susie in the shower, but that's just too bad. You're a mere parent, part of what liberals like to call extremist groups.

At the Transgender Law Center, they "strongly must be able to use the bathroom that corresponds to your gender identity.

"Using gender segregated bathrooms may be nerve-wracking at times but it is important that you realize you have a right to be there, no matter how other people react to you. You belong in the bathroom that makes you feel most comfortable as much as anyone else does. Being confident lets other people know that as well.

"If you are feeling nervous when entering a bathroom, take a deep breath and remind yourself that there's nothing wrong with you and that you have the right to be there as much as anyone else does. If necessary, keep taking deep breaths and repeat the phrase, 'I belong here' in your mind while you are in the bathroom."

Lord a'mighty, these people are sick.

In Maryland's Montgomery County, parents are shocked and angry being the extremists they are that new regulations are threatening to open girls' locker rooms to "transgendered" boys (or boys who say they are because they, um, like the thought of showering with girls).

Writing on behalf of these extremists, attorney Susan Jamison said that "any transgender could enforce his rights under this law in a court of law...and, relying on the plain reading of the statute, obtain entry into female locker rooms and restrooms with little to stop him or the many who would follow."

Does that make you feel warm and tingly? Probably not, if you are a parent with a traditional concept of societal norms. Probably so, if you are a 16-year-old boy who suddenly has realized that he is transgendered.

Which way to the girls' locker room?

© Dennis Campbell


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