A.J. Castellitto
Defend yourselves!
By A.J. Castellitto
September 2, 2014

A lively online exchange with Jim, a like-minded conservative, got me thinking of the various forces that have presently aligned to threaten the foundation of a healthy and prosperous civil society. This foundation is the American family, and God's word provides the necessary framework to a people that must endure numerous trials, hardships, and adversities over the course of a lifetime (and throughout many generations). The obstacles come in various forms, as there are many who seek to lead the multitudes away from the tried and true paths of our forefathers. Brother Jim offers some excellent insights on the various challenges faced by today's American family.

"The core rot in our culture is the destruction of the family. It's not just welfare; it's the emasculation/feminization of our boys, masculinization of our girls, destruction of marriage, the constant humiliation, and degradation of males in the pop culture, the constant sexualization and degradation of young girls and women in pop culture, the notion that we can pay a day care center to love our babies and children, and it will work out just fine, and many other things.

Plus, the nanny state and the constant "victimization" message so many people hear and internalize. If you are Asian, black, Hispanic, female, gay, Muslim/Buddhist/Hindu, or an atheist, then you are a victim of Christian white males – that simply doesn't work out well for our culture, society, or families. We have never seen such a conflagration of mass media, pop culture, public unions, universities and educators, general propagandists, and politicians all aligned to accomplish such degradation of a nation."

There are numerous examples to support these claims, but I'd like to focus on one trend that has proved most troubling – the sexualization of our youth. Most of the problems related to youth sexualization can be directly attributed to the entertainment-based, sexually-desensitizing offerings of our current day. Whether it is pop stars that push the sexual boundaries (e.g., Lady Gaga) or television programs that promote nontraditional immorality as the new normal (e.g., Modern Family, Glee); children's heads are being filled with sexually-charged images and attitudes that scream, 'Anything goes!'

Promiscuity, fornication, androgyny and gender confusion have become heightened and accelerated. What was once a struggle has now become a celebration. But such solutions only make things more complicated and conflicted. God's standards are not to be altered, tainted or corrupted to appease carnal depravities.

The doctrine of Original Sin reveals the conflict. A conflict religious humanism ironically ignores at humanity's expense. Mankind's rejection of the natural order of our Creator is a carnal and spiritual suicide pact with the devil. Tragedy and consequence are not defeated by unbelief and ignorance. The pride and rebellion that encompasses our naturally unrepentant, unregenerate condition is a reflection of our lost spiritual state. By accepting and tolerating perversion and twisted idolatry, we merely exasperate our spiritual void and restless carnality, rather than resolve it. Doing away with the Biblical reality will not resolve the spiritual conflict and natural tension experienced by faithless men and their broken world (no matter how hard we try to control and repair it). New-World-Utopia will always be a lost cause. It's nothing but a carnal ego-power trip gone awfully and globally wrong.

As for the youth of our day, they are tragically (and literally) mired in various forms of excessive sensuality and even graphic pornography (i.e. rising incidences of sexting, porn viewing, sex-related activities among even preteens). As "tolerance" grows and sexual deviance becomes less shameful and increasingly normalized, it will get worse. Hard to imagine but it can always get worse.

Unfortunately, "pornographic" markets will always exist, but what has become most disturbing is the way it continues to penetrate mainstream society and become so easily accessible to our youth. Where is the protection? Where is the insulation? Has our tendencies and desires for perversion run so deep? Have they become so pronounced that they are completely devouring moral goodness and replacing the last remnants of common decency? Heck, even government sponsored sex-education is expanding the boundaries of appropriate public discourse and instruction.

The more we push the (moral) envelope, the more repugnant a society we become. It is no wonder abortion and violent crime have become a societal norm; art-forms featuring graphic shock are considered cutting edge entertainment; and all kinds of deviancy are promoted as a state supported civil right. Christians and nonbelievers alike must be on their guard, for the natural consequences of such developments are 'by natural law' destined to go terribly wrong.

The Christian family, in particular, must remain vigilant against the external forces that threaten our way of life, but also the many subtle, penetrating snares that further distract and harden the sinner. It is most important that we are extremely careful not to fill our minds and senses with disturbing and perverse images of violence, sex, immorality, godlessness, mysticism, etc. that are constantly broadcasted through the visual and print mediums (and are infecting our culture). There is so much evil in this world; we must be careful to protect ourselves from all the demonic threatenings and influences that inflict much harm and ruin upon both the body and the soul.

Let's be aware of these snares and seek to flea from every appearance of evil so prevalent in our day. A young natural conscience is tender but spiritually resistant and wholly corruptible. The spiritual conscience can by disarmed, subdued and sorely vexed, when in a moment of weakness, the guard is let down (and a demonic opportunity to afflict is granted). Both the professing believer and the unconverted sinner must be vigilant and wholly on guard against all forms of temptations. We are most vulnerable – mind, body and soul.

Faithful followers of the Bible, although we struggle, we are not only called to serve but also to defend – especially our spiritual self (as well as our family).

Putting on the armor of God is how we do it. Abstaining from sin and temptation is a part of that, but an active engagement with the things and the people of God (and a sharing of those spiritual blessings with others) can really insulate us from harm. A daily diet of Biblical study, faithful preaching, sound doctrine and faithful practice, can really foster the type of protection we will need to endure the many spiritual battles that will try us throughout our spiritual journey. We must attempt to have a faithful and fruitful influence on society (and our local communities). A silent witness is useless in the eyes of The Lord.

There are too many ignorant of these truths and they are lost and floundering trying to find themselves and some sort of fulfillment and acceptance that will never truly come. Love cannot be forced. True love must be experienced and it's more than anything sensual or sentimental.

Stand your ground and protect yourselves and those around you. Be bold and speak truth. Work through your carnal failings and remain faithful. We can do, and endure, all things through God who strengthens us!

Dear God, we pray for the protection and preservation of our youth. May we be given mercy and wisdom to raise them to live to thy honor and glory.

Come quickly, for only with thee is the full redemption and restoration of thy creation completely and wholly realized.

© A.J. Castellitto


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