A.J. Castellitto
False hope and no change!
By A.J. Castellitto
December 5, 2014


I don't wanna hear about hope and change
It's hopeless and it looks the same
We're still at war we're always at war
What are these people really dying for?

You've been had
You've been took
Bamboozled by a ruthless gang of crooks
Where will it stop?
When will it end?
Where is our future behind a 12-foot fence???

I don't wanna hear ya say yes we can
They peddled your asses to the banks again
The middle class is fading fast
How long do you think you'll last?

They won't get me without a fight
The new Kristallnacht might be tonight

These folks are completely untrustworthy. They thrive on chaos and anarchy. Their true plan for America is to create anarchy and poverty to justify making America a big government police/nanny state.

They thrive on creating division by perpetuating generalizations and stereotypes. They only see the externals of color and culture and want to keep us in our own mutually exclusive groupings. They are also establishing a form of political correctness so precise that we will be reluctant to even speak for fear of government-enforced restrictions on verbal expression.

They are the ones who ignorantly claim minorities are dependent on governmental assistance, that they are unable to obtain ID to vote, and that they require their numbers controlled via easily accessible abortion and contraception on demand.

They don't want inclusion, dignity or self reliance. It's division, calamity and anarchy they crave. Screw up society with immorality, violence and pornography, then when the culture goes to pot, they have further justification to make their play – that a broken society requires a strong government to maintain order and civility.

ObamaCare is a perfect example of their purposefully destructive agenda. It was never about healthcare. Centralized power and control is the ultimate endgame.

If this all continues, we will have a ruling class and the rest of us will be poor..... and highly dependent.

The Constitution be damned, the more disorder and confusion the better. We are being groomed to become slaves of the state.

Is this the change we can believe in?

© A.J. Castellitto


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