A.J. Castellitto
Manufactured consent in mainstream science
By A.J. Castellitto
October 9, 2017

While recently watching a video of my chatty daughter as a toddler, I thought of how babies are seemingly hardwired to develop language. This reality is not something that can just be explained away by some carnally contrived theory of origins.

In his review of Berwick and Chomsky's Why Only Us: Language and Evolution, First Things' Stephen Barr notes how "only humans are rational; and for Berwick and Chomsky, human language is primarily an instrument of rationality."


Personally, I don't think the scientific community engages in outright lies or propaganda for political purposes, but as far as their blind commitment to Darwinism is concerned, it is not mere conjecture to propose that they push the boundaries of the scientific method. To put it more bluntly, they practically defy their own rules, the universal rules of science no less, in this and many other vital areas of study and analysis. At least, that's the impression, based on much of the information deemed suitable for mainstream consumption and acceptance. https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2017/03/08/manufacturing-consent-in-science-the-diabolical-twist-2/

In their blind allegiance to the evolution of man, they shamelessly declare 1 + 2 = 300 and do so without being able to demonstrate mathematically (i.e. using the scientific method) how they got there. That's a major problem that can't be dismissed, credentials, bravado, and manufactured consent notwithstanding. True skeptics -not deniers- see right through such things.

Too much of what passes for science has fallen prey to this manufactured consent phenomenon so prevalent in today's political and cultural climate and so commonly used as a sledgehammer to drive public opinion in a predetermined direction. The lack of biological basis for progressive gender theories reveals the predominantly ideological, neo-gnostic thought that underpins their scientific proofs (i.e. Bill Nye's recent netflix fiasco on the subject of gender and sex) and are ultimately anything but.


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