Clenard Childress
No one would have predicted it...? Obama creates a more pro-life America...
By Clenard Childress
June 23, 2012

Former presidential candidate, Gary Bauer, and current president of, American Values, opined last month that, "No one would have predicted it, but President Obama has created a more pro-life America." Mr. Bauer went on to say that, "As soon as Barack Obama became President, pro-life affiliation shot up. It seems shifts in public opinion on abortion correlate with sweeping political change. When Obama won, many Americans saw his real extremism on the issues and embraced the pro-life cause to counterbalance it..." italics added.

No one would have ever predicted it? On the contrary, on November 17th, 2008, Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr. , yours truly, of the Life Education And Resource Network — LEARN — gave an insightfully prophetic commentary on the election of Barack Obama, which you can read in its entirety in the archives of my column. The title of the Article was, "The Best Thing To End Black Genocide." Here is a short excerpt:
    November 4th, 2008 will always be remembered for the election of Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in the history of the United States. I was quickened with the understanding it will also mark the day of the greatest opportunity ever to have been handed me, as well as other Civil Rights Activists for the unborn. No, it's not what I asked for, but it's what I have been praying for since I first heard of the holocaust levied against babies in America and especially those in the African-American Community.

    With the election of Barack Obama, we now have a face to put on the abortion plague and a link to the leader of the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood. Despite our efforts, in reality, the time to make this connection was clouded by the notoriety of the first black president and a failing economy. The result is: people still don't know who Barack Obama is and many are now looking deeper into the president elect's life and associations. The truth is: knowing his defeat would only minimize this exposure to America, God has now set it up for a global impact of astronomical proportions.

The 'wave' of illumination almost caught up to the president, and in fact, if it had not been for a 'timely' economic storm that would build into a fully-fledged hurricane, he would not have been the first black president of these United States. The wave was delayed, but not denied, and though its arrival was post-election, it is still rushing in upon the shores of the minds and lives of millions of Americans, who find themselves asking: 'are we better off now than we were four years ago...? For what they didn't know then, they certainly know now, and this knowledge will pay a heavy toll come elections in November 2012.

It seems the Captain of the Good Ship Obama has lost his way in the raging political tempest and each attempt to steady the ship appears to take it further off course, and thus completely out of touch with the American People — the private sector in particular — and reality itself. The record number of holes played on the golf course — one hundredth round on Father's Day — possibly gives the president a momentary safe haven, but I wish he would pay less attention to his golf swing, and more on perishing African-American offspring. Black children are victimized in the womb by a systemic abortion industry at the rate of 1,786 lives a day. And if they survive that, they are debilitated habitually out of the womb by a failing Public School system run by a sophisticated gang of thugs called the Teachers Union, whom Barack Obama gives his full support.

In closing, I cannot emphasize enough the condition of 'low visibility' for this storm has surely blurred the vision of the Captain which has had an obvious effect on the logic of his decisions. The hypocrisy is so stunning, so blatant, it becomes appalling! The last observation can be clearly seen in his decision to allow Illegal Aliens who were born here to receive total amnesty. His logic...?
    "Why should the children have to suffer for a mistake their parents made?"
Somebody tell me he didn't say that, PLEASE! The most pro-abortion agenda ever unleashed in our nations' history via the Bully Pulpit of the presidency and the perpetrator says that children should not suffer for mistakes that their parents made! PLEASE!

Mr. President, please ascribe that logic to every child conceived in the womb in America, who are citizens, legally... who also should not suffer deportation, or death by dismemberment or chemical warfare... for the mistakes their parents made!

This maligned perverted logic is what we could have never predicted.

© Clenard Childress


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Clenard Childress

Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr., is the senior pastor of The New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, NJ. He is the founder of the website and president of Life Education And Resource Network, Northeast. LEARN is the largest African-American pro-life group in the US... (more)


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