Clenard Childress
Under siege or infiltrated? Remember the city of Troy?
By Clenard Childress
December 5, 2013

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was an ancient city named Troy.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was an ancient city called Washington, DC.

In those days, people used to build walls around their city to help protect themselves.

In their days, the inhabitants of Washington, DC used to build walls from legislation that emanated from the Declaration of Independence and their Constitution to help protect them.

The people of Troy built gates in the wall. The gates could be opened to let people inside the city. In times of war, the gates could be closed and locked to stop intruders and enemies from getting inside.

The people of Washington, DC built a system that was open to its citizens who pledged allegiance to its country and to the liberty for which it stands, one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. This would keep intruders and enemies from getting inside.

Along the wall, inside of the city, a set of stairs wound up to the top. Warriors could stand at the top of the stairs and shoot arrows down at intruders and enemies who were trying to get inside the city. If the wall was high and strong enough, it could do a pretty good job keeping intruders and enemies from coming inside.

Along the wall inside Washington, DC was an electoral process that would allow warriors to be chosen by, "We The People..." These chosen ones would reflect the values and wishes of the people. They would be positioned such that they could prevent any attack against their liberty and freedoms which were endowed them by the Creator.

The walls around Troy were very high and very strong. The Greeks had been trying to get over the wall around the city of Troy but the Greeks could not get over the wall. And the Trojans could not drive the Greeks away so year after year they fought, and year after year, neither side won – neither could best the other.

The walls around Washington, DC, erected by the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were very high and very strong. For decades, Tyranny, Communism, and Socialism had been trying to get over the wall around the city of Washington, DC. None of them could get over the wall but the people of Washington, DC could never completely drive them away. Year after year they fought. Year after year neither side could claim they had won.

One day, a Greek General, Odysseus, had a diabolical idea. "Let's pretend to sail away," he suggested. "We'll leave a gift for Troy, a gift to announce the end of the war, a wooden horse with 30 men hidden inside. At night, these men can sneak out and open the gate of Troy!" That was the way things were done back then. When you admitted defeat, you supplied a gift.

One day a Socialist General, perhaps Bill Ayers with his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, anarchists from another era borrowing ideas from the deceased Saul Alinsky, author of "Saul Alinsky's 12 Rules for Radicals," had a diabolical epiphany:
    'Let us pretend to have given up our ideology and plans to take and socialize Washington, DC. We will present the inhabitants of Washington, DC the ephemeral promise of "Change." We'll call it: Change you can believe in! whatever that means. We will soothingly tell them marriage is between one woman and one man... We will convince them we will continue to build up the middleclass... Like them, we will be concerned about our daughters making a mistake... We will talk about a "more perfect union" and Affordable Health Care for every single Washington, DC-ean... Our saying will be, "If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan." But then, while Washington, DC continues to be more preoccupied with Lady Gaga, Jaze, Beyonce, The Walking Dead (oh, the irony), Scandal, and Dancing With The Stars, than the political process, we in turn will ignore Washington, DC's Constitution, deceive them on major legislation and fundamentally deplete the country of its money by printing more and more of it until it has no value and thereby seize and socialize its government. We will present to them with our Manchurian Candidate, and once inside we will appoint people like Kevin Jennings who advocates Men having sex with boys and have them in charge of The Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. And we will oxymoronically have Katherine Sebelius, who fully supported the most famous late-term abortionist in America, George Tiller be Secretary of Health. We will make Melody Barnes the Director of the Domestic Policy Council. This is the same Melody Barnes who served on the boards of both Emily's List and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the institutional serial killer of African-Americans to the tune of 1,786 babies a day. This is the way it was done back then. You admitted defeat by coming under submission – like the Greeks with their Horse – so we will pretend to do, and while they're asleep, seize the day...'
The Greeks thought it was a brilliant idea. They had their best artists build the horse. It was a magnificent horse. When it was ready, the Greeks brought the huge wooden horse as close to Troy's city gates as they could get without being shot full of arrows. Then the Greeks pretended to sail away.

The socialist radicals thought it was a brilliant idea. They had their chief strategist come up with their best candidate. When they were ready, they presented their candidate at the 2008 elections and launched the greatest marketing of the "race card" known to man. We will pretend to have no influence in the process, for "we are just a 'guy' in the neighborhood."

When the Trojan archers at the top of the stairs saw the Greeks leaving, they could not believe their eyes. Were the Greeks giving up at last? Had the Trojans won the war? It certainly appeared so! The Trojans dragged the horse inside their city and closed the gates.

When the voters of the country of Washington, DC saw this, they could not believe their eyes. The struggle was over. We will end the scourge of slavery and declare all racism in America has ended (what?) We will have our mortgages paid and the radical Muslims will love us. Republicans and Democrats will come together, work for the common good of the country and the built-in divisiveness and rancor will cease. Our economy will be on the rise for he has promised to cut our deficit in half in his first term. The Bush days are over! So the people of Washington, DC elected their 'gift' and put 'it' inside Washington, DC in its Oval Office.

Some people wanted to burn the horse, which would have been a sad fate for the Greek soldiers hidden inside. But the Trojan people said, "NO! It's too beautiful! We'll keep it forever as a reminder of our victory!" The Greeks had counted on that reaction. The Greeks might be famous for their art, but the Trojans were famous for their bragging. The Greeks were sure the Trojans would want to display the magnificent horse. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened.

Some people who were conservative talk show hosts were skeptical from the very beginning. They saw no reason to believe his claims. Mark Limbaugh, Rush Levin, Sean Childress, Clenard Hannity, and others, protested vehemently (the names have been changed to protect the innocent). But the people said, "Give this a chance to work..." and... "Stop hating on the Black Man..." and... "The reasons why you oppose his plans are because you are a racist..." and if you're Black... "You're just an Uncle Tom!" I would ask, What was I for supporting Alan Keyes? The socialists counted upon this response and encouraged it in the city whenever they could. They knew the people would want to put their candidate on display whenever and wherever possible, for Washington, DC had elected a Black President! They even gave him a Noble Peace Prize to further deceive and confuse the people of Washington, DC and the world.

That night, while the Trojan people slept soundly, exhausted from their celebrations, the 30 Greek men hidden inside the wooden horse climbed out and opened the gates of Troy and let the Greek army inside. That was the end of Troy.

In that night season, as the people of Washington, DC slept soundly, exhausted from sitcoms, hip hop and rock concerts, internet pornography, finding dates on online services, running to Happy Hour and clubbing till dawn, the godless enemy of all they believed, crept in. They were completely vulnerable. While the people slept, the Manchurian Candidate and his appointed judges and administration opened the gates to Socialism and Marxist ideology, along with legislation which took away their freedoms and liberties. While the inhabitants of Washington, DC slumbered, these same individuals quietly began to remove, dismantle, and discourage any acknowledgement of the God the inhabitants said gave them their rights.

That will be the end of Washington, DC and the country that was founded on those rights.

To be continued...

© Clenard Childress


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Clenard Childress

Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr., is the senior pastor of The New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, NJ. He is the founder of the website and president of Life Education And Resource Network, Northeast. LEARN is the largest African-American pro-life group in the US... (more)


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