Don Cobb
THE NEW AMERICA: Part Two - The end of the American nation?
By Don Cobb
February 20, 2013

Given that U.N. Agenda 21 is public knowledge, I find the distinct lack of media exposure quite telling. None of the major news outlets in America – ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN (radical Left-wing MSNBC viewership is so low, they don't qualify as a "major news outlet" in my opinion) – have made any real effort to inform We, the People about the far-reaching scope of this plan.

Private property rights will be rescinded in America if/when Agenda 21 is fully implemented. I consider that newsworthy. Don't you? In fact, just that loss of private property ownership rights is enough to rattle my cage! But that's just scratching the surface on this Agenda 21 nightmare, and the media hasn't said a peep about it!

So we have to ask ourselves why the media is so devoid of any attention to Agenda 21, when Americans will be so seriously affected. Is it just irresponsibility of the mainstream media? Or is it that they have been instructed not to give this issue any attention? Are these news outlets really even independent news outlets anymore? Or are they all working for and taking direction from the U.S government now?

Even FOX News, who presents itself as an alternative to the more liberal ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN stations, has been oddly silent as Agenda 21 is being implemented in cities across America. Glenn Beck seems to be the only mainstream journalist talking about Agenda 21. He put together four commercials recently which pretend to be promoting Agenda 21, but are really sarcastic efforts to expose how dangerous it is to all Americans.

Because so many Americans have been asleep for so long, socially and politically speaking, it appears that a lot of bad people have gotten themselves into high places in America with the intention of destroying the most prosperous and powerful nation in the history of Mankind. There is no question that the United Nation's plan for a One World Government, which is supported by the past four American presidents, will render the United States of America nothing but a memory. In order for America to participate in this New World Order, in which an unelected self-appointed group of elites become "King of the World," America will need to sacrifice our sovereign nation status. That means that the USA will no longer exist as an independent nation.

Is that what We, the People want for our country? Did you know that your Senators and members of the House of Representatives have been busy helping to put Agenda 21 into action? Did you know that your supposedly elected leaders virtually all support this UN one world government plan?

I didn't know all this was going on. Perhaps I'm the only one who didn't know...but I doubt it. After all, I don't watch ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN news, ever anymore, so I wouldn't know if they were broadcasting responsibly on this issue or not. But a quick google of "News reports about Agenda 21" gives me at least the first two pages of results DEVOID of any links to those major news outlets. That means that none of them are reporting on Agenda 21 responsibly.

THE BOTTOM LINE ~ Truly, the bottom line is that America's very existence is threatened today by the very same men and women we supposedly elected to be our leaders. I use the word "supposedly" on purpose and with good reason: With the opportunity to rule the world at stake – and that is what the UN's One World Government plan will create – there is so much power and so much money on the table that desperate people will do desperate things, including rigging elections through the use of electronic ballot boxes. Again, I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories. I research rumors and verify information in order to determine if is is false or true, in which case it is either a "conspiracy theory" or it is a conspiracy. UN Agenda 21 is a conspiracy which will destroy America's autonomy and virtually all of our nation's leaders are onboard with it.

Thank God We, the People still have our First Amendment rights, albeit limited now as our government has chipped away at them by creating a vague "hate speech" reference which is nothing but a matter of opinion. We are able to share information and gather together and it looks like it's time for us to march on our state and federal capital buildings and demand that (a) all politicians step down who support the UN's plan for a one world government or (b) that they immediately pass legislation which overturns and rescinds any previous support of this one world government plan as well as rescinds and revokes the implementation of everything Agenda 21 has already put in place in our communities.

This isn't "conspiracy theory" babble here that I'm discussing. This is a plan to end American independent nation status. These people aren't hiding their plan anymore; it is out in the open although is actually behind this one world government effort and Agenda 21 is still a secret. They don't have the courage to present themselves or to acknowledge publicly that they are the authors of these two plans.

Why do you suppose these people are still hiding, unknown to the public? And why do you suppose no one in the mainstream media, not one journalist and not one reporter, have made any effort to identify the authors of Agenda 21 or the OWG plan? People with clean hands are typically open and honest and willing to be known publicly. People with dirty hands, with bad intentions, tend to hide.

I'm just a husband and a father, a Throat Cancer survivor and an addiction recovery specialist, an author and an American who loves my country and appreciates our rich heritage. I'll be damned if I am going to sit quietly by while people are actively planning on destroying The United States of America's independent nation status. That is why I'm raising all of these questions in my last two articles.

WHERE ARE RENEWAMERICA COLUMNISTS ON THIS ISSUE? ~ Is anyone else as concerned as I am about this threat to America's autonomy? Are any of's columnists aware of Agenda 21 and the U.N. plan for a One World Government? The answer is "yes." Many of RenewAmerica's columnists are addressing their concern about Agenda 21. A quick search on the RA search engine brings up the names Henry Lamb, Arlen Williams, Donald Hank, Nathan Tabor and Gina Miller. Mr. Lamb in particular has worked diligently to expose this awful attack on American autonomy. I applaud the efforts of these writers and encourage you to read more of their work on this issue which will affect every single American if it is successfully implemented. (Hyperlinks on their names bring up Agenda 21-related articles by these writers. Each writer may have more articles on this issue.

Thank God for organizations such as Freedom21 (, who is busy working to protect your freedom and mine, your liberties and mine, and your rights and mine. Organizations like Freedom21 are watchdogs working on our behalf, so that many of us don't have to research as extensively as some of us do. I love seeking information, however, so I have long list of watchdog sites that offer up honest information, not Left or Right leaning propaganda and misinformation like virtually all of the mainstream media televised "news" programs. If you'd like a shortcut to some valuable information, try,, The American Policy Center, Take Back Kentucky and Freedom Advocates for starters. Someone needs to look out for America's best interests now that our own President is not...and clearly, he's not. He cannot be planning on throwing America on the dung heap of a One World Government and be looking out for America's best interests at the same time. Impossible.

In my opinion, the big three television broadcast corporations – ABC, CBS and NBC – are no longer reliable sources for news. In 2007, this became crystal clear as all three seemed to be employed by Barack Obama. That's how biased their "news" was, and I use the term "news" very loosely here. Technically, it's not news when it's not true or when a company is trying to influence the viewer in any way. A case could be made, even a lawsuit, which demands that those three TV stations are guilty of false advertising when they call their purported "news" shows "news." Much of it, if not most of it, is not news at all. It's biased information primarily designed to manipulate public opinion regarding social issues such as presidential elections, gun control and immigration. This effort has been ongoing for years, which is why I recently stopped watching those stations altogether. I simply couldn't take these talking heads looking directly at the camera while they spout their biased b.s.. I can get biased opinions from my friends, people that I like and trust. I have no desire to let complete strangers lie to me and try to sway me to their way of thinking while I'm sitting in the comfort of my own home.

I strongly suggest that each person reading this article will prayerfully consider becoming an activist for America, a patriot not unlike Paul Revere or Thomas Jefferson, and then pour some time and energy into informing your neighbors, family and friends about the danger of Agenda 21 in any ways you can. If ever there were a reason for Liberals to join together with Conservatives, for all Americans to come together around a common enemy, it is Agenda 21. Keeping in mind that people who have already been misinformed about "Sustainable Development" will argue with you and will pooh-pooh the red flag you're waving. Ignore them and move onto the next person. There is no point in trying to un-brainwash those who are already convinced that Agenda 21 is good. It is not good. It is evil, and all of those involved in promoting it must be identified as anti-American, and as traitors to our nation. Strong words, right? But anyone who advocates for the destruction of the American nation can only be identified as a "traitor." Only America's enemies want America destroyed. Patriots do not advocate for eliminating the USA as a sovereign nation.

I know that some of my Liberal friends, of whom I have many since I was born and raised and still live in one of the most Liberal counties in the land, will scoff at my concern over Agenda 21. I also know that any of those same people who have done some independent research on this will applaud my effort and will stand beside me on this. I have never been discouraged by people who cannot see what I see. If I allowed scoffers to discourage me, my life would look very different than it does. I praise the Lord for eyes to see the Truth today, and I pray for anyone and everyone who has been deceived.

Overcoming Throat Cancer last year has given me a new appreciation for Life and a new sense of responsibility to my fellow Americans. I will risk being ridiculed by a few of my peers and even being ostracized to some degree, perhaps, by my community if that's what results from my speaking out about Agenda 21. This is not a rumor or a conspiracy theory. Agenda 21 is a conspiracy to take away private property rights from Americans, and much more. It is real and it is bad for America, for it will mean the end of The United States of America as an independent nation.

The information is out there if you're interested. Many people are not that interested, primarily because with knowledge comes responsibility. If you believe there is an intruder outside your front door, you've obligated to get a gun or a weapon so that you can defend yourself and your family if necessary.

America has an intruder in our midst. No longer at our front door, this intruder has already moved in, taken over the master bedroom, has made themselves a sandwich and is in America's front room with his feet on the coffee table, eating food from America's refrigerator and ordering stuff online every day with America's credit card. We, the People let this intruder in. No, more specifically, we allowed ourselves to be baffled by their b.s. (campaign promises) and now they have the keys to our car and are planning to kick us out and burn our house down, from the inside.

Source links:

The American Policy Center

Take Back Kentucky

Freedom Advocates

© Don Cobb


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Don Cobb

Don Cobb, RAS is an addiction recovery professional and serves as Executive Director for North Bay Recovery Services in Sonoma County, CA. Don recently published a book entitled 12 Steps: NOT For Dummies... (more)


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