Judson Cox
March 15, 2004
The destructive nature of homosexuality
By Judson Cox

In last week's column, I urged the silent majority to take a vocal stand against gay marriage. Such a stand would be in opposition to the liberal media, activist judges and lawyers and lily-livered leaders who would prefer to issue statements of vague concern rather than taking substantial action. Courage is required, because anyone who criticizes any aspect of the gay agenda is labeled a bigot.

I am immune to accusations of bigotry, because I consider myself an equal opportunity bigot — I expect the worst from everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion or national origin. Like most Americans, I take a fairly libertarian view of sexual activities among consenting adults. I wouldn't even ask gays to stay closeted — call your self whatever you want — but, keep sex in the bedroom; and for Pete's sake, close the doors and draw the shades! Don't try to force our nation to accept your sexual behaviors through judicial fiat (which is really what gay marriage is all about). Homosexuality is a destructive behavior and lifestyle that must be discouraged.

Homosexuality is unnatural.

Genetic traits are passed on hereditarily. All that we are is a result of our ancestors. Sex is primarily a biological function designed for procreation. Homosexuality would have to be passed on by recessive genes, like forms of blindness, dwarfism and retardation. If gay genes exist, a pattern for that recessive trait could be established as it would require both parents to be carriers. If one claims to be "born gay," one is claiming to be a biological mistake, a freak of nature.

Homosexuality is unhealthy.

A brief search of medical journals found:

The Archives of Internal Medicine, "Homosexually active men are significantly more likely to report syphilis and less likely to present with primary syphilis than heterosexual men."

New England Journal of Medicine, "At least 80 percent of homosexual men presenting to our sexually transmitted disease clinic with anorectal or intestinal symptoms were infected with one or more sexually transmissible anorectal or enteric pathogens. Such infections were also found in 39 percent of homosexual men presenting to the clinic without intestinal symptoms."

Harrisonís Principles of Internal Medicine, "In one New York Study, all nontraveled immunocompetent males with giardiasis were, in fact, homosexual."

New England Journal of Medicine, "Anal intercourse may predispose to anal cancer through the transmission of an infection, most probably infection with human papillomavirus."

The Journal of the American Medical Association, "among men, report of any lifetime homosexual activity was associated with an elevated risk for HSV-2 [herpes simplex virus - 2]."

American Journal of Medicine,"... heterosexual men in a sexually transmitted disease clinic have a substantially lower prevalence of cytomegalovirus seropositivity than do homosexual men."

The Centers for Disease Control reveal that homosexuals make up 80 percent of all AIDS cases in America. Heterosexual contact accounts for only 8 percent of the cases.

In addition, the rate of suicide attempts among homosexuals is three times higher than that of normal males.

Homosexuality is immoral.

My morals have no more validity than those of the relativist, because we are both human, both fallible and of a limited perspective. Nor do the shared beliefs of a majority of people dictate morality. If nine of ten people find murder an acceptable practice, that does not make it so. The source of moral judgment must lie outside of humanity, it must be changeless, and of an infinite perspective.

For the Christian, that authority is the God whose will is expressed through the Bible and the traditions of the Church — both of which expressly condemn homosexuality. Indeed, none of the world's major religions approve of homosexuality. For the nonreligious, the highest source of authority is the natural law. Homosexuality transgresses natural law by subverting the propagation of the species. The consequences of transgressing natural law are often obvious; if you touch fire, you will be burned. Surely, the long list of diseases associated with homosexuality is evidence of causation.

America must never allow this unnatural, unhealthy and immoral life style to become normalized. Consider the example of the Catholic Church. In the 1950's, the Church in America began welcoming homosexuals into the priesthood. It was believed that their sexual orientation was unimportant because they would take vows of chastity. The results have been disastrous; over ten thousand young boys have been sexually abused by priests. The Catholic Church has been devastated by failing to recognize the destructive nature of homosexuality. Our nation must not make the same mistake. We must have the courage to stand on this principle, regardless of the names we are called.

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